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Chapter 500
Chapter 500: The Meeting in the Presidential Palace
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"Visit at the same time? What's the order then?"

"Based on the distance, we'll visit Hua first then UA . The timing will be at the end of the year . I'll go with you," Jiang Chen said .

"The end of December, after the UA election?" Zhang Yapin touched his chin .

"That's right . " Jiang Chen nodded .

"It should be feasible . Once the election ends and the UA government completes its transition, we'll request a visit . Considering the time it takes to reply… let's set the date to December 25th?" Zhang Yapin proposed .

"Okay . " Jiang Chen nodded .

"What's the topic of discussion?" Zhang Yapin continued .

"Of course it's about trade and discussion since maintaining absolute neutrality is one of our fundamental principles . You should be more familiar with the diplomatic rhetoric than me . "

"Okay… I'll request my assistant to set up the schedule as well as the list of accompanying personnel . " Zhang Yapin nodded .

"Thank you . "

"No problem . With the current economic growth of Xin, we do need to establish a friendly diplomatic relationship with the superpowers . Our original plan was to conduct diplomatic visits earlier next year, so we're only ahead of schedule by a month," Zhang Yapin said while taking a drink of his coffee .

The Xin economy was transiting from a primal farming economy to a tourism economy with light support from industry . At the same time, Future Mining's deep-water mining technology shipped large amounts of excessive molybdenum to the global market . The Xin domestic market alone obviously couldn't consume these resources and it would require the president to act as "sales" to take a bunch of businessmen to search for business opportunities .

And based on the desire to win over support and export influence, the superpowers wouldn't let the small countries leave empty-handed .

"Is that all?" Zhang Yapin put down his cup and crossed his fingers again .

"There's one other thing . " Jiang Chen paused and looked at him . "I need to launch satellites . "

"Launch satellites?" Because this was mentioned so spontaneously, Zhang Yapin took a moment to process it .

"That's right . I plan to build a space center on an empty island near the equator for the purpose of research, rocket launches and weather observation," Jiang Chen said with seriousness .

"Are you not going to consider renting the rocket? For example, Russia seems to be an expert in that area, and you have a pretty good relationship with them," Zhang Yapin suggested .

"Renting the rocket isn't a long-term solution . I don't want Celestial Trade's satellites to be dependent on someone else . And based on the consideration of national security, Xin must possess the ability to launch satellites independently, especially since we are close to the equator with a unique geographical advantage . If we don't utilize like it, we're wasting a God-given opportunity . "

"But launching satellites isn't as simple as you think . " Zhang Yapin let out a sigh and began to explain to Jiang Chen the difficulties involved .

"First, following tradition, the plan to launch a satellite must be reported to the International commercial Aerospace Organization, the Internal Maritime Organization, and the International Telecommunication Union . "

"Secondly, since Pannu acceded to the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, which are commonly referred to as the 'Outer Space Treaties,' Pannu has the obligation to inform the United Nations on space launch activities . Although the regime has changed, the new countries inherited the former Pannu regime of the United Nations seats, so we inherited the treaty by principle .

"Just reporting? Then get your assistant to write a few documents," Jiang Chen said .

"It's not that simple - all kinds of international organizations will come to investigate our launch status to confirm we're launching a satellite and ICBM . And we can be certain that country F will protest against our launch plan and use all forms of political means to disrupt our launch plan in the name of national security . " Zhang Yapin shook his head .

A sneer appeared on Jiang Chen's face .

"There's no need to worry . They don't even have the ability to take care of themselves; they won't have the energy to focus on our launch plan . I'll submit the complete launch plan to you in three days . We're launching commercial telecommunication satellites that are in accordance with international law . As for the 'international tourist groups,' they can feel free to visit . "

With Jiang Chen's mind made up, Zhang Yapin let out a sigh .

"Okay, if you insist . But allow me to be blatant; does Celestial Trade have the ability to launch satellites? It's not as simple as lighting fireworks . "

"You don't have to worry about that; I'll take care of it . "

[We can't do it today but that doesn't mean we can't do it tomorrow . ]

With so many private aerospace companies on the verge of bankruptcy, he only needed to spend money to buy the equipment and manpower . He'd leave the restricted equipment there and he didn't want the outdated stuff anyways . He only needed a group of experts responsible for the launch and equipment maintenance .

He'd bring the rockets and satellites from the apocalypse and familiarize the experts with the equipment operational menu . The real "Aerospace Technology Research Institute" wasn't in the modern world; they were only in the apocalypse .

Launch rockets had great strategic and economic significance; space rockets were the prerequisite of the intercontinental missile and so were not worth mentioning . Any country with the ability to launch space rockets had the capability to strike globally . And this ability would be a deterrent to other countries .

As for the economics, from establishing a wireless power grid to the construction of the space elevator to the development of moon resources, all depended on the most fundamental technology of rocket launching .

As for the economics, from establishing a wireless power grid to the construction of the space elevator to the development of moon resources, all depended on the most fundamental technology of rocket launching .

Jiang Chen hoped the experts in the modern world could gradually digest the space technology from the apocalypse . Since he was not a scientist himself, although he could easily transport materials from the other world, the digestion of the future technology depended on the scientists of the modern world .

[Talent reserve must be started as early as possible - it's a long-term investment . ]

Jiang Chen finished his coffee before departing .

When Jiang Chen opened the door, the senior advisor in a suit was about to enter . Jiang Chen smiled at the tall man and passed him .

The advisor's eyes stopped on Jiang Chen's back for a moment as his forced smile disappeared and he stepped into the president's office .

"Mr . President, is this really appropriate?"

"What are you referring to? My senior advisor . " Zhang Yapin put the coffee cups down again and smiled .

"Allow me to be honest . From what I see, you're not the person sitting in the president's seat . That man is . " Zhong Wei took a deep breath and said with honesty .

"What's wrong with that? 80% of the tax revenue of Xin is either directly or indirectly related to his Future Group . This year's GDP increase is expected to exceed 100% . This is a first in history," Zhang Yapin said nonchalantly .

"But an oligopoly is extremely dangerous . In dire times, they could potentially overthrow—" Zhong Wei spoke with his voice slightly raised .

"Mr . Zhong Wei, you know this country was overthrown by them before . " Zhang Yapin looked at Zhongwei emotionlessly .

In an instant, the president he was so familiar with gave him a distant feeling .

In an instant, the president he was so familiar with gave him a distant feeling .

"And it's me who's the president, Mr . Zhong Wei . If I continue to work like this, it's always going to be me . "

"And from what you saw, compared to one year ago, did our citizens' quality-of-life improve or worsen?"

"It certainly… improved… a lot . "

Although Zhong Wei disagreed with Jiang Chen ordering the president around like a puppet, he had to admit that it was because of Jiang Chen's large investment that Pannu Island's economy woke up . From building apartments to improving citizens' living environments to investing in infrastructure development, Celestial Trade didn't do anything that harmed Xin's interests, but their good deeds couldn't be counted with the fingers on both hands .

"Then that's enough . " Zhang Yapin smiled .


Zhong Wei still wanted to say something, but Zhang Yapin interrupted him .

"Mr . Zhong Wei . The reason why I hired you as a senior advisor is because of your economic doctoral degree from Harvard as well as your excellent ability in international relations and trade . I didn't hire you because of comical political awareness and boring ambition . This isn't the Rainbow Mansion, this is the Xin Presidential Palace . Do you understand what I mean?"

After a long while, Zhong Wei nodded his head with great difficulty .

"I understand . "

"So some things can't be mentioned again in the future, understand?"

"… I understand . "

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