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Chapter 503
Chapter 503: The Shocked Kelvin

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Only a pile of gravel lied on the bare island . The golden sand was the primary color of the island . The alternating green and blue decorated the beautiful island located at the most southeastern part of Xin, north of the equator line .

The flat and wide land formation was the only advantage . The plant standing in the middle of the island was not yet painted as construction was completed not long ago .

Right now, Jiang Chen's private yacht was anchored by a crude fisher shack at the edge of the island .

The port belonged to a Xin fisherman . The honest fisherman didn't even know there was a change in political regime . It was not until an employee from Celestial Trade showed him the land certificate did he realize he was occupying private land .

But Jiang Chen didn't give him trouble as he purchased the crude shack along with the port for a price of 10,000 USD .

So the shack was the only standing structure other than the plant in the center of the island .

"This is the base of our company?" Kelvin twitched at the scene of the barren island .

He felt like he just experienced contract fraud .

[This is not going to work, this is being deported . ]

"Of course not, but before the building is built, you will temporarily be working at the Celestial Trade Headquarters on Coro Island . Of course, your most important responsibility is to study the material that I will provide you . "

"Huh? You will provide us with materials?" Kelvin raised his eyebrows as he scoffed at what Jiang Chen said .

Jiang Chen only smiled at Kelvin's arrogance without any explanation .

"We're here, let's get off the boat . "

Because of the lack of vegetation, the soil here was under constant exposure to sunshine which made it extremely brittle and scorching . Stepping onto the sand away from the port, Ayesha just in sandals felt discomfort . But she didn't express her discomfort and just slightly frowned .

But the acute change didn't escape Jiang Chen's eyes .

"Why don't you go rest for a bit on the boat? The island is extremely safe, and you don't have to worry about anything happening to me . " Jiang Chen noticed her uneasiness and caringly whispered into her ear .

Ayesha's face turned red .

She deliberated for a moment and didn't insist further . She nodded and accepted the proposal

"Mhmm . "

Jiang Chen watched Ayesha return to the boat and turned around to speak with Kelvin again on route to the plant in the middle of the island .

Jiang Chen pushed open the door, and waved away the dust in front of his face, and opened the metallic blinds on the side of the plant .

When the sunlight scattered into the building, Kelvin noticed a rocket engine placed on the large square frame .

The cylindrical design and bowl-shaped end were slightly smaller than SpaceX's Falcon engine . It made people suspect if it could really carry the payload .

"What is this?" Kelvin walked up and tapped on the engine .

"The RM-320 rocket engine, the technology I plan to show you . " Jiang Chen passed the tablet containing specifications and 3D visualization to him .

It was the rocket engine Jiang Lin showed Jiang Chen at the Aerospace Technology Research Institute, and the engine used by the Northwind-76 ballistic missile deployed at Shenxiang .

Every screw and every circuit was completely manufactured through 3D printing technology with a cost of 30000 credits . Lin Lin manufactured the fuel used by the rocket at 1000 credits per ton . But because raw materials could be transported from the modern world, the actual cost would be a bit lower .

Because of the appearance of the space elevator, the propulsion engines for aerospace purposes were abandoned at the end of the 21st century . The RM-320 was considered the most advanced aerospace engine from the wasteland .

The engine shell built with advanced materials could withstand 10,000 degrees of high temperature . The combustion chamber could withstand a pressure of up to 500 atmospheres . The most critical was that rockets built with this engine's thrust weight value could even reach an astounding 1: 300! It is undoubtedly superior compared to the SpaceX Falcon rocket's ratio of 1: 150!

"This is absurd . This kind of engine cannot be achieved with current technology . What about the materials? A normal engine cannot withstand this type of pressure and temperature… how is this possible… wait, what's with the rocket fuel's chemical formula . "

Kelvin's eyes were locked on the screen as his complexion changed constantly . He sometimes shook his head, sometimes was shocked, sometimes widened his eyes…

Finally, his expression fixated on disbelief .

"This is absurd, no… this is too genius . " He muttered to himself as his hands holding onto the tablet kept shaking, "This must be possible, no, only theoretically possible… But if this can be achieved, Falcon will be a joke . This is too absurd…"

Suddenly, he looked toward Jiang Chen and grabbed Jiang Chen's arm fervently .

"Please, could you introduce me to the designer of this rocket engine? He is a genius . "

"I will pass your compliments to him, but unfortunately, I can't introduce you to him yet . " Jiang Chen shook his head .

"Why! Are you afraid I'm not going to be confidential? Be assured, I will sign any confidentiality agreement, please! I have a lot of questions I want to ask him," Kelvin said ardently .

The contempt on his face when he first got off the yacht no longer existed .

The design philosophy and innovation truly astounded him and shattered his arrogance in technical expertise .

"No, please don't be mistaken, I trust you . It is just that the designer of the rocket is currently in the middle of a project and doesn't want to be disturbed… I promise, if there is the opportunity, I will definitely introduce you to him . As to your question, I will provide you with a detailed rocket blueprint . You should be able to find the answer from there . If it still can't solve your confusion, I can pass on the question for you . " Jiang Chen made something up on the fly .

[Funny, the designer of the rocket was not born yet, where am I going to find one for you?] Once the interdimensional bracelet could transport people, he would just grab Jiang Lin .

"Wait, I have another question, This kind of rocket engine cannot be completed with Xin's industrial foundation… Even UA's industrial foundation can't do it, where did you manufacture this—"

"Right here . " Jiang Chen smiled .

"Just here?" Kelvin was shocked .

"You should have heard of 3D printing before right? The engine right here is manufactured through an industrial grade 3D printer . "

[The 3D printer could print material with high strength? And what is an "Industrial grade 3D printer"?]

Kelvin was completely stunned by the new technology as he temporarily lost his ability to speak .

Jiang Chen coughed to interrupt his thoughts .

"Okay, since you're done visiting, Mr . Kelvin, our trip for today is over… time to go back . "

"No! Let me stay here! Please!" Kelvin gently caressed the surface of the engine . His ardent expression and action looked like he was caressing his lover's skin .

Although Jiang Chen was pleased with the fervent attitude of his scientist, he still thought his actions looked a bit gross…

"Mr . Kelvin, I have to remind that there is nothing here . Celestial Trade's headquarters has air conditioning and an endless amount of coffee . As to the complete blueprint of the engine, even if you are at the office—"

Kelvin rudely interrupted Jiang Chen's words .

"Just give me a tent, I will sleep here! And please bring the documents here for me, please!"

Jiang Chen tried his hardest to resist laughing as he nodded .

"If you insist . "

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