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Chapter 482

Chapter 482: The Crisis Afar

Translator: _Min_  Editor: Rundi


The spiritual connection ended . It felt like a lengthy dream .

Jiang Chen opened his eyes and happened to meet a blank stare .

From her black pupils, she should also be "awakened" from her dream soon .

Jiang Chen moved two steps away .

He was hesitating if he should sneak out from the room before Lin Lin had time to realize what had happened .

But as he was contemplating, the crystal-like pupils began to be covered in a fine layer of mist . The numbed lips collapsed down .

Instantly, two thoughts flashed through her head .

[That was my first kiss!]

[This pervert finally made a move on me!]

Her blush extended from her face all the way to her ears before covering her pale neck .


The cry in agony went out of tune because she was too emotional .

Jiang Chen rubbed his nose in awkwardness as he didn't know how to comfort Lin Lin and looked ashamed .

Sun Jiao rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen before she walked out to loosen the straps on Lin Lin and started to comfort the undoubtedly sad her .

"Calm down Lin Lin . Jiang Chen was saving you, uh, how should I explain this…"

Without finishing her sentence, Sun Jiao also began to feel awkward as she became silent .

"Seems to be impossible to explain…" Sun Xiaorou had a wry smile on her face .

"Kissed for so long . " Yao Yao pouted as her jealousy was clearly evident .

Just as Jiang Chen was bothered by how to explain this to Lin Lin, crisp knocking sound came from the door .

Jiang Chen turned around and saw Han Junhua in uniform standing at the door without any expression on her face .

"Although I don't want to interrupt you, right now –"

"Let's talk outside," Jiang Chen immediately said when Han Junhua was halfway through her sentence .

Han Junhua briefly scanned the girls in the lab and nodded to Jiang Chen .

"Okay . "

She swung her ponytail and left without a hassle .

"Did something happen?" Sun Jiao looked concerned .

Jiang Chen throated moved, he looked at Sun Jiao and smiled at her .

"Don't worry . "

That smile made people feel calm, but uneasy at the same time .

Sun Jiao walked to Jiang Chen and held onto his hand .

"if there is anything I can do to help, please tell me . "

With certainty in his eyes, Jiang Chen squeezed Sun Jiao's hand and promised .

"Definitely . "

[If you could help . ]

With brisk steps walking into the community center, Han Junhua's ponytail swung back and forth . Beside her was Jiang Chen as he never had a more stern expression on his face .

"The communication signal of the Fishbone base is blocked . "

"I know that . Is there any other method to contact the people from Camp 27?"

"There is only one communication channel . " Han Junhua shook her head .

The arrived at the command room . She stopped and opened the door .

When Jiang Chen walked in, she followed .

The two stopped in front of the command table . Han Junhua pressed her finger on the fingerprint detection device and opened the hologram .

"What's the situation like outside?"

"There are 300 'Reptile' quadruped robots, 1200 'Viper' attack drones surrounding us . " Han Junhua tapped the map, and the dense red dots appeared around the base .

Two popup windows appeared, recording the pictures and specifications of the Reptile and Viper . Both were standard units from PAC . As the Colonel of the Mechanical Division, Han Junhua knew the specs of the two robots well .

The former was known as an "all-terrain battle platform", and the latter was known for its balanced performance and smart artificial intelligence design which earned it the name "Battle Assistance" by PAC soldiers .

"The force in the base?"

"Only 500 new recruits that recently completed training . The 327 people Hunter Division, and eight RPGs . " Han Junhua reported .

"What about our drones?" Jiang Chen asked in an undertone .

"I shut them down . "

"Why?" Jiang Chen looked at her .

She seemed to be expecting this question as she pointed to the hologram map, "There is a KN30 signal hijacking device here . Its functionality is not only there to hijack the communication channel, but also hijack the communication between the drone terminal and drones . We can be certain that they are at an absolute advantage in information technology . Even if we deployed drones to the battle, there is a high probability that they could hijack them . "

This was certainly Han Junhua's style .

Jiang Chen peeked at her . On her face, he didn't see any signs of fear .

Jiang Chen peeked at her . On her face, he didn't see any signs of fear .

But it made sense; she didn't have extraneous things like emotions .

In deep thought, Jiang Chen thought for a while before looking at Han Junhua .

"Could we establish communication with the Sixth Street through the underground system?"

"The underground system is captured . When communication first ceased, I sent scouts out immediately . " Han Junhua pointed at the location between the Fishbone base and the Sixth Street .

While the subsystems in the underground system were blocked by partitions, the partitions were mostly there to prevent the mutants from entering . With a welding tool, it was easy to hijack the underground tunnel .

"So the only thing we can rely on in the base is the 500 new recruits and the Hunter Corps?" Jiang Chen began to frown .

Because of the close proximity, the rockets were ineffective . The new recruits wouldn't be much use and at most provide assistance in firing . The Hunter Corps was the elite force of the NAC which certainly made people more at ease .

But they were against a mechanical force of over one thousand units . With eight hundred bodies made out of flesh, could they defeat the force from Supreme?

"What do you think is our probability of winning?" With hands on the table, Jiang Chen looked at Han Junhua .

"50% . "

"Even with your command?" Jiang Chen was surprised .

"Mhmm . " Han Junhua nodded as she had a rare sternness on her face .

"The base has an ample reserve of EMP grenades, but if it the Reptile and the Viper, the pulse level of the EMP grenade could only cause minor damage to the friendly unit detection system which would cause it to stall temporarily . We don't have a reserve of powerful EMP weapons . "

"Then don't use EMP . We can use the electromagnetic cannons, the Pythons, the Red Arrow-42 RPG, rifles . We can use bonfires . Without electro signal, we can use smoke . As long as there is hope, we can't give up," Jiang Chen ordered .

"That will have to be . But I'm afraid of the sky . " Han Junhua looked up, "If they really did control the God's Cane, we don't have any possibility of winning . "

The tungsten rod dropping from the sky . The invincible spear unguarded by any shield .

Perhaps only the Holy Shield System could defend its attack .

Is there really a possibility of winning?


Is there really a possibility of winning?


Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .

He closed his eyes . Then after a long moment, he abruptly opened them .

"There should be one tungsten rod . "

Han Junhua looked to him .

"The probability is low . "

"No, or rather, there is only one . " Jiang Chen gazed at the hologram map as certainty began to appear in his eyes .


Jiang Chen recollected what Academician Qin told him and the conversation with the bug queen .

"Because we're different, and that's enough of a reason . "

With his arms crossed, Han Junhua thought for half a minute . She closed her eyes .

"I see . "

From the beginning, it was a war without a captive .

If they had a second round, there was no need to save it . Only one tungsten rod could destroy the "heart" of the NAC and the order established in Wanghai would again turn back to chaos . Only when the wasteland turned into chaos could the digitalized humans have the hope of replacing humans as the ruler of the land . Jiang Chen recalled everything Lin Chaoen did . Other than killing the "experimenter" from Fallout Shelter 027, all he did was bring chaos to the wasteland .

Either NAC or Supreme must be eliminated .

Because the outcome of this war would go down in history .

The reason why they didn't do anything was that they didn't have the confidence to win either .

As long as the Fishbone can last until assistance from the Sixth Street and Camp 27 arrives, they will not lose .

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