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Chapter 465

Back into the mansion, it was too lonely to sleep himself . So after rolling in bed for a bit, Jiang Chen headed to the apocalypse and quietly sneaked into Sun Jiao's bedroom .

When he took off the blanket, he was shocked to discover two people in bed .

"Haha, is brother-in-law disappointed?" Sun Xiaorou covered herself with the blanket and pulled it up by her chin while giggling .

Sun Jiao blushed and rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen .

"Fool, I thought you went back to that side to sleep . "

Sun Jiao was used to Jiang Chen traveling between the apocalypse and the modern world . The mutants flood was just over as she initially thought Jiang Chen would stay for a bit of time on that side, but he left in the morning before returning at night .

Jiang Chen looked at the giggling Sun Xiaorou . The reaction in his head was as follows .

[Two people?]

[Then two people it is!]

Following two light shouts, Jiang Chen leaped onto the bed with a smirk .

The next day at noon, Jiang Chen had lunch with the girls and got the phone from Yao Yao .

Just by the looks of it, other than the phone being a bit thinner, it didn't look too different from a normal smartphone . However, the functionality was much stronger than normal smartphones . Most of the parts inside used graphene materials and completely replaced the silicone chips .

Also, the camera on the front was installed with hologram components . Also, the phone could be installed with the drone control program and used as the remote for drones . The latter functionality was similar to an EP, but Jiang Chen loved the first function .

To be able to project the operating system out in the form of a hologram, he would be the only who could do it in the world .

He then changed the sim card and headed to his office .

For example, even though the city center was showered by the rain of destruction, the life signal in the area didn't completely disappear . The mutants flood did stop, but zombie reproduction continued . A lot of mutant's nests weren't destroyed either . But since the drones could enter into the area, they brought back the details of the city center to the base .

A lot of mutant nests were not located on the surface, but rather in the underground sewer system, metro stations, or the basement of buildings . The mutants on the surface indeed all died, but the mutants under the surface didn't completely die off . Even if all the oxygen were burned off, a lot of mutants were resilient even in an oxygen-free environment with only a portion of the mutants dying off due to asphyxiation while the rest survived .

To remove the remaining threats, the plan of attack on the city center was in the process . The First Corp was responsible as the primary attack force, with the support of the armored force, they will conduct surgery to the infection source in the city center .

At the same time, Jiang Lin's improved rocket already achieved great results . The material didn't require fuel but was refined through Carm tree sap and other mutated plants . The new fuel's unit volume of combustion rate was two times the amount of solid-fuel and three times the fuel used in BM-21 . At the same time, the component of the rocket became two times heavier than the BM-21, and the original launcher was replaced with the more powerful rocket booster .

The "primal weapon" replicated by future technology had no similarities other than the appearance .

The single launch cost was 1000 crystals, equivalent to 20 rifles sold at the Sixth Street Gun Store . While it was a bit pricey, the power was immense .

The weapon was named "Fireball-1" by Jiang Lin . Although the name sounded magical, it was surprisingly fitting . Any mutants splattered by the fuel would turn into a fireball .

When 1000 rounds of "Fireball-1" were produced, they could start the military operation on the city center . Jiang Chen ordered to stop the production of the Scream mortar shell and used the remaining production capability on the "Fireball-1" .

Although the cost of 1000 crystals certainly pained him, he knew it was well worth the price . With one fireball, it could at least decrease one casualty . To Jiang Chen, who didn't lack food, people were the most valuable resource on the wasteland .

Everything at the base was functioning smoothly . Since there was nothing to do, Jiang Chen returned to the modern world .

Since the problem in the apocalypse was solved, he needed to get the virtual reality helmet production online as soon as possible . There were only four months left before the start of next year . Once the virtual reality helmet hits the market, Future Technology will face a completely new market .

Even if 10% of the global 3 . 2 billion netizens pay for the virtual reality helmet, it was 300 million units! Even if each helmet only made 500 USD, it was a daunting 150 billion USD .

Of course, he would be grateful if 20 million Phantom could be sold when the helmet is officially released . With the gradual ramp up in production, once the game goes online, Future Technology should be able to sell around 100 million in helmets in the most ideal scenario .

He took a boat to New Moon Island and found Ivan who was training the recruits . He was having a great time on the island as he was growing a belly . But from how tanned he looked, it was almost comparable to Barkary .

When Ivan saw Jiang Chen, Ivan gave him a sharp salute and asked Jiang Chen what the purpose of this visit was .

"Future Mining's platform is in use . I need you to send and station three soldiers on the island . In terms of equipment, bring the "Python" anti-tank rocket and the drone backpack .

The drone backpack was the single-soldier drone carrier . Capable of providing processing support for five Hummingbird drones, ammo supply as well as charging . In the modern world without single-soldier EMP equipment, it was a strong and powerful weapon .

"Yes!" Ivan stood straight and saluted again .

With how serious he looked, Jiang Chen smiled and patted him on the shoulder .

"Make sure you pick people you can trust as Future Group's secret is on the island . There is no dispute area around the platform area and zoned into a military control zone . Any ships approaching can be shot if they ignore the warning .

"Don't worry, with the truth-telling serum, we have already found two traitors in the team . " Ivan laughed cheerfully .

Although his laugh was cheerful, Jiang Chen felt a hint of cruelty in the laugh .

As to the two poor suckers, Jiang Chen was too lazy to ask . He knew Ivan would take care of them .

Zero tolerance to betrayal .

Jiang Chen had emphasized this point since day one .

Because the sea platform was located in the shallow sea, it was extremely stable, and it practically felt like standing on the ground .

Jiang Chen planned to put the production line for the "Phantom" helmet here . In the entire Xin, there was no place safer than New Moon Island . When the platform was completed, Jiang Chen brought the construction map and opened bidding to the international construction companies to construct three plants here listed on each of the three corners on the sea platform . Factories would be connected by enclosed streamlines .

Plant A would be responsible for the basic production of the helmet, Plant B would be responsible for manufacturing the graphene chip and the nerve connection module, and team C would be responsible for putting everything together and installing the security function on the enclosed helmet with the finished product was exported out of plant C .

The entire production facility was highly automated . Only 30 workers were necessary to complete the operation of the production line . The workers only needed to transport the ores to the targeted location, stand on the fixed production line, and follow the manual to control the equipment . As to the principles, they didn't need to know, and Jiang Chen wasn't planning on telling them .

All products that met the quality standard would be passed on with products fallen below the standard sent back to ensure quality was met . Production would increase once the workers familiarized themselves with the production procedures .

All the workers must pass a security screening when they enter and their phones locked away during shifts . The procedure was stricter than college entrance exams to prevent the technology from being leaked .

With Future Group's technology, even a pin-sized needle would be scanned out . Any worker attempting to bring in spy devices would be prosecuted based on Xin Business Secret Act and fired from Future Group .

If the production facility experienced technical difficulties, the entire production line would immediately halt, and the triangular floating island would be temporarily shut down . The production would only be restarted when Jiang Chen arrived to solve the problem .

But the facility had high stability . Without deliberate human damage, the facility could run several years without error .

Currently, Jiang Chen instructed the scientists in Fallout Shelter 027 to improve this production line and the possibility of drones replacing workers to conduct the production . It was best to decrease the number of people directly involved with the production while increasing production volume .  

The exterior of the helmet was primarily made out of industrial plastic, and lead insulation and modern world technology could easily produce this . Therefore, the work without any technical innovation could be contracted to companies with interest .

With the current production facility, half a million helmets could be produced monthly . Followed by the wasteland's continuous improvement and building of the production line, the helmet could reach five million per month by year-end .

After sending the soldiers on the platform back to the island, Jiang Chen went into a plant and returned to the apocalypse and moved the two finished production lines over . He installed and placed the two production lines based on the blueprint provided .

After everything, Jiang Chen dusted off the sand on his hands and looked pleasingly at the equipment in the three plants .

Once the two production lines come into production, the entire world will be crazy over Future Technology .

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