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Chapter 498
Chapter 498: Examining Ghost Agents
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Caron_

With the crisp applause, the ten-minute examination was over . When Zhu Yu walked toward the briefcases full of cash, Zhu Yu felt like this was all so surreal .

The Celestial Trade employees responsible for distributing the cash gave back the agents' luggage so they could store their stacks of cash . Zhu Yu looked at her stuffed backpack then back at the door to the cabin . She felt an inexplicable feeling .

The moment she boarded the plane to the island, she dreamed of living a lavish but exciting life like 007, but when she was forced to step onto the vessel to the training base, the reality destroyed her hopes for a "perfect life . "

But now with a bag full of cash and an opportunity to board the vessel back to civilized society, she felt empty .

"What're you thinking about?" The blonde girl named Penny stopped beside her and put her hand on her friend's shoulder .

"I don't know . " Zhu Yu shook her head as her serene face was filled with confusion . "Although at the beginning, I felt pain and despair in my hellish days as I waited for the day I could leave… now that the day is finally here, I just feel empty inside . "

"Congratulations, you graduated," Penny said optimistically .

Zhu Yu looked at her friend, puzzled .

Penny shrugged and replied, "When I was in university, our state mandated military training . At the end of the training, that's what our trainer told us . "

"Is that so?" A relieved smile appeared on Zhu Yu's face .

Penny laughed and smacked her friend's shoulder playfully . "Don't think too much . It's not good for a girl to be too shy . You can be melancholic when you're old, but now you should think about how you're going to spend the money . "

Penny patted her backpack with a grin .

"You're right . I'll send some money to my family first or I'll just move my family here . Since I didn't say anything when I left, they must be worried," Zhu Yu said .

"You eastern people are so problematic - my mom kicked me out when I was 18 . " Penny looked speechlessly at her friend .

Aside from these two, the agents all chatted with the friends they made during training . They discussed how they would spend the money and where they would go for their ten-day vacation . The layout of the vessel was different than when they first came - the spacious cabin was filled with delicious food and champagne in a party atmosphere .

Just like a graduation ceremony .

Once all the agents boarded, Jiang Chen smiled at the female trainers standing dumbfounded .

"What are you guys waiting for? There's a share belonging to you too . "

As they snapped back to reality, the six trainers walked over in excitement while suppressing their ecstatic moods to accept the 100 thousand that belonged to them .

After everyone boarded, Jiang Chen signaled the vessel to take everyone to New Moon Island . Once they were on New Moon Island, the Xin National Security Department would complete the paperwork for them, assign equipment, and arrange positions .

The busy 80-day training period had ended and the small island finally returned to peace .

Jiang Chen gazed at the girl he hadn't seen for a long time and she was gazing at him too . Her dark brown hair reflected an intoxicating brightness under the dusk sunlight . Her camouflage shirt outlined her gorgeous figure .

Her blue pupils were the most irresistible; they seemed to be speaking - showing him her passion and gentleness .

Without any words, Jiang Chen walked up to hug her . She gave a light shout when he pushed her onto the training ground sandpit .

Ayesha felt the cold mixture of sand and seawater as well as the pressure on her chest . Ayesha timidly glanced at the podium she used to stand on when she conducted training and whispered:

"No, not here . "

She watched the agents crawl through every day, but she didn't think she would fall here one day .

"Don't you think this is exciting? The place where you trained them with authority . " Jiang Chen bit Ayesha's ear with a smirk .

With her face blushing and no one left on the island, Ayesha began to lose their willpower as she mumbled:

"I'm not authoritative at all… and the vessel left, how are we going to go back…?"

"I arranged a helicopter . " Jiang Chen blew into her delicate ear . "It will be here tomorrow morning . "

"I arranged a helicopter . " Jiang Chen blew into her delicate ear . "It will be here tomorrow morning . "

"But it's too dirty here…" Ayesha anxiously looked at the mud on her shoulder .

"Don't worry, I'll wash it off for you . There are bathrooms in the hotel on the island . "

Jiang Chen could no longer resist staring at her shirt damp with seawater along with her messy hair .

Without giving any more opportunities for Ayesha to "resist," Jiang Chen kissed her .

The next morning, the helicopter arrived and stopped on the helipad on top of the hotel .

When they boarded the helicopter, Ayesha looked and reminisced about the island disappearing in the distance . Jiang Chen, who noticed her gaze, gently squeezed her small hand and smiled . "Don't want to leave?"

"I'm just feeling nostalgic . " A smile appeared on Ayesha's lips . "Those children, although they were very resistant in the beginning, they gradually matured after a lot of things happened during training . They are now much more reliable compared to 80 days ago . "

[Children? A lot of them are older than you . ]

Jiang Chen focused on Ayesha's side profile as he mocked her only in his mind, not wishing to ruin the mood .

"Will this place be deserted in the future?"

"Will this place be deserted in the future?"

"It will be the training base for future Ghost Agents, but the training will be done by current agents, your students . " Jiang Chen rubbed her soft and puffy hair . "I don't want you to leave for too long . "

A stunning curvature appeared on her cold face as Ayesha rested her head on Jiang Chen's shoulder . She began to draw on Jiang Chen's leg with her finger .

"What are you writing?" Jiang Chen hugged her thin shoulder .

"A spell," Ayesha whispered .

"Can I know what kind of spell? Miss Witch . " Jiang Chen joked .

"I will gift you my soul so I can stay with you through eternity… the spell from my hometown . "

At her heartfelt words, Jiang Chen leaned down and pecked her pale forehead .

"Thank you, this is the most beautiful gift I've ever received . "

Ayesha timidly buried her face into Jiang Chen's shoulder and happily closed her eyes . Her longing for him had been fulfilled bit by bit .

In the rays of the morning sun, the outline of the helicopter disappeared into the horizon .

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