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Chapter 487

Chapter 487: A Pleasant Surprise

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320 rockets ascended and pierced the dome . They blanketed the New Age Square along the bank of the Huangpu River .

The rockets penetrated the concrete without any explosion . Blue sparks jumped outside the missiles and loud static buzzed in the area . The machine guns present became fried as the 320 EMP rockets eliminated any unprotected electronics .

A helicopter hovered above the New Age Square and confirmed the area was secure . The three corps began to pass over the bridge and the force totaling 5000 people were pushed to the square without any resistance .

In an EMP attack of such intensity and density, even if a chip was built with EMP resistance, it still couldn't be protected from being fried .

Without any fighting required, the NAC soldiers captured the area easily . But what made Cheng Weiguo puzzled was why they didn't face any resistance or people; it made him feel like his fist hadn't landed anywhere .

After discussing with Zhao Gang and Wang Zhaowu, Cheng Weiguo ordered the corps to station themselves in the square and he sent out reconnaissance units to scout the area .

Near New Age Square, the First Corps reconnaissance units discovered a data tower installed on the surface as well as an automated factory . When they found the place, Cheng Weiguo immediately sent out soldiers to occupy the area and obtained two production lines to the Reptile drone and Python drone .

Compared to the multi-functional "Hummingbird" drone, the Python was a complete war machine . The hovering fixed machine guns along with its elongated design allowed the unit to be agile while carrying six times the amount of ammo capacity compared to the Hummingbird . It possessed an independent attack module which allowed it to operate in offline mode while still detecting friendly units and analyzing the terrain to complete the mission .

The Reptile drone was just like the Python - it was an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that could still operate in offline mode . It could assist the infantry during battle to act as a mobile supply box and an even more powerful mobile fire platform . The name "Battle Assistant" didn't come out of nowhere .

It was a pleasant surprise to be able to find so many goodies at Lin Chaoen's base .

Soon after, the Third Corps found the entrance to the fallout shelter in the metro station near the square . They cleared out the zombies inside the area and secured the location .

But a new problem appeared .

They took the elevator underground and secluded themselves there entirely .

Cheng Weiguo immediately made orders to take apart the elevator platform and sent a knight in power armor . The power armor was tied to a graphene rapport and if anything odd happened, they would immediately drag him up .

Once he reached the bottom, the knight encountered a situation similar to Fallout Shelter 027 .

The fallout shelter's door was tightly shut . The thick door didn't look like it could be opened with force . The gear-shaped door was engraved with "Lin Fallout Shelter . " Just from the name, the fallout shelter was probably private and not a numbered fallout shelter constructed by the PAC .

The people inside probably used data towers on the surface to exchange information .

Facing this circumstance, Cheng Weiguo had to contact Jiang Chen for directions .

"Although we can't open the door, we can place explosives underneath . We only need an equivalent of 100 tons of explosives to make the 3000-meter tunnel collapse and bury them underground . "

"If we're only burying them, it's still a hazard . " Jiang Chen shook his head . "And I'm also curious what's behind the door . "

"But in theory, the door to the fallout shelter can't be opened from the outside with force . " Cheng Weiguo had a wry smile .

It was indeed a difficult problem and Jiang Chen couldn't think of any solutions . It was a turtle shell even a nuke couldn't crack; he didn't have any better solutions .

"How about this? Standby there and I'll make a trip down . "

"Okay . " Cheng Weiguo nodded .

Communication ended . Jiang Chen closed his eyes and began to think, leaning on his chair .

But after some deliberation, he still hadn't come up with a solution .

Just then came some knocks on the door .

"Come in . "

The door opened and Sun Jiao, without a kinetic skeleton, came in .

"Lin Lin already recovered, but she's still really weak . Tingting in her body used too much energy by using the Klein particle ray . What's going on at the frontlines?"

Sun Jiao wearily grabbed a chair and sat in front of Jiang Chen's desk .

"Lin Chaoen's base is cleared out and we obtained two production lines . The only problem is, their people hid in the fallout shelter… if they have people . "

"Bury them with nukes," Sun Jiao said menacingly .

Whenever she thought about the bullet holes in the walls and the base in shambles, she felt angry . After living there for so long, this place was her home . It would be hard to ease her hatred unless she wiped out those despicable people .

"That's a must, but burying them is too easy of an ending for them . " Jiang Chen smiled at Sun Jiao gritting her teeth .

"Then what do we do? They won't come out of their turtle shells . " Sun Jiao put her hand on the table and pouted her mouth .

Jiang Chen paused for a moment and said, "I'll make a trip down there . "

"A trip down there?" Sun Jiao looked cautiously at Jiang Chen . "Are you going to do something dangerous?"

"How's that possible?" Jiang Chen rolled his eyes . "I'm going to see if I can throw the door into the storage dimension . "

Sun Jiao looked at Jiang Chen with skepticism while laying on her arm .

"That should be hard . I remember your storage dimension can't cut out items connected to something . In the case of a door, it's attached to the wall . "

Sun Jiao conducted an experiment with Jiang Chen that tested to see it was possible to throw other people's guns in their hands into the storage dimension . The answer was no because creatures with life energy above a certain level couldn't enter the storage dimension, and the guns held by people by default were viewed as one . But magnets connected with steel could be transported .

Jiang Chen guessed they might have to forcibly move atoms on the surface . He didn't explain why the items on the floor weren't viewed as being relative to the earth .

Even now, there were still many secrets he didn't understand from the storage dimension .

"How would you do it without testing?" Jiang Chen sighed .

Although he knew it was a lost cause, it was worth trying . That place contained the top technology of the Supreme . Two production lines would be extremely helpful and who knew what else was inside?

He came to the hanger and the two helicopters returned to the base on standby .

He changed into a new set of T-3 power armor . Just as Jiang Chen was about to board, Lin Lin ran over with small steps .

He stopped in front of the helicopter as he turned around in shock .

"Lin Lin? Why are you here?"

"I . . . " She bent over with her hands on her knees to regain her breath . She looked to the side, slightly embarrassed . "I heard from sister Sun Jiao that you're going there and I'm worried, so I followed along . "

"Take care of yourself first . " Jiang Chen looked speechlessly at her and turned around to board .

"Wait, don't leave! I-I can help! If your opponents are machines, I can use my Klein particle ray to wipe them out . " Lin Lin raised her chest with pride with a proud curvature formed on her face . "I just saved you a few hours ago . You'll be safer with me . "

[It's what Tingting wanted . ]

Lin Lin added that in her mind .

"With your current condition, could you still use that ability?" Jiang Chen asked with skepticism .

"Of course, yes! I'm mostly recovered, so please bring me along!" Lin Lin nodded with certainty .

Jiang Chen sighed and had to nod .

"Okay, you have to promise you won't cause trouble . "

"Don't worry! I'm very obedient!" Lin Lin giggled and said cheerfully .

With how energized she looked, Jiang Chen also felt less worried .

It was indeed an excellent choice to bring Lin Lin along . The Klein particle ray was the nemesis of robots no matter how strong the robots were . And Lin Lin already knew the secret to his storage dimension . Bringing her along meant there were safety concerns and he didn't need to worry about his secret being leaked .

Just like this, Lin Lin boarded the helicopter with Jiang Chen .

With the guide's instructions, the helicopter slowly lifted off and transported the duo to the city center .

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