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Chapter 462

Chapter 462: Future Mining in Production

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The 7000 meters track was just like a strand of seaweed that swayed with the ocean current .

The 500 meters long graphene track connected on both ends by Titanium rings; 14 tracks in total formed the 7000 meters deep sea stairs from the abyss to the surface .

The entire track cost 500 million crystals, almost equivalent to the entire food trade revenue of NAC .

Out of all the equipment, the most expensive was the 15 titanium rings . They not only play a role in fixing the graphene tracks, but they could also freely control the depth of water just like submarines . Based on the direction of the ocean current, the titanium ring can also move through the four angles of the blade engine to move in the opposite direction . This prevents the huge tidal force from tearing the entire graphene track apart .

When the Droplet placed the six meters long, two meters wide oval "elevator" at the bottom of the track, the entire deep ocean mining module was completely deployed .

The two suction discs underwater would shred the rocks on the surface and use the graphene tube to transport the broken pieces into the "circular tube" . Based on the selection, the circular tube would crash the rocks into finer particles . Mudstones with low hardness would be crashed into particles and released into the ocean through a mesh net . The higher hardness molybdenum nodules would pass through the selection and be sent to the "elevator" to the top .

When the elevator was filled with minerals, the graphene track would be powered up . The entire oval would be sent to the surface like the shell of the electromagnetic cannon .

Once the minerals reached 100 meters below the surface, the modern equipment would be able to retrieve the minerals .

The workers on the platform would send out retrieving boats based on signals from below the sea . Then scuba divers with nets would be able to bring the minerals up .

Once the minerals on the platform accumulated to a certain point, a boat would transport the minerals to the manganese nodule refiner on Ange Island . By that time, Xin would no longer need to depend on import for its consumption of iron, molybdenum, and manganese .

After all this, Jiang Chen deployed two 3D printed tidal current power generators at the surface of the sea to provide electricity to the mining equipment .

With the cost of the Droplet included, the equipment totaled more than seven million crystals .

Although it was expensive, Jiang Chen knew the investment was well worth it .

Just from the market price of ten crystals for one kilogram of molybdenum ore in Sixth Street, 700 tons would allow breakeven .

Moreso, the deposition at the surface of the ocean floor had more than one million tons!

The entire mining equipment would support mining operations for ten years without a problem .

When Jiang Chen returned to Coconut Island, Jiang Chen phoned Yang Yuan and told him about the mining operation .

"The problem with deep sea mining is solved?" When Yang Yuan heard that he could send people to the platform now, he was shocked .

"That's right . I will provide you with the mining steps through email . A transportation boat, a retrieving boat, two scuba divers, one observer, that's about all . " Jiang Chen smiled .

Yang Yuan raised his eyebrows in skepticism .

Yang Yuan raised his eyebrows in skepticism .

"But how do you retrieve the ore from the deep sea? Don't tell me you're going to tell the scuba divers to chisel it 7500 meters below the surface . "

"Do you think I'm dumb?" Jiang Chen scoffed jokingly, "Don't worry, I took care of it . I will send it to you by email, and you'll know how the entire mining device functions . It's the top technology of Future Group, don't be too shocked . "

Yang Yuan glanced at his phone .

[Funny, I'm a graduate student from West Australia University and a top student that signed with Rio Tinto in my first year as a student . What type of equipment haven't I seen?]

It was the first time he heard that something could retrieve ores from 7000 meters below the sea .

"Okay, send me the email first . "

"Mhmm, wait . "

Then, Jiang Chen hung up and sent out the email that included visualization of the mining equipment through a digital file .

Yang Yuan held onto the phone for half a minute before he heard a buzz; the email came through .

He opened the email with skepticism and began to scan the document Jiang Chen sent .

He was first questioning the mining equipment as he thought his boss didn't consult with him before purchasing and that he must have been fooled by a fake company .

He was first questioning the mining equipment as he thought his boss didn't consult with him before purchasing and that he must have been fooled by a fake company .

But when he was halfway through the document, he shocked state was more and more apparent .

"This, this is impossible . What kind of joke is? Are we shooting a sci-fi film?" With his finger continually sliding on the screen, Yang Yuan muttered to himself .

Nothing else, just the circular tube mining device, even if it was built with titanium, it was hard to prevent it to be squashed into a ball by the immense water pressure by operating for an extended period in the deep ocean . And that bowl-shaped mining device, it didn't look like it was designed to withstand pressure at all .

And the long graphene track…

With the current material, technology level, it was impossible to make this mining equipment a reality .

 Yang Yaun's finger moved furiously and slid down the document . The operation of the employees on the platform was outlined in detail in the document .

When he saw the last line, he stopped .

<The document is an internal document of Future Group, copying is strictly prohibited . Excluding the employee instructions, all visualization of the equipment and other sensitive parts must be deleted in 24 hours . >

Yang Yuan suddenly realized that the mining equipment was the work of Future Group .

"How many more secrets does this guy hold?' Yang Yuan shook his head .

After hesitating for a moment, Yang Yuan deleted the document as required based on the warning on the last line .

He got up and headed for the door .

After hesitating for a moment, Yang Yuan deleted the document as required based on the warning on the last line .

He got up and headed for the door .

"Yuan, are you leaving?" Su Fei, who was in the kitchen preparing dinner, spoke out .

"Mhmm, its work related . " Yang Yuan hastily put on his shoes and headed out .

Although he could arrange employees through the phone, he couldn't wait to personally see the mining equipment . It was unbelievable . Without seeing it with his very own eyes, he wouldn't be able to sleep .

Su Fei looked at her boyfriend rushing out the door as well as the shoes messily scattered on the ground, she let out a sigh and put the bowl she was working with on the kitchen counter .

Although she was first excited when she arrived, there was a mansion, a beach, endless amount of champagne and seafood . But after a while, she thought the life far away from the noise of the city was different than the life she envisioned .

She washed her hand and went to the bedroom on the second floor to scroll through her Weibo .

Only when she saw her friends in the country's envious replies could she satisfy her vanity a bit .

But just as she was scrolling through Weibo, she noticed an unread private message .

"Who is it?"

She murmured to herself and opened the text bubble .

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