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Chapter 454: The Fire

Outside of the east gate of the Sixth Street, broken limbs were scattered on the ground . The thickened blood and zombie fat mixture formed a hard shell and covered any visible surface .

A soldier on the wall gulped and slightly moved his finger on the trigger . The tragedy and disgust under the wall made his skull feel numb .

The sentry guns on the wall moved at a uniform speed with the red sight scanning outside of the wall, searching for any suspicious target . The higher towers were installed with Type-50 electromagnetic pulse cannon or Type-99 anti-tank cannon . The soldiers responsible for firing were taking a nap beside the cannon as a lot of them haven't closed their eyes for over 24 hours .

"They are almost here . "

Inside the command tower, Zhao Gang gazed at the red dot on the hologram screen with his eyebrows twisted together . The drones captured the mutants' distribution outside of Wanghai . The red box labeled "Bug Vehicle" gave him an ominous feeling .

As an ex-Qingpu survivor who survived for over ten years on the wasteland, he knew exactly what the "Bug Vehicle" was . He hid into the Sixth Street along with his father that year to survive through the first mutants flood .

"The First Corps is still not here . " Chu Nan also looked tense beside him .

"They already left from Shenxiang, but with their current speed, they may not arrive until tomorrow . "

"This is an absolute disaster," Chu Nan looked at the halted blue dots on the map as he exclaimed .

When he was a pilot at Liuding, he never met something like the mutants flood . The mutants flood seemed to be only limited to land as the mutants in the ocean didn't exhibit any oddity . Therefore, the Bohai that was stationed beside the harbor would only need to retract the foldable suspension bridge for the zombies and mutants to be stuck on land .

The occasional mutants that could fly onto the dock were killed off by soldiers or power armors holding flamethrowers without the need for him as a pilot to head to the front line .

"This was a disaster to start with . " Zhao Gang stared outside the wall .

Another round of mutants attack began!

"It's the Bug Vehicle!"

Followed by a shout, all the soldiers napping woke up and stared down the wall .

On the soft but powerful bug body was a shell as durable as a rock . The shell as smooth as the mirror surface protected its weak head and fragile body . It crawled at an even speed, leaving a disgusting white trial on the concrete surface . It was just like a giant snail with its head covered, but it was not afraid of salt…

It could easily climb over high walls and swallow any of live creatures along its path .

"Machine guns fire! Cannons prepare to shoot, fast!"


The soldier kneeling behind cover fired the machinegun and unleashed its fire along with his comrades . The sparks reflected on his face vividly displayed his look of despair .

Bullets splattered and only left thin dents on the surface of the Bug Vehicle . The dense calcium shell was formed from the interlayer of graphene and hexagonal silicon mesh, which was close to the strength of B Grade steel, and the thickness of the shell close to 500mm was like a wall .

The Type-99 anti-tank cannon fired . A bright orange shell soared through the sky . But when it hit the "snail shell", it was deflected at a 90 degrees angle .

"Fu*k, it bounced off!"

With a loud roar, the soldiers reloaded .

At the same time, the Type-50 electromagnetic pulse cannon unleashed its blue electric arc and the 5 kg bomb instantly vaporized the shell . In front of the Bug Vehicle that rendered all anti-armor bullets useless, only the electromagnetic cannon posed a threat .

The problem was the limited number of electromagnetic cannons deployed in the Sixth Street . Only four cannons were distributed to each wall with each cannon responsible for defending a defense line of over a thousand meters . But there were at least hundreds of Bug Vehicles attacking the north wall .

The Bug Vehicle that lost its shell didn't die yet . It crawled on the ground like a snail before quickly dying under the machine guns fire .

A soldier with a rocket launcher kneeled down by the wall and aimed at the Bug Vehicle closest to him .

Target Locked .

He pressed the trigger .

The exhaust burst out as the rocket launched five meters out before readjusting course and blasting into the sky . Five seconds later, the rocket smashed down like a meteor and penetrated the shell of the locked on Bug Vehicle . The "snail shell" suddenly stopped in its track before it was blown three meters into the air and the bug hidden inside was instantly shredded to pieces .

"Nice shot!"

The soldier beside him gave him a thumbs up . He grinned, removed the one-time use launcher, and took out another launcher from the box beside him to install it onto the guidance device .

Red Arrow-42, one of the few weapons that could damage the Bug Vehicle other than the electromagnetic cannon .

With the assistance of anti-tank weapons, the battle began to turn as the Bug Vehicles close to reaching the wall were being wiped out . But Zhao Gang in the command tower still had his eyebrows knitted in a frown .

A total of 251 red dots were on the screen, but there were only 100 Red Arrow-42 rockets in storage . The weapon costing 4000 crystals was too expensive for the Sixth Street to have in high reserve .

At that time, the communication device connected through .

"Hello?" Seeing it was Jiang Chen, he immediately picked up .

"Get ready to look at the fireworks . " Jiang Chen laughed .

Zhao Gang was still processing as to what was going on . But half a minute later, the communication device dropped from his hand onto the ground . Staring out the window, his pupils began to widen . His mouth moved up and down in disbelief as he could not search for a single word that could describe his state .

Beside him, Chu Nan's expression was nonetheless similar…

On the wall, a soldier heard the roaring sound from a distance and raised his head .

"Look! What is that?" A person shouted out and pointed to the southwestern sky .

Dense black dots with long smoke trails .

The anti-air machine guns pointed in that direction in caution, but when they saw that those were not mutants, everyone widened their eyes in disbelief .

The rockets smashed down like raindrops and covered the area behind the Sixth Street .

Suddenly, the scorching flame columns shot into the sky and instantly engulfed the battlefield . It swallowed the two hundred something Bug Vehicles as well as the zombies and mutants flooding toward the Sixth Street .

The shell of the Bug Vehicle could easily deflect the rocket and withstand the blast of the explosion, but it could not withstand the thousand degrees high temperature . Their outside remained intact, but the soft body inside was cooked before turning into carbon dust .

The swarming fire and the thick smoke that covered the sun . Under the rain of destruction, no mutants survived .

Feeling the high heat and burnt smell drifted to their nose . The soldiers on the high wall stared at the scene blankly as their rifles rolled out of their hand without knowing .

Moments later, someone spoke the first sentence .

"This is insane . "

"…Indeed . "

"What is that…" The soldier's voice was trembling .


"Perhaps…It is our people . "

"Without a doubt . "

Feeling the scorching heat whiff to the tip of his nose, his comrade beside him closed the safety and lowered the rifle in his hand .

If this existed, rifles no longer served a purpose .

A Death Claw dashed out from the fire . It rolled on the ground in pain, but the mixed fuel that stuck to its body could not be extinguished . Rolling and turning around didn't help but made it burned faster . Slowly, it no longer twitched, it only scratched the concrete with its claws in agony .

No one bothered with the Death Claw, because everyone knew it could no longer survive .

In the distance, rockets continued to soar through the sky .

In the command tower, Zhao Gang and Chu Nan gazed at the fire in the distance .

The sky in the distance turned red .

But they didn't know if it was the dusk or the fire that illuminated the sky .