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Chapter 502
Chapter 502: Acquiring An Aerospace Company

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The development of the private space industry had context to it . It was the failure of the early space shuttles, and the end of the cold war that caused the conclusion of the space race, The storm led the UA to drop a large number of important projects in the 80s which resulted in aerospace giants never realizing their investment and their enthusiasm for the industry taking a significant hit .

After the cut in the 90s, as well as the integration of the aerospace industry, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Lockheed Martin's monopoly of the market were not comparable to the 60s . They were more sensitive to risk and began to be half-hearted on commercial launches, only favoring the defense business . The price of launches was not only expensive but the RD-180 engine invested by the UA, due to manufacturers reluctance to build a plant, must depend on Russia for production .

It was this reason Russia could hold their head high against sanctions . They threatened to terminate the cooperation and to "cut the food supply" of the International Space Station . "Cutting the food supply" has been staged more than once, and time-tested . Until the rise of private space companies in recent years, this kind of insatiable threat started to lose its effectiveness .

Facts proved that the bureaucratic-led industry had no future, it was also reflected most vividly in the aerospace industry .

Take the famous private space company SpaceX as an example .

Its launch price has been low to a near-absurd point at only a fraction of the cost of the market . No country or business in the world could compete with them . These new companies inherited a large number of research results from the old era of space giants, but not the debt .

Speaking of SpaceX boss Elon Musk, he was also a legendary figure, but his popularity in Hua was far less than Steve Jobs . But if a few pieces of his astonishing feats were mentioned, his name was vivid in people's memory . For example, he and his partner founded PayPal online payment mechanism and by far the most successful way to pay online . After acquisition by eBay, he earned his first pot of gold in life .

Another example is the most recent year, the most popular car brand without a doubt, Tesla, was designed by him .

Not only that, he invited three well-known entrepreneurs to co-found SpaceX and made a strategic plan with "space tourism as a starting point . Open the era of privatization of space resources, and the destination to Mars . "

And the fact proved that in the field of space technology, they were indeed walking in the forefront of the world .

Falcon rocket appeared out of nowhere, its trust weight ratio (trust to weight ratio) reached an astounding 1: 150! It replaced Russia's best score of 1: 120 and became the world's most advanced rocket . What made people more envious was that the rocket not only had a low launch cost, it actually could be reused! The first stage rocket hovered at the height of two hundred meters and then dropped vertically without damage .

Finally, its engine was 3D printed .

With so many advantages infused together, its market competitiveness is unparalleled . At the same time, its relationship with NASA, the UA Air Force, could almost be described as best friends . The pile of orders came storming in, and Elon Musk made a great fortune .

But it was precisely because of its astounding competitiveness that a lot of small private space companies were forced to the brink of bankruptcy .

SpaceX almost monopolized the most profitable defense orders, and the launch profits of commercial satellites were compressed to the limit for various reasons . For this very reason, Jiang Chen managed to use 5 billion USD floor price to buy two space companies for restructuring, enrich the Celestial Trade wholly-owned space science and technology center talent team .

Kelvin Burrow, former director and chief technical officer of Mississippi Aerospace Technologies, has a Ph . D . degree at Amber Reid University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and were involved in the early development of the Falcon Rockets . He later resigned to return home to establish the Mississippi Aerospace Technologies . But it turned out that not all scientists could be great businesspeople like Gates and Jobs . After failing to invest, his company owed 500 million USD in debt and wandered on the brink of bankruptcy .

Fortunately, Jiang Chen came just in time to "help" as he was able to keep his life's efforts without selling at a discount .

Of course, capital is ruthless . The first thing Jiang Chen did after he became chairman was sell most of the company's assets at a low price . At the same time offered their employees two times the original salary and a work visa to Xin .

"Do you know what you did? These assets are worth at least 200 million USD! And you sold it at a 50% discount to my old boss . Oh, God… If I'm Mr . Musk, I would be laughing in my sleep . " They left Coro Airport, Kelvin dragged onto Jiang Chen and complained passionately .

"Mr . Musk won't laugh in his sleep, allow me to be honest, SpaceX won't care about your equipment . Coincidentally, I don't care either . " Jiang Chen used a leisure tone and opened the car door for him .

"What do you mean?" The honest Kelvin immediately frowned .

"Exactly what you heard, trust me, when you arrive at the destination, you'll have the same perspective as me . " Jiang Chen sat at the front passenger seat .

Kelvin in the back glanced at the expressionless girl driving and then looked at Jiang Chen anxiously .

"Does she have a driver's license?"

The tip of Ayesha's mouth twitched . Jiang Chen paused and laughed .

"Don't worry, with my net worth, I should be more afraid of dying than you . "

"Okay, I trust you… But I have to remind you, regardless of how rich you are, some things can't be purchased with money . I have 5671 pages of technical drawings, but I can assure you that this place won't have a plant that can turn my drawings into equipment . "

"Is that so? Just throw your drawings out then . " Jiang Chen didn't seem to care .

Kelvin paused and raised his eyebrows .

"Excuse me, what did you say?"

"Nothing, I still hold the same stance as before . I understand that you may have some anxious emotions to your new work location, but I hope you can remain calm . You're about to see some stunning things… Mhmm, the port is in the front, we have to change to a different transportation vehicle . "

Kelvin scoffed as he replied "un huh" half-heartedly before not saying anything .

Although he was very dissatisfied with how Jiang Chen treated his company and his attitude toward his technical expertise, he had no reason to be angry with his salary . If there were a choice, he certainly would not sell his life's efforts . But unfortunately, as the founder, he didn't have a controlling stake of Mississippi Aerospace Technology Company . Instead, it was controlled by profit-oriented capitalists . With the price offered by Jiang Chen, the company's other shareholders practically didn't hesitate before they provided their shares with both hands .

The car was parked in the garage next to the port . Ayesha slightly turned her head and spoke a language Kelvin did not understand, "He seems to be very dissatisfied with you .

"Of course, after all, I sold his hard work of six years, and labeled his research results as worthless . " Pushing the door, Jiang Chen smiled .

Jiang Chen turned to look at the impatient Kelvin and said in English, "Well, Mr . Kelvin, we can board the yacht . "

Kelvin shrugged and walked to the yacht .

"Is there no problem hiring him as the chief technology officer?" Ayesha looked at Jiang Chen feeling puzzled . "You are planning to give him something really important . "

Ayesha knew more or less about Jiang Chen's secrets, that's why she was so concerned .

"The chief technology officer must be the job of a person with a strong technical background, and I really believe in his learning ability . I'm more tolerating toward talents . As to his rudeness, it is because of his meticulousness toward technicality and has nothing to do with loyalty . As long as I can bring out technology that will shock him, help him achieve his dream, and provide him with enough material reward, he has no reason to be stingy with his loyalty . "

Jiang Chen thought about Jiang Lin when he spoke . He felt that they were the same kind of person .

The confused expression on Ayesha's face said that she didn't seem to understand what Jiang Chen said . But because of her absolute trust, she still nodded .

"If you believe him . "

"Of course . If he betrays me, I will have to count on you . " Jiang Chen laughed .

Ayesha didn't say a word and only nodded .

The traitor would be handled by the Ghost Agents .

No one could escape their pursuit…