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Chapter 490
Chapter 490: The Dowry
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Caron_

"How…" Tears filled Lin Lin's eyes as she stared at the image on the screen and mumbled, "No, this must be a lie . Jiang Chen, tell me, dad is lying to me, right…?"

Jiang Chen took her into his arms without saying a word .

Although the cold armor couldn't bring her any warmth, he hoped she would feel better from his embrace .

Jiang Chen looked at Lin Chaoen who was still smiling along with the old father who reappeared on the screen – Lin Minjie .

"Fallout Shelter 005 was a pawn and Lin Lin's presence there wasn't an accident but a necessity . "

"Didn't you find it odd? Why would a fallout shelter used to develop advanced artificial intelligence have a copy of ? And so many people knew it was inside the fallout shelter . "

"It wasn't there to be the hope of mankind but rather a piece of bait to lure naïve survivors to run inside and become subjects for the experiment . "

"If things had gone according to plan, the Dusk organization would've sent people inside the fallout shelter to become fresh subjects for our experiment . But unfortunately, our project had flaws from the beginning . The bug from 'the Harmony' infiltrated the fallout shelter and then you . If I guessed correctly, you should be the person who destroyed x71291 . What a stubborn individual - that product saved thousands of lives . " Lin Minjie shook his head and cursed .

Jiang Chen silently listened to Doctor Lin Minjie's readme file with a perplexed expression .

When Jiang Chen saved Lin Lin from Fallout Shelter 005 after she realized her father left her to leave the planet, Jiang Chen said this to her: "Perhaps, from another perspective, he left hope on this planet . "

But now, maybe what he said was wrong .

From before the war, everyone was his pawn on the path to reaching the Supreme .

If Jiang Chen hadn't forcefully flipped over the chessboard, perhaps he would've already succeeded .

Lin Lin's whimpering voice interrupted Jiang Chen's train of thought . Her eyes were filled with tears and she looked at her father with certainty .

"But… I will still use my knowledge to bring hope for our people . "

Lin Minjie stared at his daughter for a while before he started to smile . "Is that so? I'm happy you have dreams, my dear daughter… I genuinely hope you can achieve your dream . "

He paused and looked at Jiang Chen . "Jiang Chen, right? I already know your stance of being a human . Regarding your victory, I graciously accept it, but I won't congratulate you . "

"I never had expectations of receiving congratulations from my enemy . "

"Also, I hope you won't discriminate against my daughter just because she's a digitalized human . "

"Please be assured that won't happen . "

What should be buried wasn't digitalized humans nor artificial intelligence . . . but dangerous thought . While Lin Lin had fundamental differences from real digitalized humans, her brain was still a brain .

Jiang Chen looked down and raised the rifle in his hand .

Lin Lin gently pulled at him .

"Do you want to stop me?" Jiang Chen said in a quiet voice .

"Can you not spare him?"

Jiang Chen's certainty was his response to her .

This was the only circumstance where he couldn't show mercy .

"Then… let me do it . I don't want . . . don't want you to become the person who kills my father," Lin Lin spoke with a remorseful smile .

She stood there with her father's brain in front of her and droplets of tears rolling down her face . She never was a strong person .

At the end of the road, with his daughter in tears, Lin Minjie seemed to have understood something - the definition of emotion, the algorithm he tried to craft for advanced artificial intelligence had been always within his reach .

But he couldn't see .

Because on the path to the Supreme, he had given up too much .

He watched his daughter kneeling on the ground, crying . He suddenly felt that this outcome wasn't too bad .

"Inside this server, there is a document numbered 7381 with a 103-page essay about warp drives . " Lin Minjie stared into Jiang Chen's eyes . "If you ever face them one day, it might be useful . This is her dowry from father to daughter; I hope you can treat her well because of this gift . "

"Thank you . "

Although without this gift, he would still treat her well .

"You don't need to thank me . Because even if you really create the warp drive, your odds of winning only increase from 0% to 1% . " Lin Minjie scoffed .

Communication was tuned into Jiang Chen's communication channel; he didn't make Lin Lin hear his final monologue .

Jiang Chen wanted to say something . He took a deep breath to calm himself in a desperate attempt to hide the weakness in his heart .

"Why didn't you tell her?"

"In the end, I wanted to experience what it felt like to be a father . " He ended with a sentence that had more meaning than met the eye .

In that instant, Jiang Chen had the impulse to stop everything . He wasn't a coldblooded man and was never indifferent to cruelty . Since Lin Minjie already lost, he didn't need to put the final nail in the coffin . Since he was the father of Lin Lin, even just for… for Lin Lin, maybe he could let his brain survive .

In that instant, Jiang Chen had the impulse to stop everything . He wasn't a coldblooded man and was never indifferent to cruelty . Since Lin Minjie already lost, he didn't need to put the final nail in the coffin . Since he was the father of Lin Lin, even just for… for Lin Lin, maybe he could let his brain survive .

Lin Minjie seemed to have read Jiang Chen's thoughts as he laughed and spoke in the communication channel: "It doesn't feel good to live with just a brain . The only reason I could live till now was to wait for the day I could abandon this brain too . Won't you allow that day to come?"

Jiang Chen was silent .

"The places I didn't take her to - I hope you can do that for me . "

Jiang Chen nodded . "I promise . "

Lin Minjie smiled at Jiang Chen . A sudden trace of remorse appeared in his eyes, but it was quickly replaced by certainty .

Suddenly, he looked at Lin Chaoen who had been smiling the whole time .

"My son, I'll give you the last order . No, two last orders…"

Lin Chaoen nodded .

"First, turn off the life-supporting device of my brain . "

Lin Chaoen's brain was buried low .

Lin Lin raised her face covered in tears as she looked at her father . Her lips trembled and she whimpered "no" repeatedly .

Lin Minjie looked at his daughter one last time and slowly closed his eyes .

"Second, end your life . "

"Understood, father . "

"Understood, father . "

Without hesitation, Lin Chaoen walked to the side of the central computer .

"No—" Lin Lin screamed out .

The cry echoed in the empty fallout shelter . Jiang Chen tried not to look at Lin Lin .

But Jiang Chen noticed that before he pressed the button, Lin Chaoen's hand hovered over the switch for two seconds .

In the end, he still pressed it .

The bubbles in the vial gradually stopped and the green nutrient levels calmed down .

If blood and oxygen supplies are cut off, brain cells will stop functioning within 60 seconds . Within four minutes, brain cells will start to die . In 6-10 minutes, the brain will suffer irreparable damage with a large amount of brain cell death .

Watching that vial, tears rolled down on Lin Lin's mask .

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and counted in his mind .

Lin Chaoen turned around and looked thoughtfully at Jiang Chen .

"That's weird . For an instant, I had a thought to reject the order . "

Jiang Chen said quietly, "Congratulations . "

"No, you don't have to congratulate me since I didn't receive a mission to evolve into advanced artificial intelligence . " A sudden smile appeared on Lin Chaoen's face . "Goodbye . "

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