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Chapter 491
Chapter 491: Garden of Eden Initialize

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The arm is not powerful enough? Switch to a mechanical arm . Giving birth is too slow? Raise it in a nutrient chamber . Reaching consensus is impossible in a meeting? Connect everyone's thoughts together . The brain could explode? Use a chip to replace the brain .

When every part of the human could be replaced, the only thing that can represent the human was its consciousness . And when consciousness could be replicated and mass produced, only efficiency would remain in the world, and the purpose of efficiency would be survival .

And the purpose of survival is what then?

Lin Chaoen chose to self-destruct along with 71 backup bodies in the hibernation chambers .

Perhaps he realized something in the end . When he made a choice, he was very calm; without any longing for this world .

To his choice, Jiang Chen could only lower his gun and didn't ask him to stay .

Jiang Chen surrounded the crying Lin Lin in his arms . He didn't know how to comfort her as he whispered something in her ear before carrying her and leaving the now silent fallout shelter .

Jiang Chen instructed the First Division soldiers to take away the quantum computer and other equipment from the fallout shelter . As to the eighty hibernation chambers and the vial, after asking for Lin Lin's opinion, he left them underground .

Because Doctor Lin Minjie passed away, the fallout shelter lost its sole controller, and its functionality came to a halt . The door of the fallout shelter could no longer be closed . To prevent people disturbing his long rest, Jiang Chen gifted the last grace .

Five hundred kilograms of explosives collapsed the entire tunnel and buried the fallout shelter 3000 meters underground .

Although the civilization was never born, it was still the grave of a civilization . It deserved the last tribute .

It was supreme but was never meant to be accepted by the majority .

He was a great scientist . This was without a doubt .

Inside the Lin Fallout Shelter, the NAC obtained an experimental level quantum computer which made the scientists in Fallout Shelter 027 ecstatic . The crowded quantum computer was finally freed from working over capacity which brought a significant bottleneck to NAC's research efficiency .

The research paper on wrap paper was given to Jiang Lin as he had been keen on this area of research . If the one hundred page paper could bring him some inspiration, then it would be a great contribution to the entire NAC… no, to the entire earth's mankind .

If the Natural Selection will arrive on Earth, then humans with wrap engine would have a fighting chance . If they can't win, they could still escape .

Of course, if possible, Jiang Chen still hoped he could solve the problem .

Regardless, the modern world is his home .

Northwest of Shenxiang, at the intersection of Taifu River and Dianshan Lake .

In a place one kilometer away from the lake, ten trucks parked on the cracked rural roads . Slaves hauled beams of steel to the barren land under the direction of the engineer with a blueprint; they inserted the steel beam into the corresponding location .

The steels formed into a circle several kilometers in diameter with excavators working inside the circular area from the middle . They moved the chunks of soil onto the truck to the empty ground two kilometers out .

The middle of the circle was paved with concrete . A concrete circular pole stood in the middle with a diameter of five meters . The pole connected to the steel beams like a wheel bearing extended to the edge . At the same time, the bottom of the pole was installed with water outlets and a drainage pipe with graphite filter membrane . The edge of the bearing connected the water treatment plant's pipe .

It was like a giant grinding disc .

The soil moved by truck were all dumped there and mixed with fresh water transported from the automated water treatment plant a few kilometers out .

Just yesterday, the Hunter Division cleared out the Bug Vehicle nest in the water treatment plant and brought the plant under NAC control . Although the nuclear fusion battery stored inside could sustain water treatment for two years, it was still a problem to desert the water treatment plant . The construction of the Garden of Eden required a large amount of fresh water, and the fresh water will be supplied by newly built pipelines .

Soil, water, and treatment liquid will be mixed together under the "grinding disc" into mud, the continuous water will wash the toxins and radiation residue to the Dianshan river . The washing method to dilute and cleanse soil had a capacity of 1000 cubic meters of soil a day .

Soil cleansing was the first step in constructing the Garden of Eden .

Although he could transport soils from the modern world, it would require an astronomical amount of soil to construct a Garden of Eden with a diameter of five kilometers . With Xin's territory, it was not easy to obtain that amount of soil . Even if the soil were imported, it would still be difficult to explain the whereabouts of the soil .

If it could be solved in the apocalypse, it was better to rely on the resources available in the apocalypse . Since the NAC already had acquired the absolute control of Wanghai, regardless of how reckless they were with the construction, it was achievable with NAC's financial capability and influence .

This soil cleansing system was only the first one . Jiang Chen planned to construct ten more beside Dianshan Lake .

Lin Lin looked at the spinning disc as she gently put on her chest and recollected what Jiang Chen told her when she was in despair .

"Construct a Garden of Eden for me beside Shenxiang . The soil there is not too bad . By growing mutated fruit and Carm tree sap there, the radiation and pollution in the area decreased by a lot . Although the toxicity level is still high, it'll be easier to change there .

He paused .

"Perhaps many years later, that place will become a place where flowers bloom, and birds sing . "

[Perhaps even more beautiful than before the war . ]

Lin Lin had a pleasant smile on her face and added in her mind .

Surprisingly, the remorse in her chest faded .

The war was finally over .

The mutant nests in the city center turned into ash with the strike of the tungsten rod . The smaller nests in the rural areas were in the process of being cleared out . NAC would send out a team of no less than 500 "scavengers" with flamethrowers, heavy machineguns, and the support of armored vehicles to clear out the remaining nests in underground sewer systems and buildings .

The entire west city center of Wanghai turned from the most dangerous hunting place around on wasteland to a haven in the Suhang province .

And this Garden of Eden will become the most beautiful place in the Suhang province . Even the most beautiful place on the wasteland in the future .

"In three months, the Garden of Eden will finish soil cleansing . At the same time, the foundation near the lake will be completed . A month after that, the atmosphere separation membrane will be deployed, and the first phase of the Garden of Eden will be completed . " Lin Lin looked at Jiang Chen who just walked beside her and had a proud smile on her face .

"Four months? Then the cannons, port, and defensive buildings along the river should be completed too . " Jiang Chen stared into the distance and smiled too .

Lin Lin rolled her eyes . "Could you not say something that ruins the mood?"

"To protect the beautiful flower, guns and cannons are necessary . " Jiang Chen's eyes narrowed .

He then paused and looked toward Lin Lin . "But just leave these kinds of unromantic thing to the unromantic me . "

Lin Lin blushed and looked away .

"… Whatever you want to do . "

Once the first Garden of Eden is complete, the food production in the apocalypse could be self-sufficient . At least grain, wheat, and some crops could be directly grown there . The cost might be higher, it was a good start .

Then the second one .

The new biosphere will begin to emerge on the wasteland like a series of air bubbles . The space will first be used to produce food, and then residential areas will be developed…

With the Sixth Street's increasing population, they can't constantly depend on Jiang Chen to be the "food transporter" . Although in theory it was possible, it won't be stable in the long term .

Self-sufficient in food is the first step to Order .

And a must step for Order .