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Chapter 460: Droplet No.1

To help the Biology Research Institute with researching mutants, Jiang Chen ordered Xu Lu to establish an area to house the mutants outside of Camp 27's walls . The area would support research intended to genetically modify the mutants while conducting breeding tests . As for the task of capturing mutants, Jiang Chen assigned the task to the Hunter Corp .

With the support of the helicopter and power armor, aside from the difficulty in capturing Death Claw, other mutants were relatively easy to catch .

All experiments would be done outside the walls . Any mutants who escaped would be killed by machine guns and electromagnetic cannons on the wall which prevented uncontrollable circumstances from arising .

After all this, Jiang Chen returned to Fishbone base via helicopter .

When he returned, Jiang Chen headed to the warehouse and moved a set of T-3 power armor, kinetic skeleton, and Reaper Assault Rifle into his storage dimension . After all this, only a laser sword would fit inside the three hundred cubic meter dimension . Emptiness in the storage dimension didn't make Jiang Chen feel safe .

Heading to the city center would still require a period of preparation before their mission could be executed - whether it was designing the rocket launcher or producing ammo at the base, it all required time to complete .

The crystals on the ground would especially need people to pick them up .

Therefore, after Jiang Chen and Han Junhua had a discussion, the attack on the city center was set for mid-September .

The reproductive cycle of creatures wasn't short; even a month after the rain of destruction, the number of mutants and zombies didn't increase substantially .

Seeing as he didn't need to assist with anything else, Jiang Chen returned to the modern world .

The 20 days were almost up as he was eager to see the results of the construction robots . He needed to solve the mining problem as soon as possible so Future Mining could officially start its business and virtual reality helmets could then be manufactured .

Leaving his mansion on Coro Island, he went to a telecommunication store along the way . While he reactivated a new SIM card, Jiang Chen purchased a new phone .

Although Yao Yao was designing a phone for him, he still needed a phone in the meantime . In such a digitalized world, being without a phone practically meant being back in the primal age .

After all the troublesome things were dealt with, Jiang Chen took a boat and arrived on Coconut Island . Just as he approached the island, he discovered from afar that the dock built along the shore was completed .

The primary structure was reinforced concrete with the top covered by metal roofing . The interior was a concaved water trench . Compared to the hundred-meter-long dry dock, the small dock could only be described as tiny .

But despite its miniature size, it possessed all the functionality of a dock . And if there was a need in the future, it could be expanded further .

He dragged the boat onto the dock and headed to where the construction materials were stored .

The two construction robots were in standby mode where the materials were stored . After they completed the construction mission, they automatically entered hibernation .

The reinforced steel, anti-corrosion concrete, and sand were mostly consumed, the explosives used to blow up the shore were all gone, and the six fuel rods used as batteries were depleted . After he placed all the remaining construction materials back into the storage dimension, Jiang Chen walked to the drone terminal among the trees .

The bee nest-shaped drone terminal quietly laid there with most of the drones charging on standby mode; only a small portion hovered near the beach outside the forest .

He connected the cable to his EP and checked the reconnaissance reports of the drones . After he confirmed that no one approached the island, Jiang Chen removed the cable and headed to the dock .

He opened the dock door before he saw the deepwater submersible floating on the surface .

The length, width, and height were nine meters, three meters, and four meters respectively . The waterdrop-like design had a smooth surface .

The rear end was embedded with a "T" shaped structure, the inlets on both ends allowed water to be fed into the engine without interruption, while the back-end nozzle jet pressurized water . The tail tilt of the shell produced a water pressure squeeze effect, and the dual effect of the water jet propulsion gave the submersible the speed of victory over all the submarines .

The "Droplet" had two pairs of mechanical arms installed in the front, capable of conducting deepwater construction as part of the construction module . An eight-meter cylindrical device hung on the bottom as part of the mining module . The construction robots assembled all parts and were operational once charged .

The submersible consumed electric power designed to fit the 100mmm nuclear fusion battery, but due to a lack of nuclear material, Droplet used crystal fuel rod .

The submersible's built-in molten salt electrolytic carbon dioxide reduction device meant that in theory, as long as sufficient power was present, it could maintain a normal water supply in the submersible .

Jiang Chen jumped on top of Droplet . While he felt it sway under his feet, Jiang Chen carefully kneeled down and finally found a camera-like device on top .

Jiang Chen moved closer then spoke in an undertone .

"Initiate . "

"Iris verification passed . Welcome, captain . "

A crack appeared one meter away from Jiang Chen before exposing a way inside the submersible .

Jiang Chen moved closer . After confirming its safety, he jumped inside .

"It is transparent? No… should just be an optical effect . "

When he entered the cabin, Jiang Chen scanned his surroundings in shock .

It was hard to imagine that viewing the outside from the inside was easy - it looked transparent .

[Wide angle imaging?]

By hiding some full-angle cameras on the outside of the submersible, external images were presented on the screen in the cabin . Standing in this submersible felt like being inside a huge transparent bubble .

After exclaiming at the magnificent image, Jiang Chen passed through a narrow hatch and entered the cockpit .

Most parts of this submersible were printed by 3D printing, costing more than half a million crystals . But when he saw everything inside, he didn't feel it was a high cost at all .

"Captain, please name the submersible . " The courteous digital voice instructed Jiang Chen .

After deliberating, he said:

"Droplet . "

Because the exterior looked like a droplet of water, it was Droplet then .

"Great, Droplet at your service . Captain, please follow the instruction manual…"

Without complicated operating procedures and with the help of basic artificial intelligence, even a single person could operate the piloting system that normally demanded the cooperation of multiple people . There were controlling rods at the captain's seat - one was responsible for controlling the XY axis while the other controlled the Z axis . Beside them was a series of other instruments .

Other than manual control, it could be set in automatic control mode as well . Based on the map stored inside the deepwater submersible, the captain could control through a tablet or voice .

Once Jiang Chen familiarized himself with the controls, he immediately used the terminal to instruct the submersible to submerge .

With the low noise of water breaking, the entire submersible plummeted below the vast ocean surface outside the dock . Needless to say, it was more fun compared to being on a boat . With the waves splashing, the waves looked as if they could hit him since the cabin was transparent .

He felt as if he was surfing .

Jiang Chen immediately ordered as he stared at the waves disappearing .

"Submerge, 100 meters . "

"Roger . "

The digital voice spoke out before Droplet began to submerge . Just like submerging a person's head into the water, the sound of the waves instantly vanished .

 Jiang Chen observed the instruments next to his hand as the symbol signaling depth continuously flashed before finally stopping at the 100-meter mark .

He took a deep breath and suppressed the excitement in his mind as Jiang Chen set the coordinates of Future Mining's mining platform as well as a depth of 7000 meters .

With excitement in his voice, he said:

"Droplet, set sail!"

"Roger, captain . "

Into the deep eerie ocean, Droplet plunged down .

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