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Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The Unexpected

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“Jiang Chen, get out . IS’ patrol squad already noticed the disturbances on this side, and they are sending backup . ” Nick’s voice transmitted from the communication device .


“Understood . ” Nick waved at Robert and shouted, “Quick! Start running . ”


Before he finished his sentence, Jiang Chen dashed out of the building and fired into the sky . The gunshot dispersed all the confused civilians . At the same time, he called Robert and headed directly into the alley .


“Dam*it! There are heavy machine guns . ” Nick cursed as he quickly began to move . His position was already exposed when they cross fired .


The Toyota pickup truck carrying heavy machine guns drove through the streets and headed for the building where the hostage was held . The soldier on the pickup truck called the other soldiers while forcefully opening the switch, preparing to shoot .




The bullets fired like rain drops, quickly suppressing Nick’s position which forced him to get on the floor and crawl to the stairs . He then jumped up and fled downstairs .


The IS soldiers were not to be taken lightly as the ten person patrol team carried their assault rifles and moved towards Nick’s location with the intention of surrounding him . However, as a seasoned veteran, he stepped back and shot with his M27 while moving back to the car .


On the other side, Jiang Chen used his EP to control the drone and avoided the chasing IS soldiers as they passed through the crossfire zone harm free .


“Quick! Get in the car! You drive!” Jiang Chen opened the door and pushed Robert in . He then flew the drone in Nick’s direction .


“I have been surrounded, you guys leave first . ” Nick gritted his teeth and glanced at the wound on his left shoulder . He fired a few rounds with one hand and then ran into another alley .


Although he remembered the layout of this place, his knowledge was nowhere comparable to the IS soldiers that regularly patrolled this area . Nick already accepted his fate, or else he should have already died in that small town in Ukraine .


He would have repaid the favor .


A grimace smile appeared on Nick’s face as he slammed against the dug-outs beside the road .


He decided not to run anymore . He wanted to teach these bloodthirsty hounds who was the real warrior!


“Six o’clock direction, go through that alley, quick!”


The voice from his headphone made him pause for a brief second before he clenched his teeth and followed Jiang Chen’s direction into the alley . Almost at the same time, he caught, with the corner of his eyes, a Toyota pickup truck that just ran across where he was .


A drop of cold sweat rolled down his face as he immediately followed Jiang Chen’s instruction and moved .


“There is a fruit store, go in it, there’s a back door in the room . ” Under the guidance of the drone, all of the IS’s movements were exposed .


Although it was the complete opposite direction as the car, Nick chose to trust Jiang Chen’s instruction . He kicked open the wooden door as he disregarded the screaming woman, the frightened man as well as the innocent children . He threateningly held his gun up and then with quick strides he aimed at the back door .




Nick used his right shoulder, slammed open the door and got on another street .


“Cross the street and go into the alley before you make a left turn . ”


The sound of IS soldiers’ footsteps and shouting resonated from afar . Nick resisted the pain in his shoulder and carried his assault rifle across the street .


The footsteps were moving away . It looked like they lost him . Nick let out a sigh of relief before he took out the bandage . He wrapped his wound while running . Under Jiang Chen’s direction, he quickly got back to the car .


“We have to hurry, there are more and more IS soldiers coming in this direction . ” Jiang Chen helped Nick open the back door as he sat in the front passenger seat .


Robert sat behind the wheel as he started the car . Nick ripped off his shirt and changed into a shirt that he previously prepared to cover his wound .


“Where are we going?” Robert drove the car out of the alley and scanned around .


Jiang Chen reached out of the window to retract the palm-sized drone as he stuffed it back into his pocket .


“Head into the desert, all the roads are blocked off . ”


“God… I am still alive, this is unbelievable . ” Robert steered the wheel as he exaggeratedly let out a long sigh .


“We haven’t escaped yet . ” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile . He still did underestimate the ability of the terrorists as they responded with such swiftness . The original plan was to follow the road and head back into Baghdad .


“IS is much stronger compared to other extremists . I thought you had plans,” Nick had hesitated for a moment before he spoke .


Jiang Chen heard the words as he smiled with bitterness .


[I really don’t have a plan, looks like I have been too cocky this time . ]


He was not worried about getting caught by the IS since he could always hide in the apocalypse . However, he couldn’t bring Robert and Nick over .


“…” Robert sensed the awkwardness on Jiang Chen’s face as he laughed . “Don’t worry, we’ll see as we go . They can’t be chasing us forever . ”


He opened the GPS on the car .


“We still have enough fuel . We’ll cross the desert and go from the northern side of the Tharthar Lake to Tikrit . If we are lucky, the government force should be in control of the area . ” A smile full of resignation appeared on Robert’s face, but Jiang Chen couldn’t even smile at all .


In other words, if Tikrit is under the control of IS .


They must take the gamble .


If he knew it was so problematic… It’s fine since he was already here and had the opportunity to test the strength of this equipment . Jiang Chen shook his head as he closed his eyes to rest . Surprisingly, he realized that he no longer felt uncomfortable killing people .


It was hard to say if it was a good thing or not .



Perhaps it was because all the people he killed deserved it . Jiang Chen remembered the atrocious acts conducted by the IS as he tried to justify his actions .


Robert looked rather optimistic as he hymned along with the tune on the car . The guy probably has seen too many deaths to be bothered by it .


Once the explosive song played, the car lifted the dust up on the sandy ground and drove into the endless desert .


Every single piece of sand here was covered by the smell of chaos .



Xia Shiyu sat on the sofa with her head wrapped in a towel . Under the bathrobe, her smooth and silky legs could be faintly seen covered by droplets of water . It was in the midst of summer as the room was air conditioned . She didn’t change into clothes yet as she enjoyed the light breeze .


Although she had a face more attractive than celebrities, even in her free time, it was still expressionless .


She leaned against the sofa as she casually lifted her legs . She turned on the TV with the remote .


“Now we’ll continue with the next piece of news . This morning, IS initiated an attack on Tikrit . The president of Iraq stated that they will do anything to defend Tikrit . ”


Xia Shiyu didn’t really care about international news . Like most of the modern professionals, she was more interested in comedy shows, especially the ones that made people laugh .


Surprising, for someone who didn’t like to smile enjoyed humor .


[There are no news today?]


Xia Shiyu let out a breath for reasons she couldn’t explain .


[No news probably means he is safe . ]


At least the news didn’t say that a Chinese man was abducted and taken hostage . The ministry of foreign affairs strongly advises citizens… and related news .


[Hmm? Why am I worried about him?]


Xia Shiyu was suddenly shocked as she subconsciously touched her lips as confusion flashed across her eyes .


She shook her head and pushed out the always grinning face from her head as she began to change the channel .


[It must be because I have been too tired lately . ]


With the comedians on the screen as well as the waves of laughter from the audience, Xia Shiyu temporarily forgot about what troubled her .


Her breathing returned to normal as her emotion returned to normal .



As the night fell, Jiang Chen leaned against the chair with a cigarette in his mouth .


To prevent being spotted, the headlight must remain off . It would be too dangerous to keep going without any light, so Robert stopped the car .


“If you can’t fall asleep, why don’t you keep an eye out for now?” Robert smiled bitterly as he pressed against the steering wheel . Nick in the back was already snoring up a storm .


“How far away?” Jiang Chen blew a smoke ring out as he sighed .


“Probably two more days . There is enough water and food, you don’t have to be too nervous . ” Robert shrugged .


Jiang Chen rolled his eyes . [Who is saving who?]


“I am doing a lot to get rid of the ten tons of gold . ” Jiang Chen curled his lips .


“Ten tons!?” Robert suddenly stood up, but then a banging sound ensued . He hit his head against the roof, but he resisted the pain as he stared at Jiang Chen, full concentrated .


“… Fu*k, don’t look at me like that . ” Jiang Chen was getting goosebumps as he moved back into contempt .


“Hehe . ” Robert touched his greasy blond hair and moved back . “I know there is a one hundred million USD deal . But why would I do firearms? I’ll just help you sell gold . ”


“Nope, I only stored this much gold over the years . I am starting to transition into other industries as well . ” Jiang Chen let out a sigh .


“Transitioning? Is there something else that’s easier to sell?” Robert couldn’t fall asleep anymore as he also lit a cigarette .


“Technology . "


“Technology? Buffet didn’t even dare to touch that . ” Robert contumaciously sneered, “I tried to open my own firearm company before but gave up soon after . The risk of development is too high, so I only sell the finished product . It is easier to make money this way . ”


“It is also more dangerous . ” Jiang Chen didn’t disagree .


“Of course, but I love the adventure . ” Robert awkwardly laughed as he avoided the topic .


The desert night was quiet and peaceful without a soul to be seen . As they got further away from Hadithah, the occasional explosions started to fade as well . But within the quiet night sky, a short burst of homing noise could be heard once in awhile .


“F-22, it’s probably the Americans doing scouting missions . Maybe we are already on the heat map . ” Robert lifted his head .


“Oh? Would the American soldiers jump out and save you?” Jiang Chen smiled .


“No way . We are only a white dot on the heat map . There are plenty of refugees in the desert . The good thing is that there is no weapon on the back of the car or some bullets may have flown down . ” Robert laughed at the remark .


Jiang Chen gazed at the distant sky . The clouds were thin, and the moon was bright . But even in the moonlight, he couldn’t see anything .


“I don’t understand . I feel the IS soldiers are not that strong . With the airstrikes of so many nations, why would they not eradicate this problem already?” Jiang Chen did not have the slightest positive feeling about this group .


It has nothing to do with politics nor nationality . From a purely human perspective, any group that killed civilians and raped woman are hideous and hated . For whatever reason, it cannot justify the crime against humanity .


He wanted to laugh at the crazy group that said so many laughable claims, but he couldn’t .


“It’s normal . ” Robert shrugged, “IS is not simply just a terrorist group . It’s a frightening army combined with an ambitious government . A lot of them even received higher education and elite training which taught them how to avoid airstrike and scouting . Also, their opponents have their own personal agendas . Take Turkey, for example, their stance on IS was never clear . ”


At that moment, Robert also smiled dubiously .


“Also, if the war ended this quickly, how would we feed ourselves? How would the unemployment rate go down?”


Jiang Chen thought about it as he laughed .


He was right .


Who cared, the Middle East was far from China .


But for some reason, he constantly remembered the world that had fallen apart because of the nuclear war .


The world where even the sun in the middle of a summer day could not cast its ray through the thick radiation cloud . The world where not a single piece of grain grew, and a world where millions of twisted faces instinctively practiced violence .


Jiang Chen suddenly felt a chillness, he tried to wrap himself tighter with his clothes .


The desert night was a bit too chill .

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