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Chapter 469

"Recently, the MLF active in Country F's territory launched a large-scale military attack named 'Autumn Assault' on the Dawo Port . Currently, over 70% of the area in Dawo is under the control of anti-government forces . The new leader of MLF called all faithful believers and Moro nationalists to join the organization, to resist Country F government's invasion and suppression, to restore the sovereignty of Moro and return MLL Island to the Moros . "

"The UA spokesperson criticized Santos' speech, calling its actions unconstitutional . Seeking independence should not threaten the life and property of normal citizens . And they expressed that they will refuse to recognize a country formed through violent means . The Rainbow House is currently discussing the possibility of sending out ground forces…"

"The Russian president stated that the comments should take into consideration the current situation in Syria . It isn't only Country F's anti-government forces using violent means…"

"Due to the conflict in Country F, support for Sandy has slid down by 7 points . The UA media questioned its campaign objective to return to the Asia Pacific, stating that it could not improve the current situation without making the situation spin out of control . The Capital didn't comment further and only expressed that they would provide assistance to their allies when the time was deemed appropriate . But analysis stated that the possibility of sending ground forces to intervene with the Country F situation is unlikely . With the upcoming election, due to the influence of anti-war sentiment in the country, the Republicans don't want to further add variables to the election…"

[Santos actually did something, then . ]

Watching the news on TV, a smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face .

Just then, a soft sensation came from behind his head .

"Are you watching the news?" Liu Yao hugged Jiang Chen from behind .

"Mhmm, just taking a look . " Jiang Chen shut off the TV .

"Country F is so close to Xin - would it affect us here?" She rested her chin on Jiang Chen's head as she asked with concern .

"Are you worried about me?" Jiang Chen lifted Liu Yao's head and rubbed her hair .

"Why else then?"

Liu Yao rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen and lowered her body to nibble on his ear . She then moved up and said, "Breakfast is ready, let's eat . "

Jiang Chen smiled, got up from the sofa, and headed to the table with Liu Yao .

The past seven days, he lived a shameless life with Liu Yao . Jiang Chen previously thought she was the trophy type of woman who didn't do any housework or cooking, but the reality soon proved that he was wrong . After living alone for so long, Liu Yao learned how to take care of herself .

For the past few days, Jiang Chen's life had been taken care of by the celebrity . Because of this, the mansion, previously filled with dust, became bright again .

Other than enjoying life, Jiang Chen kept himself busy . The production arrangements for "Phantom" and the new nutrient supply production line were all tasks that couldn't be delegated to anyone - he had to do it all himself .

Also, three completed Dolphin-10s were deployed by Droplet, 200 nautical miles away from Coro Island in the Pacific region . With the protection of nuclear weapons, Xin no longer needed to be afraid of the threat of any external forces . As to when their nuclear weapons would be made public, the date hadn't been set .

During the night, Jiang Chen immersed himself completely in Liu Yao's softness .

With the blink of an eye, it was already early September .

Although he wanted to continue to live the comfortable life, since the "Wanghai City Center Attack Plan" was approaching its scheduled date, he had to wrap up everything in the modern world before mid-September .

Outside the airport, Liu Yao released the suitcase she was dragging . She hooked her arms around Jiang Chen's neck longingly and kissed him .

"I'm going to go . Take care of yourself . "

"When's your next film going to show up? Is there a plan?" Jiang Chen gently patted her back and smiled .

"The movie isn't currently in theatres yet . I'll have to wait for the box office at the year's end . Remember to watch it with me one more time in a movie theatre . "

"Aren't you embarrassed?" Jiang Chen smirked .


Her boarding announcement echoed throughout the terminal . Although Liu Yao wanted to stay longer, time didn't permit .

She went up on her tiptoes and left another kiss on Jiang Chen's face . Then she dragged her luggage along and rushed to the gate .

When Jiang Chen left the airport, he didn't get in the car immediately . Instead, he leaned against it and watched the sky above the airport .

Her plane departed and disappeared into the clouds .

He reminisced the past seven days of joy before he started to chuckle and got into the car . He put on his Bluetooth and went on his way .

Jiang Chen dialed Xia Shiyu's office .

"Hello?" It was a cold but familiar voice .

"There are 600,000 units of 'Phantom' helmet ready . How are preparations on your side?"

"Only 600,000? That's too little . " Xia Shiyu leaned on the office chair, scanned the document on her laptop and spoke with an eyebrow raised .

"Don't worry, by the year's end, you'll see 20,000,000 virtual reality helmets . " Jiang Chen began to laugh .

Production must be increased gradually . Just yesterday, Fishbone base produced two more production equipment . When the equipment was installed at the plant, the output of "Phantom" could reach 1,100,000 per month .

As long as they increased the production capacity to 10,000,000 before January, with the Sixth Street part of the order, it wouldn't be unrealistic to achieve the 20,000,000 target .

"Currently, we contacted 70,000 net cafes domestically and 310,000 net cafes internationally to launch the virtual reality experience project . We need 1,440,000 helmets for this . "

Marketing was only one aspect of the project, but for word of this project to spread, advertisements alone weren't enough . Using internet cafes as a physical channel to market the product was an excellent choice . With expensive products, consumers often held a cautious attitude, but Jiang Chen was confident that when players experienced the magic of "Phantom," no one would want to put it down .

"What're the specifics of the plan?" Jiang Chen asked curiously .

"We'll provide the product and they'll provide the channel . The current pricing for experimenting with the product is set at 1 USD per hour with an equal split of profits . I've laid out the details of the plan . But the key is: do you really have 1,440,000 helmets?" Xia Shiyu pushed up her glasses and asked concisely .

"When do you need them?"

"As soon as possible . In the initial stage, we can work with bigger net cafe chains before expanding to the smaller cities . We only need 100,000 in the first phase, but it's still better for us to have 1,440,000 ready by the end of October . "

"Don't worry, it'll be done by early October . On your side, you can start to arrange the logistics . " Jiang Chen smiled .

"I already made an agreement with Norway-based MSG Group . They have an excellent reputation, have high efficiency and are considered a top-five global logistics company . I signed a three-year agreement with them . They promised to bill us at 90% of the market price . " Xia Shiyu spoke nonchalantly with subtle pride .

When Jiang Chen heard this, he was amazed at Xia Shiyu's abilities . Anything that could've come to mind was already arranged by her .

"Haha, I can't believe you took care of everything . Then, for everything aside from production, I'll have to count on you . "

"You've always counted on me," Xia Shiyu said, speechless .

Jiang Chen only grinned at Xia Shiyu's scoff .

"How's it been?"

"Mhmm… not bad . " Xia Shiyu felt touched when Jiang Chen began to ask about her; she answered with a finger twirling her hair .

The female assistant at the side looked at her CEO's expression in shock .

She had been working for her for a long time, yet it was the first time she saw such a womanly expression on the normally-emotionless CEO .