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Chapter 483

Chapter 483: The Last Shackle

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The atmosphere on the wall was depressing .

Soldiers hidden behind cover anxiously rubbed the trigger, aiming at the robots hundred meters away in ruins .

It had a circular body filled with fluid but powerful short legs, if it was not for the daunting machine gun and the grenade launcher on top, its appearance was cute .

"What are these things…" A recruit moved around his sore arms as he said with unease .

"If the "reptile" comes, remember to aim at the observation hole, the four holes on its wall . " The soldier beside them also looked unsettled, but because of his experience traversing through the wasteland, he didn't look too fearful .

[How does this thing look like a reptile?]

"Okay, okay!" The recruit gulped, perhaps he thought the first okay didn't sound confident, so he replied again .

The unknown mechanical force surrounded the base, making all the survivors tense . The engineering soldiers dragged the heavy weapons and ammo along the wall in silence . The weapons included the Python, the Red Arrow-42, and the EMP grenades .

The survivors hauled out the rubber tires from the warehouse, soaked them in gasoline, and waited for Jiang Chen's order .

In front of the community center, Jiang Chen in a T-3 power armor looked at the soldiers in the square with a solemn face .

They were the most elite soldiers of the NAC; the Hunter Corps led by Ma Zhongcheng .

200 kinetic skeletons and 14 power armors . Everyone had no expression on their face and stared at Jiang Chen standing under the Mother of Death Claw statue . Their comrades were already on the wall and the NAC they swore allegiance to was facing its toughest challenge .

Like all the survivors, Jiang Chen was also facing this challenge .

If he abandoned everything here and escaped to the modern world, even without the apocalypse, he could still use the technology he has now to establish a force that stood at the peak of the world .

20 . 5 light years? Therefore, 94 years ago, the Natural Selection that left in 1922 is on route to modern day earth .

Realistically, it should only have a speed of one-tenth of the speed of light, at most one-eighth of the speed of light . With consideration of the acceleration and deceleration phase at the two ends of the journey, it would still take at least one hundred years before it arrived on earth . And the one hundred year time was more than enough for him to live a happy life .

If he chose not to change his lifespan .

But he couldn't do that .

The reason? Obviously because of his responsibility .

With his head pointed at by a "gun", it was certainly an obscure feeling .

Jiang Chen looked at the reflection of the statue on the ground as he suddenly grinned .

[Fu*k! When am I ever afraid!]

Just then, Lin Chaoen appeared in Jiang Chen's communication channel and said in an intermittent voice .

"Could I interpret this as the negotiation failed?"

The God's Cane on the synchronous orbit looked down at everything . Jiang Chen in the power armor in front of the soldiers obviously didn't escape his eyes .

"When did you get the illusion that I planned to negotiate with you?"

Jiang Chen grinned and gazed at the "block" option on the hologram screen and closed the communication channel .

Lin Chaoen's voice ceased all of a sudden . Jiang Chen raised his head and iron arm to the clear sky, giving it a middle finger .


The survivors beside the tires tossed out the lighters in their hands .

. . .

With the thick smoking rising, the Fishbone base used the most primal way to send out a help signal .

When the Sixth Street and Camp 27 saw the smoke in Fishbone's direction, they immediately responded .

"All units wait for orders! Complete preparation in one minute, and rush to the base in half an hour! Quick! Quick!"

Under Cheng Weiguo's thunderous roar, the soldiers boarded the trucks .

The gate immediately opened, and the First Corps led the charge while the Second Corps followed . The two helicopters also lifted off with electromagnetic cannons and the power armor paratroops to provide assistance to the base .

The First and Second Corps only had 1000 people left to garrison in Camp 27, with everyone else returning on route to defend the base .

Inside the tank, Cheng Weiguo gazed at the rising smoke with eyebrows locked .

"What happened?"

At the same time, the Sixth Street also began to mobilize its soldiers . When the patrol soldiers at the gate discovered the smoke from Fishbone base, Zhao Gang immediately led two-thirds of the Third Corps force along with 1000 mercenaries still under contract in Fishbone's direction .

"The communication channel has been blocked . I should have known that something was wrong . " Chu Nan stared at the "Standby" command on the EP with concern .

The enemy not only blocked off communication, but they also hijacked the communication channel between the Fishbone base and the Sixth Street . To avoid suspicion, to any of the requests sent by Chu Nan, the enemy used the ambiguous "Standby" command .

"But who could it be?" Chu Nan stared at the hologram map and fell into thought .

While the three Corps were being mobilized, the battle outside of the Fishbone wall also started .


The mortars launched a series of electromagnetic shells before it exploded outside the wall .

The "reptile" equipped with grenade launchers continued to fire with explosions happening all over the wall .

Concrete debris flew as a lot of reinforced steels were exposed .

The soldiers behind cover valiantly fought and fired back with rifles in hand . In the conflict against weapons, the nitrogen armor recently equipped to the force became useful .

The soldiers let the shrapnel fly above their heads as they raised the Red Arrow-42 behind cover, they used their roar to disperse away any fear they had .


The rocket launched out and flew into the high air before crashing down at rapid speed, directed at the escaping "reptile" robot .

"Nice sh—"

The explosion sound interrupted his voice . The loud noise transmitted the vibration below everyone's feet .

"Dammit! The gate is blown open . "

In modern warfare, a wall didn't serve many purposes . A high-speed quadruped robot dashed in front of the gate and exploded the C4 on its body and blew the entire steel gate away .

"The East gate is lost! I repeat! The East gate is lost!"

"Shrink the defensive line . "

"Get the electromagnetic cannon up! Quick!"

Because the radio was blocked, control could only rely on the loudspeaker in the base which made the entire scene chaotic . The "reptile" that broke into the wall quickly turned its gun and began to unleash its furious firepower on the wall . The soldiers that couldn't dodge in time all dropped to the ground and left a trail of blood splashes on the wall .


With a loud roar, a soldier dived to the ground, dodged the bullets above his head, and threw an EMP grenade below the wall .

The static noise temporarily filled the battle scene as the closest "reptile" immediately shut down, the other ones all stalled .

At the same time, an orange bullet shower came from the apartment side .

The Hunter Corps hidden behind ground covers simultaneously pressed the trigger at the "reptile" and "viper" that broke through the wall . The bullets splattered all over the steel surface .

At the same time, the Type-99 anti-tank cannon moved down from the wall, unleashed its power, and left massive craters on the wall and ground .

The soldiers on the wall began to retreat which brought the battle down to the ground . The family of the soldiers all retreated into the mansion and community center, males with some strength and even some strong females were handed a rifle to stand on the frontline to defend the people that mattered the most .

The community center and Jiang Chen's mansion were the top priority of the Supreme's attack, and the NAC soldiers would not let their plan succeed as they didn't give up any ground .

At the office on the top floor of the mansion, Jiang Chen in power armor looked outside .

The battle line was gradually moving toward the mansion, soldiers already moved back to the wall of the mansion backyard . The flying shrapnel even scratched the bulletproof glass and left spider web-like cracks on it .

"Only five minutes passed?"

He looked at the time on the screen and took a deep breath .

"Are you going to go?"

Sun Jiao voice came from behind him . She was leaning on the door with a PK2000 hanging in front of her chest .

From the kinetic skeleton on her body along with the expression on her face, her intention was obvious .

"Of course . "

"I'm there to cheat, why are you following me," Jiang Chen said .

If it is a robot, then that method should work! But regardless, it was risky to do .


Sun Jiao didn't understand his words, but it didn't prevent her from showing her determination .

"Protecting this home," Sun Jiao said seriously .

Jiang Chen was silent .

Suddenly, a loud explosion came from outside the mansion; it sounded like something exploded against the wall .

"Be careful . "

"You too . " Sun Jiao looked at Jiang Chen and smiled .