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Chapter 478

Chapter 478: Path of Evoluation

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The flashing light outside the window drew the attention of Lin Lin who was working in front of a lab bench .

For some odd reason, watching the light outside made her restless .

"A meteor? Should I make a wish?"

Lin Lin murmured while the test tube in her hand stopped shaking . She gazed into the distance .

The meteor crashed into the ground .

Suddenly, her mechanical heart felt a sharp pain .

"Uhhh! AHH!"

Her pupils contracted . She covered her chest in pain while droplets of sweat rolled down profusely from her forehead .


The test tube smashed and shattered and Lin Lin curled up on the ground . Her hands covered her chest as her expression twisted because of the pain .

[Dammit, is it that thing again?]

She heard a noise from outside the door . There were brisk footsteps before the door was knocked .

"Lin Lin? Did something happen?"

It was Sun Jiao .


Sun Jiao immediately realized the situation was odd . She twisted the doorknob . Seeing as it was locked, she backed away before kicking the door forcefully .

The door was kicked open, breaking the doorframe .

Sun Jiao was shocked by the scene of Lin Lin curled up on the ground as she moved to help her up .

"Lin Lin, Lin Lin! Are you okay?"

The menacing light radiating from her pupils gave her the chills .

But quickly after, the menace was replaced by agony .

"No, no! Tingting… Stop!" Lin Lin suddenly jerked her head up as her silvery-white hair became drenched with sweat because of her pain .

Suddenly, Lin Lin's pupils were completely covered by crimson rays as she turned around, diving towards Sun Jiao . But Sun Jiao was prepared as she snagged both of Lin Lin's hands and put her on the ground face down .

Sun Xiaorou, who heard the noises in the room, rushed in . When she saw Lin Lin being pinned down by Sun Jiao, she was stunned by the scene .

"Sister, what happened?"

Not long after, Yao Yao appeared at the door . When she saw the two people on the ground, she covered her mouth in shock .

"Sister Sun Jiao, Lin Lin…"

"You two, come help me! This girl . . . how is she so strong?!" Sun Jiao's hands were shaking because of the force as her face turned red .

The power of mechanical parts was indeed superior to that of creatures . Her strength of 50 barely managed to contain Lin Lin .

Sun Xiaorou reacted first and rushed forward .

"I'll help you . Strap her onto the surgery bed first . "

"Yao Yao, get Jiang Chen here . He should be at the launching ground . "

"Mhmm!" The little girl turned around and ran out of the room .

Her eyes teared up as she didn't know what was going on; it made her extremely worried .

She pushed open the mansion door . Just as she ran to the gate, she crashed into Jiang Chen with a stern expression .


With a short yelp, Yao Yao fell backward with clumsiness . But Jiang Chen, with his quick hands, managed to snag her .

"Yao Yao? What's going on?"

Seeing Yao Yao rushing out, Jiang Chen thought something serious happened as he held her up .

"Lin Lin turned into that again . " Yao Yao was about to cry .

Without needing any more detail, Jiang Chen immediately realized what she was talking about before he ran into the mansion .

Pushing open the lab door, Jiang Chen quickly walked to the surgery table in the middle of the room . Yao Yao, running with short steps, immediately followed behind him .

When Sun Jiao saw Jiang Chen, she walked over .

"What happened- wait, are you injured?!" Jiang Chen saw the bandage around Sun Jiao's arm .

Sun Jiao's right arm sleeve had been ripped off completely .

"I'm okay . Just got some small scratches while trying to contain her . Lin Lin… is a bit weird right now . " With the concerned expression on Jiang Chen's face, Sun Jiao felt warm inside . But when she looked back at Lin Lin, her face turned solemn again .

They weren't small scratches at all .

But with Sun Jiao's abilities, she should recover easily .

Jiang Chen put aside his concern for Sun Jiao temporarily and focused on Lin Lin strapped down on the bed . With a crimson light flashing in her eyes, her limbs twitched as if she was having a seizure in an attempt to break free from the bed .

"She can't control herself again?" Jiang Chen asked with a headache .

The bug in her body was like a time bomb - no one knew when it would explode .

"Mhmm, but this time it's a bit stranger . " Sun Jiao nodded .

"Brother Jiang Chen, Sister Lin Lin… will she get better?" Yao Yao looked at Jiang Chen with a serious expression and pulled on his sleeve .

Although Lin Lin liked to trick people, Yao Yao knew she didn't have any harmful intentions . It was just that she didn't know how to express her emotions aside from "badmouthing" people .

From the bottom of her heart, she always treated Lin Lin like a dear friend .

Looking at the worried expression on Yao Yao's face, Jiang Chen rubbed her soft hair attempting to comfort her . "Definitely . "


Yao Yao nodded with a slightly relieved smile on her face .

Although she was still concerned about Lin Lin's condition, she trusted Brother Jiang Chen's words .

With a deep breath, Jiang Chen walked toward Lin Lin . Just as he approached her, he noticed Lin Lin's gaze was locked onto his face .

No, precisely speaking, it wasn't Lin Lin but Tingting in her body - the brain of that bug .

Being stared down by her crimson pupils gave Jiang Chen chills down the back of his spine . The feeling was similar to being watched by a higher level creature in the middle of a forest .

Tingting stopped trying to break free while she silently gazed at him without speaking a word .

Then Jiang Chen noticed that she opened her mouth .

[She opened her mouth?]

[What's going on? Is she hungry?]

"Yao Yao, bring me mango pudding from the fridge . "

"Mhmm!" Yao Yao nodded and ran out .

A moment later, the little lolita ran back with mango pudding .

Jiang Chen took the pudding and kneeled down beside Lin Lin .

Jiang Chen took a plastic spoon to scoop out the orange pudding and put it beside the opened mouth .

But Lin Lin didn't eat the pudding . She didn't even look at it; her crimson eyes still gazed at Jiang Chen .

This time it made Jiang Chen completely confused, unsure what she wanted .

Just then, she - or it - spoke .

"The antenna is broken . "

[The antenna?]

"Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .

It learned how to speak, which was an improvement . But for some reason, Jiang Chen didn't feel happy about it . He had almost forgotten everything related to this creature and he didn't think he had an obligation to save a fictitious character .

Yes, Yao Tingting died already in the fall of 2172 . And the person he encountered in virtual reality was just a character created by PAC researchers based on the memory of a captive .

When he escaped the digital prison, almost all his memories related to that girl disappeared . The person in front of him was just another player in the virtual reality .

Jiang Chen looked at her, not understanding what she wanted to express .

Tingting then said, "The path to evolution is broken . "

"Evolution?" Jiang Chen looked down as he began to understand .

Lin Chaoen used the God's Cane to destroy something in the city center, and that thing was what she referred to as the antenna . And the antenna was related to evolution . If he understood correctly, evolution had something to do with the zombies and mutants .

"Do you want to know?"

Tingting looked quietly into Jiang Chen's eyes . Perhaps she was getting used to mechanical vocal cords as her voice was a lot more clear now .

Jiang Chen looked straight at the red pupils, attempting to read her thoughts, but he failed .

"I want to . "

There was nothing wrong with listening .

"Then kiss me . " Tingting shocked everyone .

Jiang Chen was shocked . He didn't know what she meant .

Tingting opened her mouth slightly wider without saying anymore .

"Kiss?" Sun Jiao's face turned red and she rejected Tingting's request on behalf of Jiang Chen: "No no, that's too weird! What does it have to do with kissing? This is too weird . And she's so aggressive now - what if she bites?"

Yao Yao blushed too . Although she didn't say anything, her expression indicated she shared the same opinion as Sun Jiao .

"I agree with sister . Although my instinct tells me she won't hurt you, if something does happen…" Sun Xiaorou hesitantly stopped midway .


[What's the point?]

Staring at Tingting - or Lin Lin's - face, even if he wanted to kiss her, he didn't have the heart to do so .

He gulped and his heartbeat began to accelerate .

He didn't know what kind of expression he should have, nor did he know if he should try kissing her .

After a moment of hesitation, Jiang Chen let out a sigh and stared into the crimson eyes .

"…Okay, I'll trust you for now . "

The red eyes blinked and seemed to respond to his trust .

"Wait, but…" Sun Jiao wanted to add something more but was one second too slow .

Jiang Chen resisted the odd feeling in his mind as he took a deep breath and slowly kissed the thin lips .

[I'll just pretend this is CPR …]

Just as Sun Xiaorou guessed, although Lin Lin was aggressive, she didn't bite Jiang Chen .

A cold tongue pried open Jiang Chen's teeth .

Just as Jiang Chen felt shocked by Lin Lin's kissing technique, something unexpected happened .

It felt soft and gentle .

A tentacle-like string slipped down her tongue and touched Jiang Chen's tongue before twirling up, then continuing…

It felt good…

But Jiang Chen was suddenly alerted to something .

[Fu*k! Something is wrong!]

Just as he tried to break off the kiss, his consciousness fell into an abyss and his field of vision turned dark .

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