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Chapter 499
Chapter 499: Modified Lamborghini

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With the training of the Ghost Agents completed, the Xin national security department finally became a functional force . While training, Ayesha carefully documented each agent's talent and personality before providing a detailed summary . People with strong organizational abilities were promoted to a management role, people with strong intelligence were sent to counterintelligence or personal security roles and people with strong executive abilities went abroad for intelligence collection…

The 110 agents formed a massive net that covered every corner of Xin and expanded its tentacle-like reach to the outside world . They were just like 110 pairs of eyes that monitored the comings and goings of every corner of Xin .

When they returned to Coro Island from the training island, it was almost 11 . Ayesha dropped off her luggage in the living room before she ran to the kitchen . Water began to run . By the sound of it, Jiang Chen knew she was cleaning the dusty kitchenware .

Since Ayesha left, Jiang Chen hadn't cooked at home . He either went out to eat or traveled to the apocalypse . Hence the kitchen was completely deserted .

Moments later, the fan was turned on before he heard the sound of vegetables being chopped . Jiang Chen watched the figure moving back and forth behind the frosted glass before a genuine smile appeared on his face .

[How should I describe the feeling?]

[Absence makes the heart grow fonder?]

Although Ayesha always seemed like a newlywed wife .

After not having Ayesha's cooking for so long, when he ate her delicious food again, Jiang Chen almost ate his tongue .

Ayesha's cooking style was completely different from Yao Yao's . Due to the cold of the apocalypse, Yao Yao favored stews and hotpots more . But Ayesha's style was a fusion between the east and west . For example, she chopped pepped steak into strips to fry them with peppers . But regardless of her style, there was no doubt her food was delicious!

If it wasn't for the fact that he injected the genetic vaccine with a digestive and had higher metabolism than typical people, he would be afraid he'd get a food-baby from eating so much food .

With her arms on the table while gazing at her love feasting on her cooked food, a joyful smile appeared on Ayesha's face .

"Aren't you hungry?" Jiang Chen noticed Ayesha hadn't even touched her chopsticks yet as he asked curiously .

Ayesha blinked her blue eyes .

"Mhmm… I feel like I haven't seen you for a while . I want to look at you more . "

After lunch, Jiang Chen helped Ayesha clean up the dishes and stuffed them into the dishwasher . He also put the clothes from yesterday into the washer and they picked up cleaning equipment to completely clean the mansion covered in dust .

. . .

Although Ayesha insisted she would do it herself, Jiang Chen still picked up a broom to help . It would be too embarrassing if she cleaned the whole mansion herself while he didn't do any chores .

Especially since there was much inexplicable fun to be had with chores when doing them with the person you loved .

When the housework was done, it would be time to clean the person .

Thus, Jiang Chen picked up Ayesha and carried the blushing woman into the washroom .

The shower ran for two hours straight before it finally stopped .

Jiang Chen relaxed the whole day .

The next morning, Jiang Chen planned to visit Zhang Yapin in the presidential palace . Yesterday afternoon, he already made an appointment and President Zhang Yapin specifically rescheduled a few meetings so he could meet him for the entire morning .

Jiang Chen took Ayesha to the garage and handed her the brand new car keys .

"Let's get familiarized with our new car . "

Ayesha looked at the Lamborghini quite puzzled .

"Is it different from the previous one?"

Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously .

"There are too many differences; you'll see once you get in . "

Ayesha, with a skeptical look, put her hand on the front engine cover and gently tapped it . Instantly, her expression became surprised .

"The exterior of the car was completely replaced with super-plastic steel and repainted . The car windows were replaced with organic bulletproof glass that's capable of blocking anti-armor sniper rifle . s Aside from the car being slightly heavier by a few kilograms, the defense of this Lamborghini is comparable to an armored vehicle . " Jiang Chen walked beside Ayesha as he explained the car to her .

"Is… is this the technology from that side?" Ayesha ran her hand along the surface and murmured .

"Yes . Aside from all that, there's a button below the steering wheel that can launch heat sensor grenades from the spare exhaust . Targets can be locked onto from the screen . "

Although it was the technology from the apocalypse, it didn't require too much expertise . They only built an exterior based on the specifications and added a grenade launcher . A lot of wealthy people before the war were keen to collect heavily-taxed diesel vehicles . So when Jiang Chen took out the odd-looking Lamborghini from the Sixth Street repair shop, they didn't look surprised at all .

The entire modification process took only 500 credits, which was well worth the money . If it wasn't for the fact that the trunk was in the front, thus creating a lack of space, Jang Chen would've installed two Python rocket launchers on it .

Just as Natasha reminded him, since he was in a position of power, it was better for him to be cautious about his own safety . Jiang Chen wouldn't permit anything that happened on Coro Island to happen again .

Ayesha sat in the highly modified Lamborghini and tested the handling with a spin outside the garage then she stopped the car right in front of Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen leaned on the passenger seat, put on his seat belt, and Ayesha started the car again .

From Jiang Chen's experience as a passenger, aside from the vehicle being more stable compared to before, there was nothing else too different .

They arrived at the garage of the presidential palace . With the guidance of the employees, Jiang Chen stepped into Zhang Yapin's office .

Zhang Yapin stood up when he saw Jiang Chen to greet him .

"What do you want to drink?

"Thank you, coffee is fine . " Jiang Chen smiled and sat across from Zhang Yapin .

The honor of the president personally making coffee for him was something only he could enjoy . But it wasn't without reason since Jiang Chen's Future Group and Celestial Trade directly provided 10000 job to Xin and indirectly facilitated at least 40000 employment positions . While the large number of foreigners raised the cost of living in the short term, it also made the locals wealthy .

Just thinking about the prosperous industries at Ange Island and the tourism growing by the day on the other eight islands, the president just couldn't stop smiling .

"How have you been?" Jiang Chen took a sip of his coffee .

"Busy but it feels pretty good . Because of Moro's independence movement, Country F can no longer be self-sustaining . Australia plans to increase trade with us, but we still have a small disagreement regarding the tariffs . Their people and our people have been in nonstop debate for the past few days, but it's under friendly terms . " With his fingers crossed on his knee, Zhang Yapin said pleasantly, "So, the question we are discussing today is . . . ?"

Jiang Chen put down his coffee and said two words .

"Visiting Hua . "

"Visiting Hua?" Zhang Yapin raised his eyebrows . "But with the F civil war continuing to escalate, being too close to Hua could make UA suspicious . "

"Then we'll visit them together . "

With December approaching, whether it was for the smooth launch of virtual reality helmets or the full expansion of Xin's tourism industry, an official diplomatic visit was necessary . And as a representative of Xin's corporations, Jiang Chen would be present .