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Published at 12th of June 2017 06:26:55 AM

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Rescue

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“There’s one on the roof, four standing on the second floor, and five out front . ” Nick stretched out on top of the roof and used a pair of binoculars to observe the target structure . “Robert is confirmed alive . ”


The three-story tall building had at least ten terrorists on site . Nick began to worry for Jiang Chen as even for someone like him, it would be nearly impossible to rescue someone without alerting nearby guards .


However, if they alerted the guards on patrol duty in the streets, then they must face the attack from an entire town of IS soldiers .


“Affirmative, just cover me when I back out . ” Jiang Chen stood by a fruit store picking fruits as he occasionally glanced at the IS soldiers passing by . He had a head scarf on his head with only his eyes exposed .


It was exciting for him .


He opened his mouth and took a deep breath before turning into an alley .


He noticed that there was no one around, so he took out the bag Yao Yao gave him from the storage dimension and equipped it onto himself .


The drone from the future was going to be useful now as an odd smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face . He connected his EP onto the palm-sized circle disk .


The bottom of the drone slightly vibrated followed by an almost undetectable noise as it followed Jiang Chen's instruction and flew into the air .


It carefully avoided the sight of the guards as Jiang Chen cautiously controlled the drone to fly over the wall onto the top floor . It recorded the heat map of the entire building as all the guards appeared on the EP map . After he had parked the drone on the top floor, Jiang Chen gave an order to Nick .


“Take out the scout on the top floor . ”


“Affirmative . ” Nick naturally noticed Jiang Chen’s drone and was surprised by Jiang Chen’s ability . He zoomed in with his M27 rifle .


The silencer lightly buzzed .


A blood hole appeared on the terrorist’s forehead . As he was about to fall over, the drone hidden behind him popped a hook and carried his body to the middle of the roof and slowly released him .


Not a single person noticed .


Nick was completely stunned . He saw the Indago drone that the US special forces used in Ukraine and he thought that represented the peak of the drone technology . But when he saw the palm-sized drone, his understanding of field was challenged .


Silent enough to move behind the target and its hook powerful enough to drag the body .


This was the first time he saw a drone that agile and discreet .


[His country’s military technology is this powerful?


Or is Jiang Chen representing an unknown force?]


Nick didn’t understand, but he didn’t need to understand .


He knew that his boss could be rescued now .



Jiang Chen used the image generated through his EP to determine the guard's distribution within the building . He took a deep breath and moved to the side of the building .


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He pressed against the ground, for the first time using all his strength in the modern world .


Jiang Chen hopped two meters high, grabbed onto the roof of a small building and rolled beside the water tank .


It was a smooth move .


This was the muscle and reflex two times stronger than ordinary people . He gradually clinched his fingers and looked at the street across .


It was three meters wide with little traffic .


Eight meters away from the roof, with a height difference of two meters .


“How far is the closest patrol from this place?” Jiang Chen used the communication device in his ear and asked .


“Two streets,” Nick answered after he scanned the area .


“I am about to enter, watch out for me . ”


“Understood . ” Nick put the binoculars aside as he reloaded the M27 rifle .





Red dots began to pop up in Jiang Chen’ vision . Even the wall cannot stop the vivid red from appearing, it belonged to the color of hearts beating .


The desire to rip the hearts apart .


All the cells in his body were boiling .


He inhaled and tried to suppress the negative emotions from his mind as he slightly bent his knees .


If it were two times his muscle strength, it would be questionable, but now it was four times .


Abruptly, his pushed his legs down onto the ground and stepped back before he dashed across the eight-meter distance, grasping onto the roof of the third floor .


[Fu*k, this hurts . ]


The fury strengthened his muscle but not his bones . The shock from the impact with the wall made him grind his teeth together, but he managed to overcome the pain and initiated the tranquilizer on the EP .


Fury disarmed . His heartbeat returned to normal .


“What is it?” A terrorist looked out the window and scanned for any irregularity .


“Don’t know, let Zayev go take a look . ”


Jiang Chen held his breath as he pressed against the wall . He didn’t understand what they were saying as he prayed that they won’t look up . Jiang Chen was right above the IS soldier . If he got caught, then he would have to fight a violent battle .


He wasn’t afraid, but Robert’s safety would be jeopardized .

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Jiang Chen’s sudden move shocked Nick as he didn’t suspect Jiang Chen to jump across .


[An eight-meter distance, two-meter height difference?




Nick didn’t let his guard down when he saw Jiang Chen sneak into the building, his rifle aimed directly at the head stuck outside the window . If he looked up and saw Jiang Chen, Nick would have to kill him . Stealth entry would become a battle .


Fortunately, it seemed that it was inconvenient to look up while wearing a hat, the terrorist didn’t see anything odd, so he retracted his head . From common sense, no one could jump onto a building .


Jiang Chen was relieved as he rolled onto the roof .


The reason why he dared to use brute force to jump over was not that he didn’t think it through . Instead, when fury was activated, he saw the distribution of the people in the room . He estimated that the risk of being spotted was small, so he decided to use four times the strength of a regular people and jumped over .


First, silence device .


NATO special forces equipment, he purchased at the Sixth Street Junk Yard for 30 crystals . The device could silence up to a radius of ten meters . Although not as useful in the apocalypse, but quite handy in the modern world . It can be activated for 15 seconds .


He laughed and took out the device from where Nick couldn’t see . He pressed the device against the roof . He then started the drone and made sure the IS soldiers were unaware before he rotated the silent device’s button .


Buzz .


It produced a sound of buzzing electricity . The surrounding air became unstable under the unique field, all sounds were erased .


The brick roof was exploded open with dynamite .


Jiang Chen did not hesitate as he took out his pistol and jumped into the room .


Future tech was indeed powerful, no one noticed the violent explosion .


With both feet on the ground, Jiang Chen saw Robert in the corner . He ripped off his headscarf and smiled .


“I can’t believe you are the one saving me, my friend,” Robert said with a bitter smile .


“Oh? Are you disappointed?” Jiang Chen shrugged with a joking voice .


“No, I appreciate your help . ” Robert stood up and genuinely bowed down . “If there is anything I can assist you with in the future, please don’t hesitate to tell me . ”


“You still owe me a deal . ”


Robert was confused for a brief second before he smiled .


“Not just a deal, my friend . ”


Jiang Chen didn’t continue talking with him . He retracted the silent device and walked to the door . Robert surprisingly looked at the pistol in Jiang Chen’s hand . For as long as he has been in the firearm business, he never saw a gun like it .


As well as the silent explosion .


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But Robert didn’t ask, everyone had their own privacy . It would be impolite to ask .


If he could rescue people, it won't be hard to kill people .


“Nick, the hostage is rescued . Cover me,” Jiang Chen spoke into the communication device .


“I understand,” Nick replied emotionlessly as a cruel smile appeared across his face .


[You bastards, I’ll kill you all . ]


He opened the safety .


He locked onto a terrorist that looked like a commander and pulled the trigger .




The blood hole penetrated through the target’s head as he dropped down onto the floor .


“Enemy! Enemy!”


“It’s the Americans! Quick!” But what they didn’t know was, the one firing was a Byelorussian, and the one rescuing was an Eastern man .


Shouting noises resonated through the door, as well as the explosive firing of the assault rifles .


Jiang Chen monitored the outside with the drone .


Nick was indeed an experienced soldier . A single rifle was enough to suppress all the IS soldiers . The screaming bullets accurately penetrated through flesh and ended their sinful lives one by one .


Nick managed to control the soldiers around the building . Jiang Chen waved at Robert signaling their retreat . He aimed his pistol at the wooden door .




The wooden door was slammed open . A terrorist screaming a foreign language rushed in with an assault rifle and met a pistol in his face .




With a hole in his forehead, the man dropped dead .


“Instincts, don’t worry about it,” Jiang Chen joked with the shocked Robert before he rushed out .


Instinct? The drone’s instinct .




Jiang Chen replied to the nonsensical screaming with a bullet . Although the 11 tactical pistol was only a pistol, it was technology from 100 years later . Despite the same size bullet, the material of the bullet as well its accuracy was far superior compared to modern weapons .


Although it was a pistol, it could easily shoot through the brick wall .


The highly penetrative bullet made the IS soldiers around the stairs not dare to come close to the wall . But as they continued to hide, it troubled Jiang Chen as well . Since this is an IS-controlled territory, there was no way they could escape if this dragged on .


Time to try the thermal detection grenade .


A grimace appeared on Jiang Chen’s face . The thing he got from Zhao Chenwu, the firearm dealer from the apocalypse .


He popped the switch and threw the grenade away .


The grenade in midair suddenly paused as flames began to spit out from one side . It was as if it had eyes, it flew directly at the IS soldiers around the stairs .


They didn’t even have time to duck down .


The grenade exploded as soon as it detected heat .




The explosive chips destroyed the entire staircase . Jiang Chen could almost sense the violent explosion .


“God, what are these things?” Robert hid behind Jiang Chen’s back as he blankly stared ahead .


“Some new gadgets . Stop talking, follow me . ” Jiang Chen changed a clip and rushed to the stairs .


Thermal detection grenade . Those things were slightly pricey being five times the price of a regular grenade . It was only useful on humans and would be interfered by the cheaper EMP grenade or heat bait, so they were not as useful in the apocalypse .


All the sudden, the wooden floor crashed open on the side .


“Allah!” A man with an assault rifle dashed out and tried to smash his gun against Jiang Chen’s head .


But he did have a reflex of 29, so he would not get hit by a surprise attack like that .


A violent stream of air ripped through Jiang Chen’s arm as the almost liquid phase nitrogen slammed onto the man’s chest like a hammer .


He flew away like a bomb and smashed against the wall .


[Should be dead .


Damn, this thing could be used as a close range weapon . ] Jiang Chen pleasingly looked at the metal bracelet on his arm .


Robert stared dumbfoundedly at him . Jiang Chen glanced at him, and half-jokingly said .


“I guess you are going to keep the secret for me, right?”


Robert continued to stare dully, but he nodded .


[God… is this a Hollywood movie . ]


Jiang Chen was pleased by Robert’s reaction as he signaled for him to follow and rushed downstairs .


He was not afraid of Robert not keeping the secret, no one would believe some of the things that happened .


Especially if he were smart enough, he would shut his mouth .

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