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Chapter 475

Chapter 475: Start of the Battle

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The artillery support consisted of eight trucks modified into "Fireball-1" launchers . The previous BM-21s that Jiang Chen bought from Russia quickly went obsolete .

Just in terms of combustion, Fireball-1 had combustion energy twice that of BM-21 and a combustion time that was three times longer . At the same time, its accuracy was higher .

Other than the combustion rockets and bombs, the Aerospace Research Technology Institute led by Jiang Lin explored their imagination and designed various laser explosive missiles, EMP missiles, and other futurist weapons .

EMP missiles were simple to explain . Once exploded, all electronic equipment in the area would be rendered useless or destroyed .

And the power of the explosive laser missile was not to be underestimated . The missile would be launched into the air before exploding into countless high energy beams . The power laser damage dealt a considerable amount of damage to any target . Under the shower of multiple missiles, the scene would be as glorious as a massive storm .

Because Jiang Chen contracted out the shell of the rocket to private military factories in the Sixth Street, the number of rockets held in NAC's reserve far exceeded the 1000 target Jiang Chen had set a month ago .

Thousands of giant rockets stacked together on the launching ground at the Aerospace Technology Research Institute with the artillery soldiers under the direct command of the advisory department carefully loading the rockets into the launchers .

Right now, Jiang Chen stood beside the launcher with a tablet in his hand while he listened to Jiang Lin's instructions .

"The details of each vehicle launch status is here along with the internal temperature of the launcher and the number of the ammunition . The tablet can be used to target the coverage fire area and the number of rockets launched . The projectile motion will be calculated with the smart program . After completing all the input specifications, just print your finger beside it . "

Jiang Chen intriguingly rubbed his chin looking at the red circle beside the tablet .

"The automatic ammunition loading program is still under design . It won't be completed until some time later . Just use this for now . "

"Not bad . A reserve of 5100 rounds of rockets, 1000 bombs, 151 laser explosive missiles… no EMP?" Jiang Chen asked .

"No . The command office ordered us to prioritize the production of combustion rockets . Isn't this an attack against mutants? EMP is useless against creatures . "

It didn't take long for all the launchers to be loaded . The soldiers all backed five meters away, dragging the ammo boxes with them .

On the command tablet, the First Corps and Third Corps were marked with blue dots, approaching the city center . The scanned out red dots were zombies and mutants, behaving aggressively . Just from the map, Cheng Weiguo was approaching Wanghai Airport .

With his finger sliding on the screen, he drew out a circle . Just like a life restricted zone, it included all the mutants in the airport .

"It feels like I'm casting a spell . " With his finger hovering above the launch button, Jiang Chen grinned .

"And it is the forbidden spell . " The designer of the weapon Jiang Lin laughed along .

With a finger on the red circle, the scanning waves ripped through the screen and the merciless words appeared .

Fireball-1 attack group launched .

At the same time, the launch ground was engulfed by the exhaust left by the ascending combustion rockets .

Outside of Wanghai airport, the heavy metal symphony was playing .

After a few days of rain, the burning marks left on the street were beginning to fade . The dried up corpses under the weather turned to dust .

Suddenly, the tranquil streets were broken by engines homing and yellow shells .

Tiger IIs crushed the corpses with its mighty force and the charged cannon released its prowess, shredding the heads of Roshans into bits . The zombies and mutants on the east side of the city spread to the city center again . However, the concentration was at a normal level .

The machine gun on the top continuously unleashed its bullets as they trampled the zombies on the highway . Zombies without forming into a sizable group would not pose a threat to tanks .

Most of the risks faced by the First Corps were from the dark alley and the shattered windows of the stores . A lot of zombies in there remained inside, and the zombies from the east were mixed among them .

"Follow up . "

Feng Yu in kinetic skeleton fired with his right hand while his left hand signaled his team to move forward .

Suddenly, heinous zombies flooded out from a side street and tumbled toward his team .


A soldier ripped off the grenade in front of his chest and threw it toward the swarm of zombies rushing out .

Fire, explosion, and chunks of meat flew toward the team .

Feng Yu shook them off before raising his rifle to fire back .

Firing in close range meant that only explosive grenades can be used instead of combustion grenades, or the burning zombies would be catastrophic to other creatures . To the zombies with their limbs exploded off, the soldiers finished them off with one more bullet . Or they stepped on them as most of the soldiers were injected with the genetic vaccine could crush the corroded skull of the zombies .

"Dammit, there are more and more zombies in the front!"

With the opportunity to exchange clips, Feng Yu scanned the EP on his left arm .

The drones marked out the zombies in the area as the dense red dots made his skull feel numb .

But he would not back down, because he was an upper citizen of the Sixth Street .

He finally climbed to that level today . He was only one step away from being a knight, he was not going to back down!

"It's a Death Claw!" Suddenly, a shout came through the radio .

A lizard on its feet, waving its claw, rushed out from the street nearby with a soldier struggling to break free from its mouth . From its wrinkled skin, it should be a Death Claw that survived last month's attack .

"Fu*k!" The face that was slowly losing life chilled Feng Yu .

Without hesitating, he immediately ordered the team to move back while firing at the head of the Death Claw .


Grenades alone could not kill the Death Claw . At most, it could suppress its movement .

A sharp claw shredded the smoke of the explosion as the grenade hurt it, but it didn't die .

The Death Claw tumbled toward their direction as its two claws waved in front of it . Just as it was about to touch Feng Yu, its throat was clamped by a powerful hand that forcefully turned it by 90 degrees, and smashed into the concrete wall .


The Death Claw let out its last roar with its sharp claws leaving a series of deafening screeches on the C grade steel .

But against the T-4 power armor, a dying Death Claw's attack was more like a scratch .

With a hand like an iron claw, the minigun fired and the close distance shooting penetrated the head of the Death Claw .

"You owe me a life, buddy . "

The power armor threw down the Death Claw and pumped the steel plate on its chest before it continued to move with its tactical rifle .

The armored vehicles began grouping together on the road . The zombies in the area were cleared out, and they didn't encounter any dangers upon arriving at the airport .

Breathing heavily, with his rifle lowered, Feng Yu looked at the Death Claw on the ground still shaken by what had happened .

"Captain, what are we going to do next?" An infantry moved beside Feng Yu while panting .

"Continue to move—, wait, alert from the command office . " With the flashing symbol on the EP, Feng Yu immediately stopped his comrade from moving forward .

The fleet stopped moving, and the power armor dashing in front also stopped and enacted a defensive stance .

Feng Yu raised his head and looked at the clear sky .

Suddenly, hundreds of sharp arrows soared through while dragging long trails of smokes, heading toward the airport .

The bright red flame ascended into the air and the thick smoke hid away the airport .

"Combustion rockets…"

"Our artillery!"

A soldier put down his gun while staring blankly at the sky . Feng Yu who was gazing at the flames shooting up did the same . He quietly watched the fireworks .

When the smoke dispersed, only the ground scorching in fire remained .

The soldiers raised their rifles up high, and loud cheers erupted .

With the cover fire of the rockets, the First Corps with boosted morale stepped onto the road again . They headed towards the last territory that blocked them from reaching the city center .  

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