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Chapter 455: Watching the Firework together

Liuding, the deck of the Bohai Aircraft Carrier .

The limping zombies wandered near the port, and their whitened pupils were blankly fixed on the aircraft carrier in the distance . The deck of the aircraft carrier was filled with survivors, most of them came from the east of Wanghai .

When the mutants flood arrived, the weak survivors often chose to join more powerful settlements, or some just chose to migrate out of the city . Liuding in the ocean was without a doubt their primary choice since zombies and mutants that lived on land couldn't do anything to the aircraft carrier city in the sea .

For these survivors, Liuding's official stance was also welcoming . The official government designated a living area and provided them with drinking water and nutrient supplies . Of course, these services were not free . Including the ticket to board, all the protection must be exchange with crystals .

A middle-aged man in uniform and a general cap stood up straight with his hands behind his back . He gazed into the sky in the distance .


"Yes… And it should be napalm rockets," With a rifle in hand, the soldier beside him replied .

The General didn't say a single word and only stared at the flames ascending afar .

After a moment, he cursed out in a low voice .

"Fu*k, where did they get so much fuel?"

The powerful NAC was indeed a threat to Liuding . If this massive amount of rockets flew toward Liuding, he knew too well that even with the electromagnetic and laser anti-missile systems, they had no possibility of surviving .

With the rockets that absolutely had no "technological capability," the cutting-edge countermeasures such as electronic hacking and electromagnetic were simply invalid . The laser anti-missile systems could also at most destroy three or four rockets . In front of hundreds of missiles, it was a joke .

The soldier beside him didn't speak . He slowly took a deep breath and watched the rockets fiesta in the distance with a stiff expression .

It was already getting darker . The General abruptly asked .

"How long did they fire for?"

"They started from dusk," the soldier who recollected his thought replied .

After a momentary silence, the General turned around and left the deck .

"These bastards, they will blow all the radiation dust from the city center to here . Prepare to activate the anti-radiation sail . "

"Yes!" The soldier saluted while watching the General .

At the same time, the survivors not far away were also on the edge of the aircraft carrier, gazing at the flames in the sky .

They whispered to each other and discussed everything that was happening on land .

"Did NAC do all of this?"

"Should be… That's the Sixth Street's direction . "

Men, women, elder, children… Almost everyone gazed in the same direction .

Their pupils reflected the bright red fireworks .

It was the flame of order .

They saw hope .

At the same time, in the space 36000 kilometers from the surface .

The debris of satellites and space stations quietly rotated along the synchronized orbit and formed into a steel planetary ring . Just from the sheer sight, it was easy to catch a glimpse of the tragic battle that erupted there .

Among the space junks, a ship cruised among them .

Inside the ship lied a figure .

"Oh? Very interesting . "

Through the layer of glass, he narrowed his eyes while watching the spark of flame on earth . The flame from Wanghai was visible even in orbit .

At the same time, the pleasant female electronic voice began to play .

"Okay, but I don't think I will need it . " Lin Chaoen spoke to the program that could not reply before he clicked on the launch pad .

Lin Chaoen ignored the voice as he inputted the password beside the glass hatch .

The steel opening popped up as the emergency launch button appeared . He slapped the red button .

Following the sound of air dispersing, the hatch door gradually opened .

As a robot made completely of mechanical parts, he didn't mind the vacuum environment and was obviously unfearful of the radiation source . He pulled the graphene and attached the metal hook around his waist . Lin Chaoen put on the booster and bounced out into space .

He watched the silent space station floating in space as a smile appeared on his face .

It was a cane .

A cane that granted absolute authority .

Besides the launch vehicle, Jiang Chen had a cigarette in his mouth as he watched the flying rockets .

It was already night time, but the sky was still bright .

The BM-21 rockets continued to unleash its power as the solid fuel rockets covered the west rural area all the way to the city center . Millions of zombies and mutants died under "Stalin's Organ . " Just with the body of flesh, he didn't believe that any creature would survive in this hell .

It was quite funny, but he suddenly remembered the last time Sun Jiao, and he played together in the virtual reality game . She seemed to have used a spell and scorched the entire beginner's village .

"The feeling of magic?"

Jiang Chen raised the cigarette with his two fingers as he grinned and extended his hand into the night sky filled with rockets .

The "Fireball Rain" started because of his order . If he interpreted the order as a spell, then he was indeed a magician .

The magician that possessed power .

Cheng Weiguo who stood on the side had his hands behind his back . He pretended not to see the General's childish moves .

"What's in the city center?" Jiang Chen suddenly spoke out .

Cheng Weiguo first took a moment to process before a wry smile appeared .

"I don't know, I heard that when the rumor of God's Cane was in the city center, the furthest the survivors reached was the Changning area which is still five kilometers away from the city center . It was all ruins there with a giant nuclear crater in the middle . Only dangerous mutants or extremely mutated creatures would appear there .

"Is no one curious what is there? It shouldn't be that difficult to send a drone to investigate . " Jiang Chen killed the cigarette and threw it on the ground .

To be honest, after being injected with the genetic vaccine, he didn't really smoke anymore . But when it was too boring to wait, he would occasionally have one or two .

"The drones can't enter the area, or I should say no electronic equipment could enter . " Cheng Weiguo shook his head .


[Using EMP through a creature's body? That's too obscure . ]

As Jiang Chen thought about this, he raised his eyebrows in question as he reached for his pack of cigarette only to realize it was empty .

He wanted to look in his storage dimension, but he remembered that there was absolutely nothing inside .

Cheng Weiguo immediately walked up and took out his own .

Jiang Chen smiled and grabbed one for himself .

"I will give it back to you . "

"Haha, General, you gave it to me . " Cheng Weiguo smiled .

With the cigarette in his mouth, Jiang Chen didn't light it up . He gazed into the flame in the distance, pondering .

[No, the creature could launch EMP… or launch Klein particles . ]

Tingting inside Lin Lin's body could do that too .

Speaking of which, he never really understood .

[The bug that the artificial intelligence talked about, what exactly was it?]

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