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Chapter 463: Her body is more honest than her words

After sending the email to Yang Yuan, Jiang Chen left Coconut Island on a boat .

As to the Droplet, he left it on the island . With the Hummingbird drones guarding the place, he was confident about the security of the place . Even if an elite special force landed on the island, the hundred something drones would easily wipe them out .

Without the support of the EMP weapons, the small and agile drones are the nightmare of any creature .

When Jiang Chen arrived on Coro Island, it was getting dark . He touched his empty stomach while thinking about the empty mansion as a wry smile appeared on his face .

He missed Ayesha's cooking .

It was late . Even if he returned to the apocalypse now, Sun Jiao and the rest must be done with dinner too .

"Whatever, I will just grab something to eat . "

Since he drove to the city center area, a few restaurants were around him . He parked the car and found a Chinese restaurant .

He ordered a few dishes before he began to play with his phone out of boredom . The phone he just bought had nothing inside . After using the restaurant's Wi-Fi to download Future 1 . 0, he scanned his iris with the camera and logged into his account .

Just as Jiang Chen was syncing the contacts on Future 1 . 0 to his new phone, he suddenly noticed a name .

With a smile on his face, seeing there was still sometime before the dishes arrived, he pressed on the name and called .

"Hello? You finally remember me?" The phone went through, and it was Liu Yao's voice, full of resentment .

"Haha, I've been busy, do you miss me?" Jiang Chen laughed .

"I miss you so much . " Liu Yao pouted .

"Your movie is finished?"

"Finished two months ago, the editing was done last month . It has been sent in for review, and the release schedule has been proposed already . Our director also asked me to see if you could give the movie a headline . " As Liu Yao said this, she couldn't help but smile .

The achievement she has today was all because of the man behind her . Among the cast, even the leading actresses respected her when they spoke without acting superior to her, and even called her sister .

This was something she couldn't even imagine before .

She was an intelligent woman . Although the intelligence was sometimes not used at the right place, she knew that he didn't mind as long as they didn't make principle mistakes . And because of this, even if she received her position today, she didn't feel any arrogance . She knew that the people that looked at her in awe were not actually looking at her, but the man behind her .

Even if a lot of actors wanted to pursue her to use the paparazzi to increase their publicity, she rejected without hesitation . A lot of actresses without much fame did everything to get close to her to connect with Jiang Chen, and she smartly deflected all the requests .

She was already holding onto a firm leg . She didn't need to mind what other people thought, she just needed to hold onto the leg tighter .  

"Headline? No problem . "

It was easy for him since he was the biggest investor in the film .

"Love you, mua . "

Jiang Chen's mood felt more cheerful listening to her coyness .

Not only did she have big breasts, Liu Yao's voice and vibe all cast liveliness . She was already 24, but whenever he saw her, she gave Jiang Chen the feeling that she was only 17 .

"Are you free?" Jiang Chen asked nonchalantly .

"Yes, do you want to take me out traveling?" Holding onto the phone, Liu Yao said in excitement .

"I'm inviting you to visit my island . " Jiang Chen said with a smirk .

Liu Yao seemed to have heard the smirk in Jiang Chen's voice as her face turned red, "Pervert . "

But rather than rejecting, she sounded excited .

Since the experience Jiang Chen brought her was always so addicting .

"Do you need me to book a flight for you?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"No need, I already got paid! Eight million! I will treat you to a nice dinner . "

"I gave it to you . " Jiang Chen rolled his eyes .

Eight million was enough for a superstar . The top actress in Hua was paid eight million per film; her pay was the top ten . Normally speaking, the supporting actresses' pay never exceeded the leading actresses' pay .

But Liu Yao was an exception, the investors paid her directly .

"Don't say it like that . It is my first time receiving so much . " Liu Yao pouted coyly .

"Ok, ok, ok, up to you," Jiang Chen smiled, "Also, do you have a digital version of the film?"

"Digital version? Yes, but why do you need that?' Liu Yao was puzzled .

"Get me a copy of it for collection purposes . "

Collection? Liu Yao skeptically tilted her head .

There was no way the director would agree to make a digital copy of the film before the film was released . But since Jiang Chen was the only investor in the film and spent one hundred million and the director was not particularly famous, the director would not reject his request .

"Okay . But you can't upload it online . If it is leaked, it will impact the box office," Liu Yao pleaded in a small voice .

"Don't worry, I spent my money on it, why would I let other people watch for free . " Jiang Chen mocked .

Liu Yao was more assured as she began to giggle .

"Mhmm! You're the best! Also, could you tell me what you're going to do with the digital version?"

Jiang Chen smiled with mysteriousness .

"Of course I'll watch it with you . "

"Watch it with me?" Although she was delighted that Jiang Chen wanted to watch her film, Liu Yao still tilted her head feeling puzzled, "Didn't we say we are going to watch it in theaters? The experience of the digital version is not as good as the actual theatre right?"

"Don't worry, I have a home theatre in my mansion, six million AUD . The experience is no less than a movie theatre . " Jiang Chen smirked .

Jiang Chen's smirk made Liu Yao slightly "unsettled" as she frowned  .

"Watch it in a home theatre… I think you are planning something naughty . "

"Could you not guess it?" Jiang Chen pretended to be shocked .

"I can't guess it . " Liu Yao shook her head .

"Then let me give you a hint . When the movie is playing, you sit on me . " Jiang Chen laughed mischievously .

With his teasing tone, Liu Yao's face instantly turned red and immediately understood what this pervert was thinking .

"You're so perverted!"

"Eh? Why do I sense you sound excited?" Jiang Chen didn't mind the waiter bringing the dishes look at him strangely .

"Leave me alone . I'm going to book now . "

Liu Yao hung up .

[Book now? Her body is more honest than her words . ]

Jiang Chen put down his phone in a pleasant mood and began to enjoy the dinner in front of him .