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Chapter 445: Arms Sale Agreement with Russians

Katyusha multiple rocket launcher, nicknamed "Hail", also known as "Stalin's Organ" in its early days was equipped by the Soviet as early as 1964 and had been in use ever since . Its presence was seen in Afghanistan war, Iran, and Iraq . Even in the modernized military today, this simple yet powerful weapon didn't leave history's spotlight .

40 122mm caliber rocket launchers mounted on a small military truck, it possessed a relatively simple configuration compared to the different types of rocket .

While the "small guy" didn't look fierce, its maximum firing capacity can reach an astounding 720 rockets with a total weight of 48 tons; it was more than the sum of all the UA Land Force conventional rockets being fired simultaneously!

It was the nightmare shared by the enemy's infantries and the friendly logistics personnel .

Its only weakness was accuracy .

The two sat in the beach bar in a remote corner . They enjoyed the Brazilian Barbeque while they discussed the dangerous topic .

When Jiang Chen brought up that he needed a type of weapon with strong "deterrence" and maximum coverage, the Russian girl with a couple of beers down immediately began to pitch him the "Stalin's Organ . "

"If you are only searching for simple yet destructive firepower, no other weapon can fit you better than the BM-21 . "

With her face completely red, Jiang Chen mocked her, "Why do I think you are not using your talent effectively by being an agent? Why don't you become a salesperson for an arms company?"

"Burp . " She indecently let out a burp as she rolled her eyes and she authoritatively swung her blonde hair to her back . "Be a man, are you going to buy or not?"

"Of course I will buy!"

"How many?" Natasha's red lips changed to a pleased curvature .

"Eight . " Jiang Chen put down the skewer and said nonchalantly .

"Eight? Are you going to equip two companies?" Natasha with one hand holding onto her chin she tilted her head . "Should be okay, I remember the Eighty Division in the Ural Military Theatre is planning to equip new rockets . They are troubled by the fact that the junks have no buyer . "

[Face palm! Is it really good to describe your arms like this in front of the buyer?]

[She is definitely drunk . ]

"What's the price?" Jiang Chen finished a skewer and asked .

"I'm not sure, but by crude estimation, it shouldn't be too expensive, the most expensive part is the ammunition . Mhmm… How many rockets do you need?"

Jiang Chen put up four fingers .

"Four thousand?" Natasha yawned .

Jiang Chen mysteriously smiled and chuckled .

"Forty thousand!"

The beer cup dropped onto the table, and the beer splashed all over the counter .

But Natasha completely ignored her soaked shirt . Pressing on to the table, she stood up . She fixed her eyes on Jiang Chen with her half-sober pupils and spoke in a trembling voice .

"For… Forty thousand?"

"That's right, can you sell it?" Jiang Chen aggressively raised his chin and smirked .

"Are you sure? It is not the mortar shell that costs a thousand Rubles . " Natasha lost her voice .

"Are you sure it is a good idea to be this loud in here?" Jiang Chen coughed and reminded her in a small voice .

Natasha's face turned red, and she quickly glanced her surroundings .

The people in the bar all peeked in their direction . A lot of people in conversation stopped talking and held their cup just in the air . There were plenty of big news on Coro Island recently . Everyone's gossip desire was at its peak . Her words today would become something like "there was an arms merchant that sold rockets to a gang at the beach bar last night" by tomorrow .

It was better to keep the conversation about weapons low key .

Natasha realizing her indecency pretended to be intoxicated and put her finger underJiang Chen's chin .

"Then what are you waiting for, let me see if you're a mortar shell or a large rocket . "

She enunciated the word "large" with extra emphasis .

All the male creatures at the bar raised their head out of natural instinct when they heard the dirty words come out of a hot beauty like her .

Natasha covered her chest and walked out of the bar before disappearing from the eyes of the thirsty males .

"Those legs . " Leaning against the bar counter, a drunk holding onto a beer said while feeling heated .

The other drunk beside him glanced at him contemptuously, "That's an amateur observation . After checking out girls for so many years, that curve is top notch . Burp-"

His words turned into an undistinguishable burp .

The drunk was embarrassed by his friend's comment as he argued back, "Stop just saying it! Don't you always brag about your toothpick? Why don't you go then?!"

The old friend forced a laugh and immediately lost his confidence, "I can't afford it . "

Then, he pointed at the Lamborghini outside the window .

It had nothing to do with "mortar shell" or "rocket," the key was the green Franklin .

Regardless, the conversations in the bar were successfully changed by Natasha . The shell and rocket were referring to that! The thirsty males all looked at Jiang Chen with eyes filled with jealousy, jealousy, and jealousy .

"Uniform roleplay?"

Jiang Chen ignored the unfriendly sights and recollected what she said when she first got on the car . He then shook his head .

The breast that was more massive than Liu Yao's; the perfect curvature of her butt; it made him feel an uncontrollable desire too .

But those men were jealous for nothing, even Jiang Chen "didn't dare to do it" .

Having an engaged conversation with KGB was no different than diving into the web of a female spider . There would need to be some serious mental preparation required if they have an extra friendly relationship .

Jiang Chen slapped a one hundred USD bill on the table and rushed straight out .

He nobly opened the door for Natasha before getting into the car himself .

"Is it okay to drink and drive?"

Natasha's bright red lips filled the car with the smell of alcohol .

"Didn't you realize you were the only person drinking?" Jiang Chen mocked and started the car, "Where do you live?"

Natasha grinned at Jiang Chen without saying a word .

Her eyes seemed to be saying "Isn't the most gentlemen thing to do now is invite me to your home to take a shower?"

"Okay, I will send you to the embassy . "

"No!" Natasha immediately stopped him and gave Jiang Chen an angry stare .

If she appeared in the embassy like this, how would she maintain her authority in front of her subordinates?

"Your apartment?" Jiang Chen said concisely .

She bit her lips and gave the GPS a hard poke as if she was throwing a tantrum .

"Put your seatbelt on . " Jiang Chen smiled at her clearly displeased look, opened the window, and stepped the gas .

The sea wind blew away the intoxicating smell in the car .

"You are scared?"

"What am I scared about . " Jiang Chen laughed .

It was true; he was never scared of anything .

The wet shirt made the wind feel especially chilly . She drunkenly closed the window .

"The KGB identity, or crossing the line with an agent?"

Jiang Chen didn't say anything and turned on the radio .

Natasha rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen and pouted without making any more sound . Jiang Chen peeked at her through the mirror but only saw her drunken state . He didn't know what she was thinking through the half-closed eyes .

They quickly arrived at her place .

In a heavy breath, Natasha dragged off the seatbelt that made her chest loss its beautiful shape .

"Time to get a new car, the glass is bulletproof, but the engine cover and fuel tank are only covered by aluminum alloy . "

Jiang Chen paused and then laughed .

"You mean, someone wants to kill me?"

"Do you really have to wait for someone to want to kill you before you are cautious of your own safety? Can't you just be a little more fearful of death?" Natasha rolled her eyes at him, then swayed her blonde hair while stepping out of the car .

It made sense .

[Once the mutants flood is over, I'll get a few experts in the Sixth Street to create a sick ride?]

Natasha was already at the door to the house . Jiang Chen suddenly remembered that there were still important matters to be discussed as he shouted out .

"I have a headache right now . Just send it to my phone . I'll contact them once I sleep for a few hours . " She waved her hand out of annoyance and walked to her door holding her head .

[Is she okay?]

With her tumbling to her door, Jiang Chen was a bit concerned .

Finally, when she made it through the door, Jiang Chen let out a sigh and drove home .

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