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Chapter 457

Chapter 457: Regain Control from the Mutants

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Although Sun Jiao liked to bully people at times, she was a nice person by nature . Maybe it was because of the warmth of their little family, but it made her recall happy moments before she left the fallout shelter . This was why she was more considerate of family members than anyone else, particularly with considering how everyone felt .

Although she declared possession of Jiang Chen, she told Jiang Chen before bedtime, "Yao Yao really misses you - go spend some time with her . " She slipped back to her room and locked the door .

While Jiang Chen was touched by how considerate Sun Jiao was, he didn't know how to feel with the door shut in front of him .

Yao Yao was indeed cute, but she was inedible .

And that was not okay .

The somewhat matured little loli would always subconsciously do something that would turn him on and he almost couldn't control himself .

[Whatever, there is something I need to ask Yao Yao . ] Jiang Chen turned around and headed to Yao Yao's room .

He knocked on the door before he heard some noise from behind the door .

"Ummm? It's already so late, is there anything to do?"

With the door pushed open, he saw Yao Yao in loose pajamas . Judging by her wet hair, she must've just showered as the light scent of lilies blew in his face .

"Mhmm, I have something to ask Yao Yao, is that okay?"

"Mhmm! Of course . " With a sweet smile, Yao Yao walked to the door with light steps . "Come in . "

Jiang Chen tousled her hair and walked in .

Jiang Chen scanned the room . Because there was only one chair inside, Jiang Chen casually sat on the bed . Yao Yao blushed at the scene but still walked up and sat beside Jiang Chen, pretending nothing was amiss, before she secretly moved in Jiang Chen's direction .

"Could you tell me what it is?"

Because of her anxiety, her voice trembled slightly to the point where it was out of tune .

With her nervousness, the little loli was unable to sit still . Jiang Chen wanted to laugh .

He paused before he spoke .

"It's about the phone . Could Yao Yao design a phone for me?"

With a few imaginary question marks appearing above her head, the little girl didn't hear the words she wanted to hear . She paused .

Realizing that she misinterpreted the situation, redness extended from her ears all the way to her neck .

It took a while before Yao Yao recovered from her state of awkwardness . She spoke in a quiet voice .

"Phone? Is that the thing brother Jiang Chen showed me before?"

It was a very distant memory, but Jiang Chen gave her a phone for reference .

"Mhmm, it's that type . If possible, could Yao Yao design a similar but more powerful phone?" Jiang Chen tried to make Yao Yao understand what he wanted as he used his hands to show the shape while explaining the functionality of the phone .

Yao Yao listened and nodded attentively .

After Jiang Chen was done, Yao Yao patted her small chest confidently .

"Leave it up to me! Are two days okay?"

"Mhmm! Please!" Jiang Chen joyfully rubbed Yao Yao's head .

Yao Yao closed her eyes as she enjoyed his caress while a sweet curvature appeared on her mouth .

Seeing as it was late, Jiang Chen stood up and prepared to leave . But then he discovered a small hand feebly dragging onto his clothes .

"Mhmm? Is there something else?" Jiang Chen looked at Yao Yao .

Yao Yao looked away while she spoke timidly, "Umm, could Yao Yao make an unreasonable request?"

"Of course . "

She retracted her hand while her face turned red again . Her fingers pointed toward each other .

"Could-could we sleep together t-tonight?"

Considering how adorable she looked, Jiang Chen felt like he was going to melt .

The next morning .

Observing the gracefulness on Yao Yao's face, Jiang Chen was touched by her happiness . He leaned down and gently kissed her soft forehead .

Yao Yao seemed to have noticed that kiss and moved her beautiful mouth before moving herself into a more comfortable position . She curled up like a small animal .

Jiang Chen quietly got out of bed and covered Yao Yao with the blanket before he sneaked out of the room .

He microwaved two buns in the kitchen then left the mansion .

It was almost the end of August - the tail end of summer .

Due to the radiation dust, mornings in the wasteland were usually cold, but the temperature during the next few days would be irregular . It was two days after the fire, yet there were still sparks that could be made out in the direction of the city center .

The reality was different than what Cheng Weiguo imagined . Although there were no more combustible materials in Wanghai, the fat of the zombies and mutants provided an excellent source of fuel for the fire .

When the thousand-degree fire evaporated all the water content inside, the entire Roshan was like a barrel of fuel burning continuously due to its high density of fat .

Following the conclusion of the mutant flood and the return of the First Division, the quiet base became crowded again . The survivors returned to the surface . They were either reunited with family members who were part of the crusade or accepted the urns in mourning .

There were fatalities with every war, an unpleasant point that could not be changed .

And on the wasteland, death was to be expected .

When Jiang Chen arrived at his office, he was surprised to discover that Han Junhua was already in front of the table that belonged to the advisor . She was working on the tablet .

"Did you sleep here last night?" Jiang Chen sat at his desk while looking at her .

"No . Mhmm, precisely speaking, I didn't sleep . There was too much work yesterday, looking at fatality numbers as well as the war consumption figures from the logistics department, the compensation to the families of deceased soldiers, as well as the cleaning of mutant bodies and collection of crystals…"

Only now did Jiang Chen notice the heavy eye bags on her face .

No wonder she didn't look for him when he returned last night - she was too busy .

"Thank you . " Jiang Chen expressed his gratitude .

"It's okay . " Han Junhua still wore the same expressionless look .

"If you're tired, go take a nap first . "

Han Junhua half-heartedly agreed before stopping the task at hand and looked at Jiang Chen . "How many rockets are left?"

Jiang Chen shrugged . "All of them are gone, a total of 40 thousand rounds . But now that the mutant flood is over, is there still a need for them?"

Although he could certainly buy more, it was hard to prevent other people from noticing that he frequently purchased weapons that violated the Geneva Accords . If possible, it would be better to delay repurchasing until a later date .

"All gone?" Han Junhua fell into deep thought .

The number of rockets should be limited since fuel was uncommon in the apocalypse before, let alone solid fuel rockets mixed with other chemicals . No one thought of using low-tech weapons to begin with .

But to everyone's surprise, low-tech weapons were highly effective against mutants .

After a short silence, she spoke again .

"How much fuel can you obtain?"

"A lot . Hmm?" Jiang Chen asked .

"The technology required for that napalm rocket should be low . We could easily produce rockets with better combustion effectiveness and a high range . "

Han Junhua paused, looked at him in the eyes, and said sternly:

"With fuel, it's not impossible for us to regain complete control of Wanghai from the mutants . "

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