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Chapter 472

"The patent office has sent another person here, hoping we can complete the patent registration process to prevent other companies from stealing our intellectual property and future disputes . "

"Tell them that the company will take serious consideration on their recommendation, next . "

"Tencent wants to partner with us on virtual reality . They stated that if we could provide support on neutral connection—"

"Next . "

Currently, Jiang Chen was sitting in front of his desk with both legs on the table while video chatting with Xia Shiyu . Perhaps he was feeling good about himself for he felt just like an emperor at his morning meeting .

"Okay . Although I share the same thought with you, can you still just let me finish reporting?"

Xia Shiyu put down the documents and let out a sigh as Jiang Chen continuously interrupted her .

But from the curvature formed by her lips, her mood was particularly pleasant right now .

As an ambitious woman, Future Technology was just like her kid . She felt no less achieved than Jiang Chen watching it grow into the giant it was today .

Based on the highest valuation from venture capitals, Future Technology's market cap was estimated to be over one hundred billion dollars . Compared to the ten billion last year, it increased ten times . And as the Miss CEO with 1% of the company's shares, her net worth rose exponentially to one billion USD .

Just one year ago, it was something she never dared to imagine .

She still remembered that night . Jiang Chen had inexplicable confidence when he said:

"Currently, the company is still in its planning phase, don't you feel excited? You'll be the new Steve Jobs and I . I will become the new Bill Gates!"

She still vividly remembered how she doubted him .

But now looking back, his confidence was not "without reason" . He did become the Hua Bill Gates, and in Wall Street's view, he even exceeded Bill Gates . Future Technology expanded from a small company in an apartment to a one hundred billion dollar company . It only took him one year .

"Is there something else you need to report?" Jiang Chen leisurely sunk into his chair and asked .

Only 17 days left before internal testing is over and the virtual reality experience store will expand worldwide . In four months time, people will gain an initial understanding of Future Technology . Then they would use the hype to put Phantom online before raking in the cash .  

"Currently, I have released preorders for half a million helmets with a price of 1000 USD . They were all gone in three minutes . Players who didn't manage to purchase a helmet hoped we could release another half a million units . "

Taking out the 500 USD cost, a profit of 250 million in three minutes was extremely exciting .

"Then release another half a million units . " Jiang Chen said in excitement .

"My recommendation is to release half a million units at the beginning of every month," with Jiang Chen's excitement, Xia Shiyu covered her mouth and began to giggle, "releasing high amounts would lower the price of the product in consumer minds . Only a hungry market is an energetic market . "

When Xia Shiyu finished, Jiang Chen blanked out .

"Is there something wrong with what I said?" Seeing Jiang Chen was silent, Xia Shiyu was confused .

Jiang Chen shook his head and laughed without being serious .

"It's nothing, I just feel you like to smile more now compared to before . "

Now it was Xia Shiyu who blanked out .

"Really?" Xia Shiyu touched her own face .

But when she noticed the joking expression on Jiang Chen's face, she blushed and closed the camera .

"Ahem!" She coughed loudly as she sat up straight in front of the computer forcing herself to put on a serious expression, "let's continue with what we just talked about… umm, where was I?"

Although there was no camera, Jiang Chen still imagined how she looked as he couldn't help but smile .

"Preorder . "

"Mhmm! Right, preorder…"

The entire conference was done with a black screen .

Although Jiang Chen requested multiple times to turn on the camera, Xia Shiyu refused with the excuse that it would distract her from work .

[Is this girl being shy?]

Instincts told him that was the likely cause .

He shut the computer, stretched his body, and headed to his bedroom .

It was already mid-September, As the attack on the city center was about to commence, it was time to go back .

When he headed to the warehouse on the south end of Coro Island, Jiang Chen put on the bracelet and was prepared to send the warehouse full of food back to the apocalypse when he discovered that the interdimensional teleportation device no longer functioned .

Although slightly downed by the mishap, the storage dimension still had a size of 300 cubic meters . So after a few trips, he finally emptied the warehouse .

It costed some extra crystals, but he didn't mind .

Like usual, he ordered Wang Qin to arrange for the storage of the food . Jiang Chen then went to Lin Lin's lab to see Lin Lin who was working between vials .

"What are you working on?"

"Fuel . Your Aerospace Technology Research Institute requires fuel with higher combustion time and higher energy and I happen to have some knowledge in this area, so I am helping them out . So, what do you need from me?" Lin Lin swirled a suspicious looking clear liquid in a test tube while she said proudly .

"Your interdimensional mass teleportation device seems to be having problems . " Jiang Chen took out the bracelet and put it on the desk .

"That's impossible . " Lin Lin raised her eyebrows and put the test tube on the rack, and then picked up the plastic bracelet .

She entered into deep thought while examining the bracelet .

Then, she abruptly walked in front of a table as if she had thought of something and took out a rubric cube-sized cube .

"Put this into your sub-dimension . " Lin Lin walked back in front of Jiang Chen and passed the item to him .

Jiang Chen threw it into the storage dimension .

"And then?"

Lin Lin didn't respond but instead walked to testing equipment on the other side of the room, and then opened a device similar to a radio .

"This is?"

"Klein Particle Resonance Receiver . The cube could return the coordinates of its location, as well as the image… how is this possible . " Lin Lin stared at the waves in rhythm in disbelief .

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows in confusion, staring at the electrocardiogram lines .

"What happened?"

"It is not a question of what happened… Your sub-dimension became a universe? Although it is just a mini one . " Lin Lin's eyes were flushed with excitement .

"I call it the small universe . "

"I don't care what it's called . This is a miracle in the field of physics… a sub-dimension created by gravity could give birth to physics principles, this is unbelievable . "

"Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying . " Jiang Chen looked at the exhilarated Lin Lin while he facepalmed .

"Ahh, don't worry, you don't need to mind the details . There is nothing wrong with my device! I just need to change the coordinates before it can be used . " Then, Lin Lin threw the bracelet back into Jiang Chen's lap .

"It is good now?"

"It is good . "

"Then what are you doing now?" Lin Lin was eagerly working in front of a computer and completely forgot what she was working on before .

"I'm collecting data, or put it in simple terms, I'm studying your small universe!" Lin Lin said in excitement .

"Is there any purpose to that?" Jiang Chen sighed .

"The purpose is, maybe because of my research, you could travel with people," Lin Lin said .

Jiang Chen held his breath .

"Ahhh, are you not surprised?" Seeing Jiang Chen didn't say anything, Lin Lin proudly glanced at him .

"I'm shocked… or rather, amazed! If you could really develop a way for me to travel with people, I promise an endless amount of pudding . " Jiang Chen was ecstatic .

He promised Sun Jiao that if there were an opportunity, he would definitely take her to see his world, visit his school, and look at where he lived before…

Not only that, if he could bring people to travel, he could further gather the technology in this world, and utilize the rich resources in the other world to easily conquer both worlds .

"Pudding from all over the world . " Lin Lin was afraid that Jiang Chen would forget their promise as she immediately corrected him .

"Don't worry, anything!" He laughed .

With billions in assets, the pudding was nothing to worry about it .

She smiled cheerfully, but just as she was going to say something, she bent down and began to cough .

"Are you okay?" Jiang Chen rushed up to see what was wrong .

"It's nothing . " When Jiang Chen touched her arm, Lin Lin's pupils instantly turned red but quickly returned to normal .

She moved back and avoided Jiang Chen's hands . She took a few breaths and calmed down .

"Are you sure you are okay?" He was concerned .

"Don't worry . " Lin Lin covered her left eye with the other handing pushing him away, "All in all, you can leave now . "

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure, Just go . "

Although it hurt to be pushed out, Jiang Chen still listened to Lin Lin's request and left her room and closed the door for her .

[Is she really okay?]

With the door closed shut, Jiang Chen muttered in his mind .

For some reason, Lin Lin concerned him or even gave him an ominous feeling .

And at that moment, the Klein particles flooding out dispersed from city center like a soundless cry .

The last cry .