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Chapter 467

Because Wei Wendong was close to the door, he noticed that behind the employee was security in "plastic armor . "

He had been skeptical of the futuristic-looking "plastic" armor that could defend against bullets . The fluid-looking rifles in their hands were more like props from a sci-fi movie .

But if Wei Wendong knew the plastic armor could defend against the firing of a 12 . 7 mm caliber machine gun or the toy could easily flip over a 3-ton military Hummer or that the prop gun could penetrate through the bulletproof exterior of a Hummer, what kind of expression would he have on his face?

The kinetic skeleton had remained a concept only in labs . In this aspect, Celestial Trade was leading the world .

A faint explosion transmitted from outside .

But due to the excellent insulation of the hall, only Wei Wendong, close to the door, felt a minor shake . The explosion made him uneasy, but just as he was planning to ask the employee, the lights in the hall came back again .

"What just happened? Fu*k, I was killing a boss but suddenly disconnected . "

"Q . Q, I just got a legendary weapon but hadn't picked it up . "

"Did the power just go out?"

Wei Wendong listened to the chit-chat of the surrounding players . He hesitated for a moment before he swallowed his question down . The explosion outside and the barely audible gunshots made him feel the situation wasn't as simple as a power outage .

"We apologize as the hotel's power system experienced a temporary outage . Our technical experts have resolved the situation, please return to the game . The game data has been reset to before the outage and will be unpaused in two minutes . "

[Pausing the server is only something that can be done during internal testing . ] With a mind full of questions, Wei Wendong put on the helmet and logged into the game .

Jiang Chen had spent an entire day working on the contract for the production of helmets . When he returned home, he fell asleep right away .

But two hours into his sleep, a call from the internal testing center woke him up .

"An attack?" Jiang Chen listened to the description over the phone as his eyebrows furrowed together .

"That's right . There were five attackers in total . One cut off the power supply in the hotel remotely while the other four with light weapons attempted to enter the hotel, but the drones detected them . Our people immediately suppressed them with bullets . When they were retreating, they used grenades and struck the wall of the hotel, but fortunately, there were no casualties," the security manager responsible for the internal testing center reported .

"Where are they?" Jiang Chen asked in a serious undertone .

As long as there was one person alive, the truth-telling liquid could uncover the truth .

"Three people were shot dead during their escape . One person died due to a vehicle collision and the other person committed suicide . "


Jiang Chen's eyebrows tightened .

"Did you confirm their identities?"

"Other than the fact that three of them were white and two were black, we weren't able to obtain any more information," Ma Li answered .

The organization that sent out that force was a formidable opponent as they sent out agents who would rather commit suicide than reveal their identity .

"Were there any witnesses?"

"All information leaks have been controlled . "

"Great, continue to monitor the information leaks and don't let the media know . Take care of the situation . "

If the media exposed a shooting at the door of Future Technology's Internal Testing Center, Xin's tourism rating and Future Technology's public image would be impacted . If possible, it was better to keep the media ignorant of the incident .

"Understood," Ma Li answered affirmatively .

Jiang Chen thought for a while after he hung up the phone to think about who could've launched the attack . But when he carefully went through a list of potential organizations, he realized there were too many suspicious people . Future Technology's virtual reality touched too many people's slice of the pie . It was fortunate that the testing was being done on his territory and Celestial could punish any rats with iron fists .

He had to wait for Ayesha to finish training the agents .

Jiang Chen shook his head .

There was no signal on that island, so there was no way of contacting Ayesha even if he wanted to . If he made a trip… he feared it would interrupt her teaching .

Jiang Chen flung his phone to the side, yawned, and laid down again .

Regardless, he was tired today . He still had to head to the airport tomorrow, so it would be an early morning start for him .

Inside the airport, a splendid figure in a summer outfit strolled around . Her black circular shades were matched with a straw hat; her graceful hand pulled a lemon-yellow suitcase along . Her appearance looked exactly like a celebrity traveling in secret, catching the attention of all the tourists .

But the beauty was clearly used to their envious looks, so she didn't react at all as she headed straight to the door .


Liu Yao's eyes lit up when she saw Jiang Chen leaning against the door . She waved energetically .

With Liu Yao's lively appearance, Jiang Chen smiled and greeted her as well . But just as he was about to speak, an unstoppable yawn came out .

Liu Yao rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen and dragged her suitcase in front of him .

"What? Did you not miss me?"

"How could I not? It's just that something happened last night," Jiang Chen said with his mouth wide open while taking Liu Yao's luggage . He walked in front of the car to stuff the luggage in .

Something did happen last night, but Liu Yao clearly mistook it for something else . She rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen again but it didn't take long before her attention shifted to Jiang Chen's car .

"Wow, is this a Lamborghini? The trunk is in the front . " Liu Yao touched the car out of excitement .

"Do you like it? I'll gift you one then?" Jiang Chen opened the door .

Even Natasha had scoffed at the lack of defense on his ride . Out of safety considerations, it was time to switch to a safer vehicle .

For example, he should build the cast with C-type steel, use tempered glass for the car windows, use nuclear fusion batteries as the engine for the car, and install two rockets .

When Liu Yao entered the car, she immediately took off her shades and tossed her hat to the back .

"Why do I feel like you're really excited?"

"I just really missed you . " Liu Yao stared at Jiang Chen with her watery eyes .


"Of course!" Liu Yao lifted her graceful legs . Her movements showed her charm .

"I think you got prettier . " Jiang Chen examined Liu Yao while rubbing his chin .

"Where?" Liu Yao asked with enthusiasm .

Jiang Chen pretended to be deep in thought . Faced with Liu Yao's hopeful glance, he finally gave a response:

"Your boobs got bigger . "

Liu Yao's face was decorated with a blush as she pouted .

"Screw you . "

"Then where should I compliment you?" Jiang Chen started the car while he spoke with a smirk .

"Obviously other parts . Like my face, my eyes . "

"Then your face got bigger . "

"What? Did it get bigger?" Liu Yao scrambled through her purse to find a mirror and examined her face . "It didn't get bigger . . . "

But soon after, she saw the smirk on Jiang Chen's face and she replied to him with a hard stare:

"Hmph, you dared to trick me . "

With a grin on his face, Liu Yao felt she shouldn't let this go so easily, but she couldn't think of a way to punish him .

Her eyes rolled around and suddenly a bright smile formed on her face .

"Pay attention when you're driving . "

"Of course, you don't have to worry about my driving . "

"Oh, is that so? Then you better drive slowly . . . " Liu Yao smiled mysteriously then reached out her left hand nonchalantly .

"Xin's road conditions aren't bad; there aren't many cars on the road-"

The cold sensation made Jiang Chen's scalp tingle .

"What're you doing . . . " Jiang Chen frantically tried to stabilize the steering wheel then glanced at the mischevious Liu Yao .

"I'm testing your driving skills . "

Liu Yao turned the bottle of water and grinned .

Liu Yao studied Jiang Chen's expression and she felt confident . Regardless of what happened last night, he still had feelings for her . As his mistress, only this feeling gave her a sense of security .

If Jiang Chen knew what she was thinking, he would have a peculiar expression on his face . Something did happen last night, but it was completely contrary to what Liu Yao thought .

Something similar happened before . When they came out of Wanghai University, a similar scene happened in the car . But the only difference was that the Maybach had tinted glass . The inside of this Lamborgini could still be seen from the outside .

If Jiang Chen parked on the road, everyone would see what was happening in the car . But the car was moving .

"Can't you wait until we watch the movie?" Jiang Chen was consumed by the gentle coldness while he squeezed a few words from this teeth . He tried his best to maneuver the vehicle .

It was very distracting to have people drinking water on the side .

"No, I'm thirty . " Liu Yao pouted .

The "displeased" Jiang Chen made Liu Yao even more naughty .

Her mischevious eyes rolled around and she opened the bottle cap . Her bright red lips moved closer and began to slurp on the water .