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Chapter 476

Chapter 476: Target Locked

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Geosynchronous orbit .

36000 kilometers away from the surface of the earth was a zone devoid of life .

Steel, plastic, and unexploded rockets floated around in the quiet space . Among the debris was an aircraft carrier-sized space station .

The God's Cane .

It was completed in 2025 and was continually refined throughout the century to become the massive giant it was today . It turned from a sky-based weapon satellite to a sky-based weapon platform .

The dodecagon metal rings kept the tungsten rods in place while they quietly floated beside the space station just like a loaded revolver . An electromagnetic push would allow the tungsten rods weighing several tons to fall at speeds faster than meteors with a horrifying amount of kinetic energy .

Other than the tungsten rods, there were laser arrays and an HPM weapon in front . In the back were wireless electricity receivers powered by the nuclear fusion power plant built on the moon . When power from the moon wasn't available, it could use its foldable solar panel to generate electricity . The eight engines located on the space station could allow the weapon platform to move between the geosynchronous and low-earth orbits to alter its target area .

It was like the Sword of Damocles hovering over the CCCP and PAC's heads .

But ironically, the "suppressive weapon" that cost generations of taxpayer money was conquered by PAC's fearless Space Special Forces with their undying battle spirit at the beginning of the war .

"Power system repaired . " Lin Chaoen grinned before he wiped his forehead although he didn't sweat and there was no point in speaking in a vacuum .

It had taken him a month's time and a lot of energy to repair this . Bodies floated in the space station because of the lack of gravity, and all the bodies still looked the same as when they died . Outside of the cockpit, he met a sentry robot still with power . But with his laser sword, he quickly resolved the problem .

"Tungsten rod launch device: functional… This is so troublesome . Whatever, it's fine if I only use it once . " Lin Chaoen stared at the warning symbols on the screen and clapped his hands with satisfaction .

There was only one tungsten rod left . The few remaining ones either flew out of the geosynchronous orbit or crashed into the ocean when the space station had fallen . Others were floating in orbit thousands of kilometers away .

The sky-based weapon platform was completely destroyed . When PAC gained control of the platform, the NATO commander immediately initiated self-destruction to turn the space station into a land of death . The sprint to sacrifice wasn't any country's specialty - on the brink of collapse, any creature would subconsciously make the "correct choice . "

But unfortunately, the right choice was often made after a series of "wrong choices . "

Therefore, creatures are troublesome .

Lin Chaoen shook his head and pressed a few buttons on the touchscreen .

He was fortunate to obtain some of the blueprints of the sky-based weapon to make some of the parts on the ground . While most of the God's Cane was destroyed, it could still perform simple firing actions .

"It can only fire now?"

Lin Chaoen scanned a map of Wanghai City as he looked at the screen with a smile .

In the picture, NAC soldiers were firing at zombies and mutants . Afterward, countless combustion rockets littered the battlefield and engulfed the mutants and zombies at the airport in a blaze .

"Nice fireworks . They already established order… Then could I consider them naturals?"

. . .

As he watched the flames on the screen with a smile, flickers of images were reflected in his pupils .

The screen moved with the crosshairs targeted at the artillery grounds . Jiang Chen, on the target screen, was pointing at his tablet .

"And you are Harmony . "

The screen was focused in the city center onto the giant tree floating in the water . The rumbling meat chuck seemed to possess a tremendous amount of energy .

[Which threat's bigger?]

There was only one bullet in the revolver .

Lin Chaoen watched the battle with a God-eye view as he fell into deep thought .

From the cleansing courtesy of the combustion rockets, the First and Third Corps didn't encounter any resistance before converging at the airstrip in Wanghai Airport .

Although the airstrip was bombed into jagged patches and was now burned pitch-black as a result, it would still be usable after some repairs . Jiang Chen ordered Fallout Shelter 027 to research fighter jet technology earlier and they came up with some initial results .

Wanghai airport was perfect as a base for the NAC fighter jets .

After some restocking, the converged divisions once again headed out . With the support of the soaring rockets, they continued to push towards the city center .

Along the way, they encountered a Thrower, Death Claw, and even a horrific Bug Vehicle, but they didn't stop marching forward .

They pushed forward while destroying mutant nests along the way . When they met a Bug Vehicle or Roshan, electromagnetic cannons took care of the problem . When the mutants swarmed together, they called on support from the artillery . When they found mutant nests hidden among the ruins, they sent the infantry to clear out the area .

They destroyed a total of 91 mutant nests, encountered 371 reproducing mutants and cleared out all irregular life signals from the map .

When they approached the forbidden zone, the radiation level gradually climbed . The soldiers took out their protective suits from the trucks and put on breathing masks to push forward .


Sparks emerged and shells dropped . Feng Yu pulled on the trigger calmly while moving forward under the cover fire of the armored vehicle .

"What's this?"

A soldier stared at the luminescent lake among the ruins in the far distance .

"It's a nuclear crater - I think it's where Death Claw gives birth?" Another soldier's machine gun bullets swept across the zombies while he responded .

"It doesn't look like one - there's water in the crater . I think Death Claw gives birth on land… Fu*k, what is that?"

The mountain made of chunks of red meat was in the middle of the luminescent lake . The dense veins on the surface crossed the meat blob and moved rhythmically with the flow of blood . The bottom was infused into the lake surface just like a massive tree rooted into the ground .

A meat bulb that could light up was hung by a tentacle .

It was just like a light bulb .

"This is team E . We identified an unknown creature, requesting artillery support . I repeat…"

Feng Yu immediately raised his EP . Not letting his guard down, he reported the situation on the frontlines to the command office .

A large amount of static noise filled the radio as a strong interference entered the area . Even the EP, known for its stability, started to blur .

"Signal interference? Or is there still an EMP generator in the area?" The soldier beside Feng Yu reloaded his clip while he muttered .

In the distance, rockets appeared again .

Flames instantly engulfed the meat mountain . The rockets covering the sky not only cleansed the nuclear crater, but they even burned out an isolation zone to the east of the city center made of flames .

But when the smoke began to fade, Feng Yu's eyes widened as he looked at the meat chunks in disbelief . He was so stunned that he forgot to press the trigger .

The mutants all died, but the meat chunks…

They were unscathed .

How could that be possible!

Before he could shout out, the meat chunks began to move .

The light bulb on top began to turn red as it flashed an ominous light . The unknown particles moved restlessly in the air and concentrated together into a crimson ray . Even a cloud began to spread out due to the force the bulb was creating .

It seemed prepared to shoot something!

Almost at the same time, all the electronic equipment in Wanghai experienceced interferencec to some extent .

"Not working anymore?"

Jiang Chen looked sternly at the tablet in his hands as the screen turned into a sparkling white . The connection to the frontlines was suddenly cut off and he didn't even know if the meat mountain was destroyed .

Suddenly, he felt like he was someone's target .

Jiang Chen immediately raised his head and looked in the sky .

A blinding white light flashed in the sky .

Something was dropping down .

36000 kilometers in distance disappeared instantly . The blinding white light dropped down and crashed to the city center's location .

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows before his eyes widened in disbelief .

For some reason, a word suddenly popped into his head along with an image that seemed familiar .

The weapon that existed in virtual reality .

The God's Cane!

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