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Chapter 484

Chapter 484: This is Impossible

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"Fu*k! Their firepower is too strong!"

The machine gunner kneeled behind cover and roared .

"EMP! Is there more EMP?" An infantry five meters out shouted at him .

"All gone! Dammit, I need ammo—"

His eardrums were almost shattered due to the violent explosions . He gritted his teeth without his finger leaving the trigger . With the communication being blocked and the constant explosions, they could only shout to communicate .

Suddenly, a mortar shell smashed onto the side of the cover .

A bowl sized dent appeared on the steel surface, the machine gunner kneeling behind it didn't have time to react before being smashed by the caving effect and flew out .

Seeing his comrade die, the soldier on the side's eyes became bloodshot . He got up to the machine gun position . But before he could make two steps, he was shredded to pieces by the bullets that came from the sky .

Smoke dispersed from the launcher . The reptile that just fired stood still and started the reloading program .

The battle was completely chaotic . The commanding voice was covered by the sound of bullets and fires . With communication being suppressed, the Supreme was slowly but surely gaining the upper hand .

Multiple Python drones broke out from the fire suppression and soared in at low altitude . The engine spat at blue air streams and ripped a hole in NAC's defensive line .

Then they encountered a giant hand .

The smoke grenade exploded, and Jiang Chen in his power armor suddenly broke out from the wall, and both of his hands reached for the roaming Pythons .

After Jiang Chen passed by them, the two Pythons disappeared out of thin air .

Jiang Chen closed his left eye as a cocky smirk appeared on his lips .

After being sent to the pitch black small universe, the two drones instantly became flies without heads and smashed against the edge of the small universe . Because there was no oxygen, the engine immediately stalled . The drones without power and information guidance stopped at the edge of the universe .

"Just like what I expected… with robots, a storage dimension is the trump card . "

Jiang Chen smiled and looked at the drones and quadruped robots outside of the smoke screen .

Because they were not living creatures, the energy they consumed to be put into the storage dimension was similar to normal items . With the robot units with sizes no bigger than two cubic meters, the storage dimension was like cheating .

As long as he could reach them .

The quadruped robots trying to break through the wall found the power armor and immediately turned its machine gun and began to focus fire on Jiang Chen .

Nitrogen armor!

The violent air stream blew open and shifted the bullets . The turbine engines on him propelled and dragged him to the wall on the side .


At least 20 reptiles moved toward the collapsed wall with their machine guns on the top unleashing its fury and continuing its destruction on the smoke and wall .

But at the same time, countless steel strings attached with magnets stuck to the twenty reptile robots .

[As long as I can touch them!]

With a grimacing smile, Jiang Chen hid behind cover and dragged onto the strings in hand .

"I'm a fu*king genius!"

Storage dimension, activate!

The twenty-something robots connected by the string disappeared from the battleground .

"How is that possible!"

Standing in the space station, Lin Chaoen very "humanly" pressed his arms against the table and looked in disbelief at the satellite image .

The twenty robots just disappeared under his eyes . He thought that he made a mistake when he saw the two Pythons disappear, but with that look, the power armor was strange .

Lin Chaoen's eyes adjusted as the digitalized eyes locked onto the power armor .

[Jiang Chen?]

He narrowed his eyes while a smile emerged on his face .

His finger slid on the screen and selected 200 drones and 20 Reptiles . Then his finger pressed onto the power armor .

"The General is on the battlefield? It's like you're asking for death . "

But just then, the corner of his eyes caught a familiar but distant figure .

"How is that possible!"

Muttering to himself, disbelief was written all over his face .

[Fu*k, there are too many!]

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth and dodged the bullets coming toward him . The nitrogen armor could only blow so much mass away . If the unit was attacked by too many bullets, the nitrogen armor could easily be shredded .

He could, of course, use the interdimensional travel ability to dodge, but with the fact that Lin Chaoen was in the God's Cane watching him, any of the exposed areas must be under his watch . If possible, he didn't want to reveal this ability .

On the roof of the mansion, Sun Jiao raised the Ghost Sniper Rifle and provided assistance to Jiang Chen . She tried desperately not to let her troubled state distract her focus, but when she saw the waves of bullets directed at Jiang Chen, her heat uncontrollably clenched .

"Please don't let anything happen!"

She pressed the trigger .


The Reptile with its observation hole penetrated collapsed on the ground with sparks emerging from its body .

Just then, she was suddenly alerted and immediately rolled to the side . At the same time, a series of bullets flew to her from the back and smashed the tile she was on into debris .


She spat out and took out the laser pistol around her waist . With her index finger scrolling through the power adjustment, she pressed the trigger simultaneously .

The powerful laser beam instantly fired and burned the Reptile as the robot fell down from the roof .

Just then, a cold sweat rolled down from her forehead . In her field of vision, at least ten Reptiles appeared .

The black muzzles were all locked onto her .

[Dammit, she didn't focus on her surroundings . ]

Just as Sun Jiao raised her pistol in despair and fired onto the Reptile closest to her, a red light suddenly broke out through the air and the Reptiles and surrounded Sun Jiao all collapsed onto the ground .

The laser rifle in her hand also stalled .

"Lin Lin!" Sun Jiao looked at Lin Lin in shock .

She was covering her left eye while tumbling to get up onto the roof . She clenched onto a dagger in her hand and pressed it against her heart .

"Did we make it… Uhhh! Don't move around! You don't want him to be hurt either . Whatever since you can't go back! I promise you, I will lend my body to you sometimes… Uh!" She seemed to be fighting against something as the muscles on her face twitched while she muttered to herself .

Then, she forcefully moved her eyes to the drones and robots surrounding Jiang Chen . Then with a sharp shout, "Now!"

A red light began to form in Lin Lin's eyes . The solidified light twisted space and something horrific was building up .

Sun Jiao first paused . Before she was aware of what was going on, she stood up and shouted to Jiang Chen .

"Quick, use travel!"

Jiang Chen didn't hesitate at all when he heard Sun Jiao's shout and instantly disappeared from where he stood .

At the same time, the crimson particles fired through the battlefield and destroyed all the electronics in the area . The high-density Klein particles rapidly decayed to the third dimension . The accelerated high energy particles instantly fried all the internal circuits of the robots and drones .

Klein particles ray .

The trump card invented by the Harmony against the Supreme .

"This is impossible

Lin Chaoen muttered with his digitalized eyes locked onto Lin Lin, streams of data flowed through his pupils .

The sample in Fallout Shelter 05 .

The masterpiece of his father .

The first digitalized human .

His sister .

Number 00 .

Lin Lin .  

(Lin Lin has the same sound as 00 in Chinese . )