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Chapter 448: 166 BMWs Flying in the Air

Jiang Chen swore it was the most magnificent fireworks he'd ever seen .

If the ones he saw in virtual reality didn't count .

Rolling smoke instantly engulfed the vehicles .

Missiles screeched out of the launchers one by one, firing into the distance like arrows . Within 20 short seconds, 320 rockets were launched . Jiang Chen gazed at the smoke trails fading into the distance and he exclaimed:

"Too bad I couldn't see the explosion . "

Cheng Weiguo handed the tablet back to Jiang Chen . He already executed the orders .

"Oh, also, and this thing . " Jiang Chen smiled, took over the tablet again, and looked at the screen .

Beside the broken bridge .

The mutated humans taking cover held onto their machine guns; they were on full alert against any possible NAC attacks . NAC attempted to build a floating bridge three times yesterday, but they were thwarted by grenades, machine guns, and recoilless cannons .

The mortars and electromagnetic cannons caused trouble for the mutated humans, but in the end, those weapons were nothing . The mutated humans didn't suspect a thing; as long as they held their ground, the foolish humans would be the first ones to fall!

"They can't last any longer! We have ammo . We're stronger! Once winter is here, it'll spell their deaths!"

Standing in the back of their area of control, a mutated human captain wore a cape made out of the fur of a Death Claw . He waved the machine gun in his hand, shouting at his hiding comrades and boosting their morale .

In the mutated human society, the clothing one wore represented power and status . Only a warrior who single-handedly defeated a Death Claw could wear its fur as a trophy .

"What is that!?"

Just then, a mutated human kneeling behind an anti-tank cannon roared out, pointing at the black dots in the sky .

"Those are probably their small toys . Don't worry - we have anti-air machine guns and EMP . "

The captain mumbled as he pulled up the binoculars dangling in front of his chest .

The toys he referred to were NAC's Hummingbird drones . Whenever an EMP grenade was launched, the drones fell to the ground like flies struck by electricity, hence no one was afraid of those small things anymore . Whenever they encountered drones, they would just detonate an EMP grenade . Although the EMP would render the red sight scope on their weapons useless, no one cared .

The mutated humans didn't need to aim; the mutated humans only needed to unleash their firepower!

His ugly`eyebrows were knotted together . The captain readjusted the zoom and set his eyes on the black dots in the distance .

Clank .

He dropped the binoculars onto the ground . Just as the mutated humans looked at him perplexedly, his ugly face began to twist .

"Take cover!"

He roared . Facing the mutated humans' puzzled looks, he dove into the pit nearby .

But it was futile…

Boom boom boom!

The pouring rockets unleashed a deathly storm . The mutated humans taking cover and those inside the defense structure witnessed a scene only comparable to a living hell in horror . They looked at the dismembered limbs of their comrades and themselves .

The explosion covered every inch of the soil as it bulldozed the mutated humans' zone of control . It left shattered weapons and burnt limbs all over the ground . The rockets exploded the ammo stored in the trenches and triggered a second round of explosions . The trenches soon turned red and gruesome .

The first round of destruction was over!

But the nightmare for the mutated humans had only started .

With turbine engines igniting, the men in power armor crossed the river first . The engineering soldiers soon followed and placed a floating bridge that allowed the tank to pass . Immediately behind them were soldiers in kinetic skeletons and the destructive tanks .

With steel armor hanging in front of their chests, a thousand mutated humans with machine guns stood up from the zone of control further away . They furiously raced to the river and fired while pushing forward in an attempt to regain control of the riverbank . Some mutated humans even lifted the mortars and shot like an RPG, and some raced forward with nuclear grenades strapped onto their bodies .

The lead mutated humans with power warhammers were also there . Unless they were faced with the Type-50 electromagnetic pulse cannon, their armor was invincible . They ignored the bullets and bombs and ran to NAC's zone of control in a thunderous roar .

But they discovered in horror that before they could make it halfway, more rockets emerged in the distance…

The outline of the thick smoke in the distance decorated the barren island in shambles . It was like a fine pen drawing out the jagged curvatures .

The rockets rose, came down, and brought destructive rain to the mutated humans in the distance .

The shrapnel couldn't penetrate the armor of the mutated humans, but the force could explode their organs and brains . Despite the incredible power the mutated humans possessed, they couldn't escape the fact that they were creatures after all .

The mutated humans were more cautious with NAC's rockets . They huddled together under cover while spreading out . They attempted to minimize the damage the NAC could cause . Two thoughts motivated them to remain strong .

[We don't have a lot of rockets left!]

[The attack is their last attempt to win!]

But reality proved that it was only wishful thinking .

Jiang Chen had plenty of rockets to the point where it was unimaginable .

With the mutated humans scattering, Jiang Chen changed the music playing to "Stalin's Organ . " He maintained the 40-rockets-per-minute launch speed as the BM-21 fired in rotations to cover the mutated humans' zone of control . At the same time, the First Corps stopped advancing forward under Jiang Chen's order while they enjoyed the symphony .

Fires and explosions flashed nonstop on the tablet . The continuous strikes caused a lot of buildings due for repair to collapse and buried the mutated humans hiding inside . The landmark buildings such as Jia Sports Center remained standing, but it looked like it was on the brink of falling at any moment .

The continuous bombing lasted for an hour as the entire city center of Jia looked like it was bulldozed over .

Jiang Chen felt tired by the shaking screens . He shoved the tablet back into Cheng Weiguo's hand .

Staring at the flames in the video, Cheng Weiguo was astonished .

To be honest, he didn't expect such an ancient weapon could demonstrate such a destructive force .

"This is too astonishing . " Ten minutes later, Cheng Weiguo put down the tablet .

"How many did we launch already?"

Cheng Weiguo scanned the empty boxes on the side and provided a rough estimate: "Around five thousand rounds . "

[Only five thousand rounds? Still fifteen thousand left . ]

Jiang Chen stared at the smoke rising fourteen kilometers away with his eyes narrowed .

[Wait, five thousand rounds?]

He then did the math - one rocket cost 2000 USD, and 30 rockets were 60 thousand USD, equivalent to a BMW .

Five thousand launched out .

Jiang Chen felt his heart ache .

Although he didn't lack money but with 166 BMWs flying in the air, he was still pained by the sight!

Inside Jia Sports Center .

Bo Yu sat on a chair in a gloomy mood . The explosions in his ears made him especially flustered .

Troy, the leader of the mutated humans, sat across him with the same gloomy expression .

"What do we do?"

The Dusk Church helped them blow up the bridges, provided them with a large number of firearms, and brought the information "there's a mutant flood in Wanghai City; these people won't last long . "

But the last one was clearly false .

He didn't know if the mutant flood actually erupted in Wanghai or not, but the humans here clearly were committed to fighting the battle .

"I said earlier that we should retreat to the west as these people aren't easy to deal with . The merchants in Hang City are easier to bully . " Bo Yu closed his eyes and spoke lightly .

"The mutated humans won't retreat; we won't compromise to inferior humans . We will rip them apart, stuff them into a meat grinder, and make them into sausages," Troy said deviously .

[Is that so? The person sitting in front of you who helped you live for so long is a human? Do you really think by the simple fact that you have a head, it would equate to intelligence?]

Bo Yu scoffed in his mind but didn't say anything out loud .

He knew it was not the time for an internal feud . Especially since hours ago, he predicted that the mutated humans were in favor to win, or he wouldn't be sitting there .

The NAC soldiers were on high alert, and the rockets were constantly striking the city . Retreating was no longer an option . If would be death if they retreated now; even without the rockets, two legs couldn't outrun the tanks . Abandoning their cover would mean that Dusk and the mutated humans were waiting to be slaughtered .

[No other plans?]

It wasn't the first time he'd experienced this .

When he was surrounded by the military government in the Northern Alliance Area, he was in a similar situation .

The only difference was this time, his back wasn't completely against the wall .

Bo Yu looked at the ring on his finger .

The blood crystal reflected a charming but dangerous eeriness under the light .

"When will you send your people out?"

His people were dying, but his ally had no response at all .

Looking at the face reflected by the blood crystal, Bo Yu said gently .

"Don't panic, very soon . "