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Chapter 504
Chapter 504: Heading to Frankberg

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Launch rocket preparation was in full swing . Kelvin eagerly studied the rocket blueprints while remotely coordinating the company's restructuring through the phone . Celestial Trade employees brought him a tent, food and fresh water . While the conditions on the island were very harsh, the technician by his fanatical feelings toward aerospace overcame all these difficulties .

The 40 employees willing to relocate to work in Xin were placed on Coro Island . They digested the rocket launch technology Jiang Chen brought back from the apocalypse based on their responsibilities .

Of course, he didn't release the process to manufacture the materials used in the engine . Material science was the critical limiting factor to aerospace technology and the point of advantage of RM-320 compared to modern rocket engines .

In other words, even if the RM-320's blueprint were leaked, the people who obtained the blueprint would be unable to replicate one based on the blueprint . Just like it is impossible to build a skyscraper with just bricks, with the most fundamental problem unsolved, regardless of how advanced the technology, it would remain in the theoretical stage .

At the same time, Jiang Chen didn't forget the development of infrastructure .

Jiang Chen brought 20 construction robots manufactured from the Sixth Street . Jiang Lin inputted the construction blueprint of the rocket launch center and a hundred tons of materials to the modern world warehouse . They were then transported by vessel to the barren island .

Although Kelvin was stunned by the construction robots that Jiang Chen brought out, he didn't ask more . On the one hand, it was because he didn't specialize in that area and would not know the technical difficulties in achieving automated construction robots . On the other hand, it was because he knew that even if he asked, Jiang Chen wouldn't tell him .

Other than constructing the rocket launch center, Celestial Trade constructed a radar station, drone terminal and a twenty person post under Jiang Chen's command; they also included the island to be part of the patrolled area to ensure the safety of the launch center .

As to the documents required to launch a commercial satellite, Jiang Chen assigned specific people to draft the document and submitted it to Zhang Yaping .

Time flew to the end of October .

Based on the agreement with Carmen Rothschild, the invited Jiang Chen would head to Frankberg for the auto exhibition hosted by Daimler Corporation and other auto giants . Based on the consideration of Future Technology and Daimler's partnership in artificial intelligence, attending the event was something mutually beneficial .

The day the news was released, Daimler Corporation's stock price rose by 4% after a long period of stagnation . People were speculating if Daimler Corporation will partner with Future Technology in artificial intelligence or even in immersive virtual reality .

On the other hand, the media were curious about Jiang Chen who had kept a low profile .

When the flight landed in Berm, and Jiang Chen had just stepped off of the plane, the reporters swarmed around him . The microphone labeled with Reuters, Paris Digest, Washington Post were all shoved in front of him .

With her brown hair tied back, Ayesha wore a black suit and walked two steps behind Jiang Chen with a briefcase in hand . To the unfamiliar looking female assistant that appeared behind Jiang Chen, the media demonstrated interest toward her no less than Jiang Chen . They sensed paparazzi material from the two .

But contrary to the energized media, Ayesha's response was extremely distant as she pretended the reporters didn't exist at all . She ignored all the flashes and cameras .

As for Jiang Chen, he was in a suit and dealt with the media with a smile . But to the harsh or questions with other meanings, he completely neglected them .

"Mr . Jiang, does your attendance of the Berm Auto Exhibition mean Future Group's interest in the auto industry? In other words, is the Future Group sending the signal that artificial intelligence will enter the auto field?"

"On Future Technology's recent introduction of the immersive virtual reality helmet, how are you ensuring its safety? If someone used it to instill some abnormal content on people's brain, or illegally steal information from the user's brain, and this activity cannot be regulated by traditional means, how can you ensure that this behavior will not happen? Please excuse me for my presumptuous speculation; after all, the brain is human's last line of privacy . "

"Would you engage in a partnership with other cooperations interested in virtual reality? Mr . Jiang Chen, the representative from the International Science Council stated that the era-defining technology should be shared with all humans around the world, and not become a method for a company to make money—"

"Mr . Jiang Chen, based on a recent article on Wall Street Journal, your company submitted the plan to launch a commercial satellite to international organizations through the Xin Government, does this mean Future Group plan to enter the aerospace industry?"

"A Stan professor stated that the protection mechanism in Phantom is an illegal patent protection action and is against Consumer Rights Protection Act because consumers who buy the product have the right—"

Jiang Chen stopped walking and looked at a young reporter with curly hair .

"Please pass on my message to that professor to be careful with his choice of words . 'Phantom' helmet has not yet been officially released . Other than the experience stores that signed an exclusive agreement with us, only the official website launched a presale of 2 . 5 million units . Also, I can accountably tell you that whether it is pre-sale or the official sale later this year, we will provide the product with a replacement policy if damaged within the warranty limit, and half-price exchange services for products out of warranty . Moreover, on the exchange agreement, we will make sure to add a line that any unauthorized demolition will be regarded as a breach of contract and the warranty will be automatically void . We fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers; the only requirement is not to open our helmet . As for our peers who tried to disassemble the helmet, I sincerely advise you to purchase more to open up . But I promise you are doing no merit . "

Seeing Jiang Chen to continue to walk forward, the reporter rushed up and extended his microphone out to stop him, but Jiang Chen already was gone .

The four muscular bodyguards surrounded Jiang Chen and Ayesha in the middle . Although they didn't wear kinetic skeletons this time, the strength amplified by the genetic vaccine was not something the weak reporters could block .

The reporters that surrounded them like flies followed them to the exit of the airport . It was not until when the Rothschild family greeted them and invited them onto their fleet did the reporters finally leave .

"Haha, we meet again, my friend . " Carmen in the backseat smiled at Jiang Chen coming into the car .

"Nice to see you again, Mr . Carmen, how have you been?" Jiang Chen sat in the back and smiled back .

"I've great, thanks to your company's artificial intelligence program . It is designed flawlessly to fit our chip . The board and our partner have high expectations for the S700 we are introducing in the exhibition . Without a doubt, our product will be the center of attention at the show . " Carmen smiled with his white teeth appearing .

Ayesha as the bodyguard and assistant sat in the front passenger seat, and the other four Celestial Trade bodyguards sat separately in the two vehicles in the front and back .

"The program was designed specifically for you . "

A one billion dollar deal . Future Technology logo to be displayed for one second during startup, and a 30 billion USD loan . The Rothschild helped out greatly in Future Group's rapid expansion .

But in their conversation today, Carmen didn't mention the loan at all and didn't even ask about the state of Future Group . They only discussed hobbies and interests .

"Are you interested in a private jet? With your current asset, you have the ability to purchase one . It would not only ease your visit, it could also reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles . " Carmen jokingly glanced back at the reporter vehicle following them .

"I will consider buying one, can you give me a recommendation?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"In the Auto Exhibition two days later, Gulfstream's Europe division manager Andy Belfort will be attending . I can introduce you to him . I highly recommend their Gulfstream G650 . Whether it is functionality or appearance, the G650 is superior to other jets at the same price point . "

"Then I will thank you in advance . " Jiang Chen smiled .

He considered long ago about buying a private jet, but because he was focused on the apocalypse back then, and there was no need for a plane, he put the idea aside . Now that Carmen mentioned it, he used the opportunity to inquire further .

"No problem, Mr . Belfort will be happy to meet you too . "

Johnson was driving, Carmen's bodyguard and driver; former Fran's special force .

Every time Carmen traveled, he would accompany him . Although the Rothschild family kept a low profile, there were still people that kept an eye on them . Whether those who sought a lucrative ransom, or business opponents, or the Palestinian suicide holy warrior .

Johnson turned the wheel while glancing at Ayesha who sat beside him .

For some reason, the girl that nowhere resembled a warrior gave him a faint dangerous feeling . Not just her, the four bodyguards that Jiang Chen brought made the war-battered him cautious .

Before Ayesha noticed, he drew his sight back

[This is so fu*king weird . ]

Johnson cursed in his mind before he focused on the road in front of him .