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Chapter 452: Collapse

Among the hazy chaos .

The 121 crimson dots began to expand and illuminated the 30 cubic meters sub-dimension .

The light was getting brighter and brighter and gradually swallowed all the items inside the storage dimension and expanded to the edge of the space .

All the energy inside was trapped by the invisible force field inside the tiny space . The entire sub-dimension was like a paper box that quarantined all the energy released from the 121 hydrogen bombs .

The blinding light expanded against the invisible wall in an attempt to break through the boundary and spread further .

The 121 blood crystals were like a dam that was cracking; the violently diffused energy unleashed into the third-dimensional space . Followed by the Klein particles constant decay to the third dimension, inside the 30 cubic meters space, the pressure against the boundary was even comparable to the pressure inside a star .

It was just like a sun squeezed into 30 cubic meters .

The restraint was absolute, despite the massive amount of energy, they could not leak out from the sub-dimension .

Suddenly, the energy filling the space came to a halt as it stopped pressurizing the space boundary .

With the force of gravity, once the photon concentration exceeded the threshold . They could no longer escape, but rather began to collapse toward the middle…

The light that filled the space shrunk to a single point . That one point was darker than any material in the natural world because no light could escape its constraint nor its gravity field .

"Is that… a black hole?"

Jiang Chen stared blankly at the changes in the space . He wanted to reach for the black dot, but he realized he had no hands at all .

After fallen unconscious, his consciousness appeared in the dimension .

Before, even if he could store and sense the items in the subdimension, which he referred to as the storage dimension, he never examined it closely .

And now, he could allow all his consciousness to flow into the dimension and observe everything inside .

"This dimension is not cubical nor spherical, but rather… Uh, what exactly is it?" Jiang Chen frowned as he searched for the right word to describe the place .

Without any shape, it was purely comprised of an invisible gravitational force used to restrain all matters inside the 30 cubic meters space .

Space was free of shape . The only limitation was the size of the matter inside the space .

Jiang Chen shook his head and gave up on the idea of naming the dimension . He started to observe the black dot .

The 121 blood crystals completely vanished, all the Klein particles decayed into energy visible in the third dimension .

Jiang Chen quietly viewed the black dot while patiently waiting for its change .

But a long time passed, and no change occurred .

But even then, Jiang Chen could sense that the black dot's dimension was still compressing . Only because its shape was being compressed by its own gravitational force to the shape of the space, it was difficult to physically observe its change .

If there was a physicist here, he may fall into shock or even frenzy, and gaze onto this "miracle" .

Gravitational collapse!

It was gravitational collapse!

Any of the small changes that occurred there could cause an earthquake in the world of physics .

But Jiang Chen, who stood there, was only an engineer that forgot most of his knowledge . Not only did he lack any understanding, but he also did not have any desire to pursue . He only spent the time observing the black dot because he had nothing else to do…

It was not the first time he wasted a valuable opportunity .

But then, an odd occurrence appeared in his storage dimension .

The black dot where not even light could escape began to use its force to twist and shred the dimension .

At the same time, Jiang Chen shockingly discovered that the boundary that restrained the sub-dimension began to loosen .

He was first ecstatic, but his mood took a rollercoaster ride down to the bottom .

The boundary did indeed begin to shake .

But it was not being expanded outward, but being dragged in by the black dot with infinitely large density and infinitely small dimensions .

Jiang Chen didn't know what to feel .

"My storage dimension will be pulled to form a singularity?" Jiang Chen wanted to stop everything from happening, but he could not interfere with the changes .

Throw the black dot outside?

Jiang Chen instantly rejected the idea as cold sweat dripped down .

Creating a black hole on earth, the place would no longer be an apocalypse, but doomsday .

Just as he was pained by the idea that his storage dimension "disappearing", the black dot exploded .

The big bang occurred .

If a physicist were here, he would fall unconscious due to the excitement .

Because at that instant, Jiang Chen witnessed the birth of a universe .

When compressed to the limit, the motion of photons turn into an absolute static state . The photon without mass instantly lose all its energy when it stopped moving . The black dot lost its energy, the infinitely large density instantly returned to zero, and the gravity that warped space vanished too .

The big bang caused by the gravitational collapse caused a sudden transition from the "sub-dimension" to a dimension .

Jiang Chen witnessed everything that occurred in front of his eyes with astonishment before his consciousness slowly returned to his body…

He opened his eyes and realized that he was in a room .

Cheng Weiguo sat beside him .

"General! You are finally awake!" Seeing Jiang Chen wake up, Cheng Weiguo instantly turned joyous as he immediately got closer .

"How long was I unconscious for?"

"Two days!"

"Mhm… Where is this place?" Jiang Chen scanned his surroundings .

"This is Shenxiang Town, I followed your order and left 1000 soldiers to defend Jia before taking the rest of the soldiers and armored forces back to Wanghai . " Cheng Weiguo immediately responded .

"We won?"

"We won!" Cheng Weiguo nodded in excitement .

[We won… but everything feels surreal . ]

Jiang Chen reminiscenced about the final showdown and what happened in the storage dimension .

"General, please don't do something dangerous like this again . If anything happens to you, your Miss will blow our heads off," Cheng Weiguo said with a bitter expression .

Jiang Chen only smiled .

[If it were not for me, who threw the 121 blood crystals into the storage dimension, the entire Suhang province would have been wiped out from the map, never mind you . ]

Of course, he would not explain this to them . Only a few members of the NAC knew that the Dusk could explode crystals . As to his storage dimension ability, only Sun Jiao, Yao Yao, and Lin Lin knew, even Sun Xiaorou didn't know as he hasn't had the opportunity to tell her .

"Where did the eight mounted rocket launcher vehicles go?" Jiang Chen asked .

"The vehicles are deployed to Shenxiang; the remaining solid fuel rockets are still being transported . General, are you hungry, should I bring you some food?"

With how caring Cheng Weiguo was, Jiang Chen shook his head .

"No need . Leave me alone for now . I just want to lie here for a bit… Also, did you report that I was unconscious?"

"No, I was about to . "

"No need . "

"Okay . " Cheng Weiguo was relieved too .

When he left, he closed the door for Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen rested for a moment before he picked up his EP and began to check his body stats .

All body functions were normal without any physical damage .

Then, Jiang Chen instantly disappeared from the bed before returning to bed in the next second .

The interdimensional traveling ability was functional .

Feeling relieved, he submerged his consciousness into the storage dimension .

Jiang Chen's mouth twitched at the sight .

There was nothing inside .

Including a power armor, some grenades, the PK2000 he used for a while… two protective suits, a few instant noodles, and snacks…

Everything was destroyed in the big explosion .

Jiang Chen sighed .

He was not pained by the loss of weapons and foods .

But all the debit card, ID, and driver's license must be obtained once again . He would also have to obtain a new set of keys and a new phone…

He was used to tossing everything into the storage dimension . Now everything inside had been melted down .

"Whatever, it is a good time for new things . I will ask Yao Yao to create a new phone for me," Jiang Chen let a sigh as he muttered to himself while staring blankly at the ceiling .

Other than that, there was an increase in his sense of the storage dimension, as he could not only submerge his consciousness into the pitch black space, but he could also use his consciousness to interfere with the matter inside .

For example, he could control a pair of nonexistent hands inside the dimension to move the location of the vase he threw inside .

The vase reappeared in his hand .

Jiang Chen opened the life signal detector on the EP and lowered the frequency identification range . Staring into the EP screen, Jiang Chen was silent before he sighed .

[Still could not carry creatures?]

Jiang Chen shook his head and let his consciousness continue to sink into the dimension to feel more of the "suspended feeling . "

But then, he was shocked by his discovery .


[When did my storage dimension get so big?]

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