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Chapter 446: Adapt Ancient Forms to serve the Present

Around nine o'clock, Jiang Chen returned to the apocalypse .

The lighting shells had laminated the entire base to as bright as daylight, but the apartments in the base were pitch black .

The appearances of mutants like mutant mosquitos and mutant flies meant that the base wall could not protect the safety of the survivors . Only combat personnel remained on the surface while the rest of the survivors all evacuated into the emergency facility in the underground tunnel .

Jiang Chen's mansion also looked dark from the outside, but the glimmer of light shining out from the edges of the curtain signified the people inside haven't left .

There was no need .

The mansion was the most secure place in the entire base . With Sun Jiao and Sun Xiaorou inside, there was no need to worry about mutants posing a threat .

Sun Jiao didn't need to be mentioned as no one in the base had combat abilities that could match her's . Her sister, Sun Xiaorou, was not weak either . While she usually looked timid, she was very agile . Before she recovered her memory, she sneaked into the base and fought head-to-head with her "brother-in-law . "

Jiang Chen pushed open the mansion door and discovered that Han Junhua was in the living room .

"It is better for me to remain on the surface to better command the force . Don't worry about my safety . Weapon training is a necessary course for PAC military commanders . "

Sun Jiao, sitting across from Han Junhua, eagerly asked when she saw Jiang Chen .

"Did you solve it?"

"I did, I only need to head to the west line after . " Jiang Chen nodded .

Sun Jiao wanted to say something, but she didn't say anything in the end . She knew why Jiang Chen had to make a personal trip; she was just concerned with his safety .

Han Junhua frowned and stated what Sun Jiao wanted to say .

"Allow me to be honest, I don't think your presence on the west line would bring much change to the situation, but rather it would increase the variables of the battle . Cheng Weiguo is more than enough to control the force . "

Jiang Chen shook his head with a smile .

"I'm not there to lead the frontline . I'm there… to request help . "

Jiang Chen thought about it for a long time before he managed to found the correct word .

"Requesting for help?" Han Junhua frown only grew deeper .

She didn't know Jiang Chen's ability, and before he was sure of her reaction, Jiang Chen didn't plan on telling her .

Even if a "special" chip was in the back of her head .

"That's right . I solved the lack of heavy ammunition on the west line . The only problem is that I must be there personally . "

Jiang Chen's ambiguous response didn't satisfy Han Junhua .

But seeing Jiang Chen's eyes shine with sincerity, she stared into his eyes for half a minute in silence .

"If you insist . "

Then she stood up and headed for the door .

"Are we going to leave now? I still want to sleep," seeing that she was putting on her shoes, Jiang Chen asked .

"Of course not now, but all the military movements must be planned . " She loaded the laser pistol used for self-defense, "You'll leave tomorrow at eight with the helicopter . It is best you notify the people at the frontline now in case it interrupts their plan . I'll be back after going to the community center . You don't have to follow me . "

NAC only had two helicopters now, and both were deployed to Hunter Corps .

The limited resources meant that even the general must make reservations before making a trip .

The arms sale quickly received a response .

The BM-21 was extremely cheap . The truck along with the rocket launchers only cost 200 thousand USD . Eight of them resulted in 1 . 6 million .

The real expensive item was the rockets!

The launchers were old, but the rockets just rolled off the production line . Since ammunition stored for too long may malfunction, it would ruin the brand . To the arms buyer with potential for a deeper relationship, the Russians were naturally unwilling to supply low-quality stuff . It would be the same as saying no to cash .

The 122mm explosive rocket with twenty kilometers in range cost 2000 USD per round . Jiang Chen threw out 40 million USD and purchased 20 thousand rounds right away .

The rocket with the same range was slightly more expensive with one round costing 2500 USD . Jiang Chen also purchased 20 thousand round of those without blinking an eye .

The rockets were extremely effective against the zombies .

[The mutants flood? I will burn half of the city!]

Although Natasha felt troubled by Jiang Chen's request to purchase a sensitive weapon like napalm rockets, she still reported Jiang Chen's demand to her superior .

After five minutes of silence on the other side of the phone, they agreed .

It was a lucrative sale totaling close to 100 million USD, and the buyer purchased the easy to produce, non-guided rockets without the need to worry about a technology leak . To Russia that lacked in foreign currency, the arms business was like picking up money from the ground .

Although selling petrol bombs were in the grey area of international law, to the five permanent members of the security council, who really cared? The Syrian anti-government force had plenty of UA weapons with some of the "restricted" items being sold by private military merchants .

Since they agreed already, Russia didn't disappoint Jiang Chen . Meeting this request, they transported the batch of firearms by air .

The next night, an AN-225 transport plane landed at New Moon Island's runway . The first batch of firearms that arrived was made up of the 8 BM-21 and 2000 rounds of rockets . The remaining 32000 rounds arrived in the following shipments .

Barkary and Ivan all expressed their helpless stance to Jiang Chen purchasing so many rockets . But Jiang Chen didn't plan to explain to them as he ordered them to store the equipment in containers and haul them onto the sea platform along the dam into the vessel used to transport supplies for New Moon Island .

When the vessel headed into the ocean, Jiang Chen ordered the captain to drop the anchor .

The old captain was certainly smart . With his experience, he knew that Jiang Chen was planning to use a small boat to smuggle something prohibited through custom . Although he didn't know why Celestial Trade needed to be so discreet, he didn't ask more as he gathered all the crews inside the cabin for a meeting .

Since they didn't want you to know, it was better to close your eyes yourself .

Quickly, in just half an hour, Jiang Chen knocked on the conference room door to signal the captain that they could continue their journey .

Once the frustrated looking crew left, Jiang Chen dragged the captain to the side and passed him a cigarette .

The captain was astounded by the gesture as he smiled with his white teeth fully exposed .

"I understand . I don't know anything . "

Jiang Chen nodded pleasingly, took out an envelope, and stuffed it into his pocket .

"Other than controlling the boat, don't ask about anything else . "

Feeling the hefty weight in his pocket, the old captain revealed a bigger smile .

Jiang Chen patted him on the shoulder before he left .

With this, the people responsible for loading the vessel only knew that the arms went on the vessel, but were unaware of its destination . The crews responsible for transportation only knew that the containers went on board, but they didn't know what was inside .

After docking in the harbor, customs followed their procedure and inspected the containers, but discovered they were all empty . When they saw Celestial Trade's logo, they didn't persist further on the issue .

The reason why he was so careful was to prevent people with other intentions from keeping an eye on the batch of firearms .

Country F was in a completely chaotic state as the MNLF equipped with a large amount of UA weapons left the government force in complete shamble with its intensive full-scale attack . The MLF that previously gave up on the movement to independence immediately sought an alliance with its old partner in crime after the situation took a drastic turn .

With the current state, it was hard to ensure no other eyes were watching Coro Island .

Since there were only two countries that had a negative relationship with Country F, Hua and Xin, if it were not caused by a religious force, the most suspicious perpetrator would be Hua . Following it would be Xin, the one behind the deterioration of F's current political stability .

There must be other agents on the island, but Jiang Chen was confident that they would not know where the firearms went no matter how much they investigated .

Even the Russians that sold the firearms themselves wouldn't know .

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