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Chapter 468

Jiang Chen drove Liu Yao back home and they watched a movie she starred in at her home theater .

Needless to say, it was fun hugging the actual movie star from the film . But because Liu Yao distracted him from viewing the movie, Jiang Chen didn't absorb any of the film's plot .

But even then, just from the few scenes she acted in, her performance as "the prom queen who could only be viewed from a distance" was exquisite . This was especially obvious when she rejected the supporting actor's confession and the leading actor accompanied the supporting actor to watch Liu Yao's plane fly into the distance - Liu Yao displayed her "goddess" ambiance and even surpassed the leading actress on this aspect .

Although it had a typical romance plot, teenage girls loved to watch it and their boyfriends loved to watch it with them . The plot wasn't important necessarily as long as the BGM 1 and scenes were emotional enough . With the weight of a favorable review from "senior film critique," Jiang Chen, once the film hit the theatres, Liu Yao would become the goddess in everyone's heart, the prom queen only viewable from a distance…

But what they wouldn't know was that the prom queen was currently sitting on Jiang Chen's lap .

"Okay, that should be all your scenes . Aren't you going to come down?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"No, the film isn't over yet . " Her hair was slightly messy, but Liu Yao pouted defiantly, shook her waist, and swatted away Jiang Chen's hand .

"Okay, as long as you can take it . "

Liu Yao stuck out her tongue and thought about it for a bit before coming down .

"The gorgeous exit scene I heard was added when the director asked the screenwriter to change the script . "

"Oh? Is that so? I feel it was a great addition . Mhmm, bring me a bottle of champagne . " Jiang Chen smiled nonchalantly .

Typically speaking, to prevent the supporting cast from taking over, the director would usually decrease the number of scenes the supporting cast appeared in . Although Jiang Chen wasn't well-versed in the art of movies, who cared? He was rich .

"Thank you," Liu Yao whispered as she stood in front of Jiang Chen and tidied up her messy clothes .

"No need . " Jiang Chen smirked, closed his eyes playfully, and opened his mouth: "I'm thirsty, give me water . "

Liu Yao seductively rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen . She turned around and headed to the kitchen with elegant steps .

Liu Yao was the type of girl who knew her position and what other people needed . Because of this, it was relaxing and joyful spending time with her .

In the next three days, Jiang Chen had the rare opportunity to enjoy the lavish life of a billionaire . He either brought Liu Yao to "contribute to the local tourism industry" on Coro Island or spent time with her on his private island .

When he thought about it, he hadn't had the time to relax for the past while . He was either working on Future Group's business in Xin or he was working on the "territorial dispute" in the apocalypse . While he made a decent amount of money, only a small percentage was used for leisure .

"This is such a waste . " Jiang Chen laid on the lounge chair while sluggishly bathing in a ray of sunshine .

"A waste?" Liu Yao laid beside Jiang Chen while uploading pictures of the southern kingdom .

"It's nothing . I just think it's so beautiful here, yet I only spend a handful of time enjoying this . "

"Could I interpret that to mean you're showing off right now?" Liu Yao pouted while looking at Jiang Chen, speechless . She then continued to play with her phone and upload pictures onto her Weibo .

Just then, she posted a photo of their private beach . A lot of "good friends" commented and called her "sister," hoping she could bring them along next time she traveled .

Liu Yao's vanity was satisfied when she scrolled through the comments . A bright smile appeared on her face . She typed away with delight and replied, saying she would bring some specialties back and treat them to a nice dinner with her pay .

As for bringing them there…

She'd pass . She didn't want to increase her competition .

While Liu Yao was waving her legs in joy, Jiang Chen couldn't help but smile .

Without needing to look, he knew what she was doing .

A woman's vanity wouldn't make a man jealous, because vanity could also bring satisfaction to men . A lot of the time, men just hated women who used their vanity to kidnap him, challenge his limits, and cause unnecessary problems .

But Liu Yao seemed to know this point well - while she did brag about her man's power, she never used Jiang Chen's name for anything unreasonable . And she didn't use her relationship with the biggest investor in the film industry to mistreat the other cast members .

Jiang Chen often thought she was the perfect mistress .

"Oh, am I in the picture?" he asked casually .

"Hmm? No . " Liu Yao tilted her head but suddenly remembered something as she whispered, "Of course, if you want to make our thing public, I won't mind . "

"No . " Jiang Chen shook his head .

[This girl's thought process is completely different from mine . To be honest, I don't care about scandals or rumors; the reason I asked was because…]

"It's for your safety . "

"Safety?" Liu Yao had a slight look of fear . "Did you get into trouble with gangs?"

Jiang Chen burst out laughing and spat out the orange juice he just gulped down . [Gangs? Am I this low?]

Liu Yao looked at Jiang Chen, still confused, as she didn't know why he was laughing .

"Are you scared?" Jiang Chen didn't address her confusion .

If she was afraid, he would draw a line in their relationship and force her to stay away from that world .

Liu Yao took a moment to process things before she shook her head rapidly .

"I'm not afraid . "


"Don't act like this . What did I do to make you dislike me?" Liu Yao got up from lying on the ground with sadness on her face before she moved next to Jiang Chen . She rested her face on his arm and looked at him, feeling mistreated .

Jiang Chen's question gave her an ominous feeling .

Jiang Chen laughed and tousled her hair .

"You're absolutely safe in Hua and Xin . But if you make some people believe you're close to me and that you mean something to me, some people may attempt to kidnap you and use you to threaten me in exchange for a ransom . "

Although it was the most comical thing to kidnap the women of rich men, a lot of wealthy men wanted to get rid of their old wives and mistresses who no longer interested them . Compared to kidnapping, it was better to seduce… but Jiang Chen considered himself someone who cared about the people around him, so he had to consider this possibility .

[Then would you come and save me?]

Liu Yao subconsciously wanted to ask, but she swallowed the question down in the end .

[I'm only his mistress…] 

She regretted that she hadn't given her first time to him more than once . [If we met earlier… if…]

Her tears rolled down and hid in the sand . Perhaps the sorrow of being an actress was that even if she felt emotional, her tears would be considered acting by others .

[I'm your regret . ]

[But you're my regret as well…]

Liu Yao felt melancholic .

But Jiang Chen seemed to have read her mind . "I'll save you . "

Liu Yao's eyes widened in disbelief; her teary look was beautiful .

Her shaking lips seemed to be asking: "But why?"

"But… the only thing I can do in the end is to avenge you . " Jiang Chen sighed .

Even though Liu Yao was just his mistress, if the people who bothered him killed her, he would do anything to find them and press the nuclear button without hesitation because he cared .

The reason why he tolerated spy activity was because they hadn't reached his bottom line .

"That's enough," Liu Yao whispered as she dried her tears on Jiang Chen's arm .

"Why's that enough? Can't you protect yourself?" Jiang Chen asked wryly .

"Because I still mean something to you . Can't I be proud of that?" She rested on Jiang Chen's arm .

They weren't worried about the same thing . He was concerned about safety, but now the topic had shifted to personal importance .

[It might not be a great thing to be important to me…]

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and gazed at the horizon in the distance .

"You know what's the best way to protect the people important to you?"

"What's that?" Considering the sternness on Jiang Chen's face, Liu Yao asked genuinely .

"Have enough important people in your life so people won't know who's more important," Jiang Chen said with a smirk .

Liu Yao first paused before she pouted speechlessly .

"You know . . . "

"What?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, no longer serious .

"You completely ruined the atmosphere just now!" Liu Yao made a funny face at him with her eyes rolled and tongue stuck out . She sat back down and completely ignored him .

Jiang Chen smiled and didn't respond .

It was just a joke .


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