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Chapter 459: Mutant Farm Project

A blue light flashed and the elevator quickly descended to the bottom .

A moment later, the red indicator light turned green and the elevator stopped at 1000 meters below the surface . Jiang Chen walked toward the entrance of the fallout shelter, typed in a few passwords, pulled out the cable from inside, and connected his EP .

Jiang Chen disconnected the cable and backed up two steps . Following a deep noise, the circular entrance in front of him began to shift to the side . At the back of the door, the director of Camp 27, Xu Lu, was already waiting there .

When she saw Jiang Chen, she bowed down with a smile and led Jiang Chen into the fallout shelter .

"The mutant flood is already over; you can arrange for personnel to return to the surface . "

"Already?" Xu Lu was slightly shocked, but it didn't take long before she returned to her smiling self . "I'll go prepare now . "

After saying goodbye to Xu Lu, Jiang Chen headed straight to the Robotic Research Facility in Fallout Shelter 027 along with the two soldiers behind him . He managed to find Fang Weixian, who was working on a blueprint .

"General? How come you're here?" Fang Weixian pushed aside the tablet used to draw blueprints and greeted Jiang Chen with a smile .

"Mhmm, I want to show you something and consult your opinion . " Jiang Chen signaled behind him .

The soldier nodded and put the two boxes in his hands on the table before returning to stand behind Jiang Chen .

"This is . . . ?" Fang Weixian raised his eyebrows, walked up to the box, and opened it .

When he saw the contents, he took a moment to process before he was shocked .

"Kinetic skeleton… Gauss Rifle?!"

"It's a kinetic skeleton with optical illusions," Jiang Chen added .

With interest flashing in his eyes, Fang Weixian first searched among the broken pieces of the kinetic skeleton before glancing at the broken Gauss Rifle .

"I want you to recreate the technology - can you do it?"

"I can give it a shot; it shouldn't be hard . " Fang Weixian first moved the two boxes beside a scanner . "Scan the part composition and replicate the lost parts then use a quantum computer to simulate the design plan to finally establish the production process . "

"Is it possible to produce these on a large scale?" Jiang Chen asked .

"It's going to be difficult . " Fang Weixian shook his head . "A lot of things must be recycled . For example, for the Type-50 Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon at the base, a lot of parts can't be produced . Without recycling the parts, we can only print the parts using a 3D printer . "

The 22nd century 3D printing technology was extremely mature without the durability, precision, and limitations in materials faced in the early 21st century . But even then, 3D printing technology was still an expensive technology . For example, a Reaper Assault Rifle manufactured from a military production line would have a price of less than ten thousand USD, but if 3D technology was used to the print the rifle, the cost would be at least six figures, and producing it on a mass scale would not lower the cost .

On the wasteland, with the collapse of the industrial process, the survivors printed parts unable to be produced with 3D printing technology . Just like with the T-3 power armor, out of the ten thousand parts, at least six thousand were printed by 3D printing then assembled by hand . It was a large factor leading to the high cost of the power armor .

"What would the cost be to equip one Gauss Rifle per power armor?" Jiang Chen asked casually .

"The majority of the cost would be power consumption and material usage if everything is printed by 3D printing… It would be 4000 crystals per rifle . The Miniature High Energy Capacitor and acceleration track have high requirements for materials . " Fang Weixian provided an estimate .

[Damn, it's close to half the cost for T-3 power armor . ] Jiang Chen was shocked by the figure .

Jiang Chen deliberated for a moment before he said, "Regardless, first recreate the technology . It's fine for it to be a bit expensive . "

Other than a potential application in the aerospace field, the Gauss Rifle was particularly effective against power armor . Its penetration power and stability could not be matched by traditional rifles .

Jiang Chen examined the status of armored vehicle production inside the Robotic Research Institute before he left, not wishing to disturb the researchers inside any longer .

Leaving the Robotic Research Institute, Jiang Chen then headed to the Biology Research Institute not far away and found the biologists unpopular at the fallout shelter . When Jiang Chen walked inside, he saw a bunch of scientists in white lab coats all surrounding a vial with daunting excitement on their faces .

As to the reason why it was daunting, it was because they acted like science freaks from cartoons .

The study of life had always been a taboo in the science field as its danger was no less than advanced artificial intelligence . But on the wasteland, research laws were no longer in effect and hence, they had the opportunity to allow their creativity to flow .

"What're you looking at it?" Jiang Chen walked up to Wang Fangping and patted him on the shoulder .

Wang Fangping jumped . It wasn't until he saw Jiang Chen that he smiled . "General, we completed the electricity-producing seaweed project . "

"Completed?" Jiang Chen stopped to think for a second before a joyful expression appeared on his face .

For Xin to develop its tourism, they had to decrease the number of coal-powered power stations . But due to the low efficiency of wind and solar energy, the high cost of tidal energy, and the reluctance to use nuclear energy, Jiang Chen maintained a strong interest in the biological power generation Wang Fangping proposed .

Not only was it environmentally friendly, but it was also cheap, and the one thing a Pacific country didn't lack was ocean territory .

"This is it . " Wang Fangping moved aside and pointed at the vial in the middle .

Inside the yellowish-green vial was a piece of floating three-meter-long seaweed with a UV light hanging above the seaweed . The note on the side recorded the ratio between light levels and power generation .

"It can be grown 100 meters below the surface with maximum power generation of 1-kilowatt of power per square meter . The tip of the seaweed can be attached to a metal wire and transports the electricity to the transformer on the surface before becoming part of the grid . " Wang Fangping pointed at the device and explained to Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen nodded with pleasure . "Great, you did well . All researchers who participated in the project will be awarded 1000 crystals each!"

All nine scientists in the facility turned ecstatic .

A NAC knight's monthly salary was merely 50 crystals, so 1000 crystals was a large sum of wealth . Jiang Chen would never be stingy on his investment in research .

"Thank you, General!" Wang Fangping thanked Jiang Chen with sincerity .

"No need, I'll generously reward anyone who contributes to the NAC . Also, I still need you to do something: I need you to breed a type of mutant that isn't hostile, easy to breed, and quickly able to produce crystals . " Jiang Chen brought up the primary purpose of his visit .

Since he was certain he was going to "clean up" Wanghai, the source of the crystals would have to come from elsewhere .

He would make all the hunters transform into mercenaries guarding the merchant fleet, then change the source of crystals from the "hunting ground" to a farm and establish food production at the Garden of Eden .

`Jiang Chen already had the blueprint drawn out in his mind, and the first step to completing the plan was to find the best-suited mutants as livestock .

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