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Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Refugees

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“Damn it! Sh*t!”


The car came to a slow stop as Robert smacked the steering wheel .


Nick quietly walked out of the car as he lifted the front cover .


“The engine is busted . ”


“Fu*k! Now we are screwed,” Robert said with a voice of defeat .


“…” Jiang Chen thought if he should go back to the apocalypse for a while and bring back a levitating car .


But it was only wishful thinking; he would not do that unless they were hopeless .


If he did it, that would mean he was prepared to abandon the two of them . Then his gold selloff plan would be deserted, and this Iraq trip would become pointless .


“Can you fix it?” Jiang Chen asked .


“Let me try . ” Nick took the toolbox out from the back of the car as he began to work on the engine .


However, the engine didn’t seem to get any better .


Just as they were about to lose hope, Jiang Chen suddenly saw a truck approaching from a distance .


“IS?” He tensed up as he took out the pistol .


Robert also noticed the truck, but his face looked ecstatic .


“Put your gun away, haha, we are saved . Quick! Shout with me! Haha, stop here! Here! Help!” Robert waved his arms as he yelled at the truck to get its attention .


The truck seemed to have noticed the three of them as it slowly drove in their direction .


The truck stopped . Jiang Chen saw that the back of the truck was filled with malnourished refugees . Their clothes were ripped apart and only carried a small amount of luggage . All of them had the same tired and apathetic expression .


Robert walked to the truck driver and spoke with him briefly before he returned full of joy .


“The driver agreed to give us a ride . It is tradition to help each other out in the desert . I promised him that we’ll share the freshwater on our car . Since the car is going to be abandoned, let’s take the fuel out as well . Nick, come help me . ”


“Okay, boss . ” Nick nodded and ensued .



Jiang Chen and Nick sat in the back of the truck while Robert, trying to get close to the driver, sat in the passenger seat .


Since only Robert knew Arabic, the two of them who sat with the refugees could only stare at each other, and couldn’t say a word .


All the women were covered in thick headscarves while the men looked exhausted, the children also lacked the energy people of their age possessed . Everyone was tired . They must have suffered a lot .


The atmosphere felt odd .


A Byelorussian and a Chinese here sure was weird .


“These people are probably Syrian refugees . Since Turkey shut down its borders, some of them chose to go through the Kurdish Region and then be smuggled into Turkey . It’s a coincidence that we were able to meet up . ” At least Jiang Chen knew a little English to be able to chat with Nick .


“Do they know English?” Jiang Chen asked .


“Some probably do, but it doesn’t look like they have the energy to chat . ” Nick shrugged his shoulders .


The back of the truck was crowded and bumpy . A child who he couldn’t tell the gender of sat beside Jiang Chen . The dirty face lacked energy and emotion as the messy hair carried a sour odor more pungent than Robert .


Jiang Chen did not care too much about cleanliness as the entire truck was filled with the awful smell, so he didn’t pay attention .


Nick already started to snore as his years of military life had programmed him in such a way to preserve his energy . Except the snoring received a few stares in the truck .


He really could sleep anywhere . Jiang Chen forced a smile as he also adjusted the way he sat to take a nap .


The truck drove for a bit longer .


It was around lunch time as some refugees took out the food they carried and began to force it down with some water . The teen sitting beside Jiang Chen took out a black thing that resembled a piece of bread and began chewing .


Perhaps it was because everyone was eating, Jiang Chen also felt hungry . He reached behind him, and when no one was looking, he took out a box of Oreos from the storage dimension . He opened the package as he started to eat it .


He was prepared for this kind of unexpected situation so he would always store some emergency food and medicine .


Jiang Chen suddenly noticed that a pair of eyes were peeking at him .


Precisely, peeking at him chewing the food .


“Do you want some?” Jiang Chen smiled as he handed the box over .


The pair of eyes quickly fled . However, they seemed to have noticed that Jiang Chen had no ill intentions as that person took over the half box of cookies and only hesitated slightly before devouring them .


This guy was comparable to how Sun Jiao eats . A smile appeared on Jiang Chen’s face .


“Thank you…” The person replied in English . The person then seemed to have realized that the box was empty before a guilty expression surfaced and they lowered their head . “Sorry…”


“Don’t worry, I still have lots,” Jiang Chen said with a friendly smile, “Can I know your name?”


“Ayesha, seventeen years old . ”


She was a girl . He was wondering why the voice was so light . Maybe because she was not an adult yet, and she didn’t wear the headscarf like all the other women in the truck .


“My name is Jiang Chen, I come from China . Where are your parents?”


“They got killed by the IS… all because my mom rejected those devils' demand . ” Ayesha’s voice was calm and emotionless, without much sorrow on her face . It made Jiang Chen speechless, as he didn’t expect such a depressing topic .


“Sorry,” Jiang Chen gently said, but he received a peculiar look .


“What happened?” Jiang Chen asked confusedly . He was not sure if he said something he shouldn’t’ have since he only knew the peaceful way of life .


“Nothing . I just didn’t expect someone to say sorry to me . ” Ayesha turned her head .


“Do you have any plans once you get to Turkey?” Jiang Chen forced a smile as he decided to talk about something lighter .


Perhaps once she started her new life, she would be slightly happier .


“No plan, head to refugee camp and receive humanitarian aid… and see if there is a Saudi or Turkish man that’s willing to buy me . I am still a virgin, if I dress up, it shouldn’t be a problem . ” The girl’s voice was calm, with an awareness and apathy unfitting for her age .


[Okay… looks like any topic will become depressing . ]


Jiang Chen chose to shut up .



The truck would still stop overnight due to possible dangers . The driver also needed to rest .


At this time the refugees would choose to go the washroom and stand outside for a bit of the light breeze . Jiang Chen got out of the truck and went to the washroom . He also lavishly took out some paper to whip .


Once the car stopped, Robert came and chatted with the two of them for a while . He still went back to the passenger seat when he slept . Robert said that he slipped the driver a Franklin bill and the driver immediately became more welcoming .


At night, Jiang Chen felt hungry again .


He had too many Oreos, so Jiang Chen took out another kind of strawberry cookies and began to chew on them .


He heard a faint gulping sound beside him and thought about it briefly before he smiled and gave half of the cookies to the girl .


“Try it, it’s from my hometown . ”


The girl didn’t respond . Instead, she started to devour the food . Jiang Chen looked at her and didn’t say anything .


Since he was full, it was time to sleep . Jiang Chen leaned against the truck as he drifted into sleep . Although snores could be heard all over the truck, tiredness was the best sleeping pill .


As to Nick, this guy always fell asleep instantaneously, he also wakes up at random intervals . The thunderous snoring already started to ring .


Except what Jiang Chen didn’t notice was a pair of eyes that examined him .


Ayesha licked the cookie crumbs off of her fingers as she looked at the side of Jiang Chen’s face . Her eyes were filled with confusion .



The next morning, Jiang Chen woke up on the bumpy ride .


“We are almost there . ” Nick noticed Jiang Chen waking up and looked at the phone screen . “GPS shows that we are only 40 kilometers away from Tikrit . ”


The roaring engine noise filled his ear as the vibration of the engine almost made Jiang Chen lose the feeling in his back . He wiped his face with his hand as dust filled his palm . He was slightly shocked before he quickly realized .


This is definitely not a place to stay .


“That’s good, I can’t wait to take a hot shower… and then sleep . ” Jiang Chen stretched as he forced a smile .


The battery in his phone was almost drained . To prepare for the unexpected, he decided to shut it down .


“I have a bad feeling . ” Nick frowned as he touched his black backpack . His M27 was in it .


“I hope you are wrong . ”


“Hopefully . ” Nick closed his phone as his phone was about to die as well .


Ayesha raised her head to look at the two foreigners before putting her chin between her arms and closing her eyes .


[Looks like we won’t get to Turkey . ]


Being born among the chaos, she was too familiar with this smell .


The smell of death .