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Chapter 492
Chapter 492: The Secret of the Small Universe

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Lin Lin provided the construction blueprint for the Garden of Eden, and the construction specifics were the responsibilities of the NAC engineers . Jiang Chen formed a special department named "Garden of Eden Research Institute" . Lin Lin had no experience in management, and she personally had no interest in managing people . The department was different from the independent Aerospace Technology Research Institute with the human resources department responsible for managing .

Lu Huasheng was meticulous with his work which reassured Jiang Chen .

From the start, he was the chief engineer to the construction of the base, so it wouldn't be of worry to let him handle the construction project . Although the technology in the Garden of Eden was somewhat advanced, Lin Lin provided the blueprints for each step of the development . With NAC engineers' wealth of experience, it wouldn't be difficult to construct it .

The Sun was disappearing on the horizon .

After completing a tour, Jiang Chen took Lin Lin back to the mansion in the Fishbone base .

As usual, the delicious Yao Yao prepared a dinner equally as delicious as her . The usually adorable Sun Xiaorou studied on the side while helping Yao Yao out . As for Sun Jiao, she was in the kitchen "trying the food out" .

When he just stepped in, the aroma of the food drifted into his nose . Lin Lin who took off her shoes ran into the kitchen shouting and fighting with Sun Jiao for the position of "taste tester" . Every time this happened, Sun Xiaorou would comfort the two, but a little devil smile would appear on her face .

Jiang Chen's face would always have a joyful smile looking at the scene in the kitchen .

If would be great if he could bring his family from the modern world back .

In the cheerful atmosphere, Jiang Chen and the girls finished dinner . Jiang Chen watched Lin Lin with a pouted mouth head into the kitchen with the utensils as he rubbed his full belly and returned to his room .

Whether it was the mutants, or Harmony, or Supreme, all of them ceased to exist . Jiang Chen finally had time to research the mutated storage dimension .

Jiang Chen lied on the bed and closed his eyes to immerse his consciousness into the packed small universe .

The universe expanded exceptionally slowly, in a month's time, the radius only increased by a tiny amount .

But even then, it was still a decent size . From the 300 cubic meters at the big bang, it stretched into 340 cubic meters . But Jiang Chen didn't understand the mechanism behind the small universe's expansion .

Inside the pitch black space, Reptile drone and Python drones floated . Their power was almost drained and could be brought out from the storage dimension after a few more days .

And right now, most of them were scattered around the boundary of the small universe . Jiang Chen still faintly recalled that when these things were first thrown in the storage dimension . They still maintained motion .

"Would the motion be lost when it contacted the boundary of the universe?" Jiang Chen pondered with a hand on his chin .

He was not a physicist and couldn't explain the phenomenon . Even Lin Lin with knowledge in Klein particle couldn't explain it . She roughly summarized it to "The original eleven-dimensional space decayed into three dimensional under the collapse and the big bang . "

According to the superstring theory in M- theory (1), the existence of eleven-dimensional super-gravitational attractions, Jiang Chen's previous storage dimension was similar to what was described in the theory, the dimension created through pure gravity .

When Jiang Chen asked about the pros and cons, Lin Lin only gave an ambiguous answer .

"It is hard to say if it is good or bad . The objective existence of nature has always been irrelevant of good or bad . You can interpret the previous dimension as playdoh that can be freely squished, but now it became a fixed spherical space . There are points, lines, time and all other eleven dimensions and below concepts . But you only foolishly use it as a handy treasure box . Since then, no matter what it becomes, it wouldn't matter to you . " Lin Lin rolled her eyes .

But if it could become a bit bigger…

Jiang Chen stared at the deep abyss and entered into deep thought .

Inside the small universe, he was the god of the place . Any of the items inside could be moved with his consciousness . Changing the location of the things inside was as simple as organizing a backpack .

But the ability to give an object motion would consume the energy of the bracelet . Also, any item that came in contact with the boundary would lose its kinetic energy .

Inside the entire small universe, only the boundary was out of his control .

If the universe was bigger, big enough to put a planet inside .

Jiang Chen was suddenly shocked by the idea before he shook his head with a wry smile .

With the current expansion speed, even after his 17th life, it would still not be big enough to put a Wanghai inside .

Maybe he should throw a few nukes inside and forcefully "expand" this space?

Jiang Chen quickly negated the idea .

Disregarding if he could gather so many nuclear bombs or blood crystals, and overlooking if Sun Xiaorou can explode the blood crystals, no one was certain if another collapse and big bang could happen in the storage dimension . Would the space dimension fall to the first dimension? If the entire space only stretched vertically, he would have played himself .

There was also a possibility that the energy of the explosion couldn't meet the energy required for collapsing and the detonated blood crystals in the space would form a never attenuated light ball . In some sense, it would be the most painful situation . The instant he removed the light ball, he would be vaporized by the one million degrees of high temperature, but if he did not remove the light ball, the storage space would be useless .

There must be a way to increase the size of the storage dimension…

"But the way is still unknown?" Jiang Chen let out a sigh and moved the robots around a bit .

But then, he suddenly felt a light motion on his body . Although his consciousness sank into the small universe, he could still feel his body in the real world .

When he opened his eyes, a blushed face appeared in sight .

"Yao Yao, is there something wrong?" Jiang Chen looked at Yao Yao retracting her finger and rubbed her soft head .

"Hmm, is Brother Jiang Chen going to go back to that side soon?" Yao Yao asked in a quiet voice .

"Mhmm, I still have things to take care of on that side . " Jiang Chen sensed the softness in his palm and smiled .

"Big Brother is working really hard," Yao Yao said in a worried voice .

[Not so much working so hard, or rather, it is more relaxing . ]

With her concerned attitude, Jiang Chen felt a bit embarrassed .

"Hmm, as a way to relax, do you need Yao Yao to give you a massage?" Yao Yao lowered her head, smiled timidly, and played with the corner of her dress .


Jiang Chen remembered the intimate moment that happened when she massaged him, Jiang Chen uncontrollably gulped .

Instincts told him that he should reject, but his body nodded with honesty .

Sometimes he thought that he was too evil…

(1) Superstring theory is an attempt to explain all of the particles and fundamental forces of nature in one theory by modeling them as vibrations of tiny supersymmetric strings .

'Superstring theory' is a shorthand for supersymmetric string theory because unlike bosonic string theory, it is the version of string theory that accounts for both fermions and bosons and incorporates supersymmetry to model gravity .

Since the second superstring revolution, the five superstring theories are regarded as different limits of a single theory tentatively called M-theory .

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