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Chapter 505
Chapter 505: Rothschild's Manor

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It took an hour before the car fleet arrived at Rothschild's manor located in Bava .

"It is not our way of treating our guest to allow them to live in hotels . This manor is our family's asset . There won't be any reporters here to disturb you . I hope you enjoy it," After getting off the car, Carmen explained politely .

They were indeed an old aristocracy from the Napoleonic era, having money was not just enough to purchase such a magnificent manor in Frankberg . From the classical decoration and the historic stone walls, they were the faint glimpse of the historical heritage of this manor .

It was as if this place was not a manor, but a century history museum .

A butler named Ccides brought the four bodyguards to another building in the manor where the servants lived . Of course, that was only a traditional way of referring to the building; the actual living conditions were no inferior to a five-star hotel .

Ayesha was supposed to live there, but the old butler acutely saw her relationship with Jiang Chen was not as simple as what it was on the surface, so he arranged them to stay in the same room in the main building .

Inside, the redwood floor had a mixture of fresh wooden scent . There were a Germanic noble style bed and a decorative fireplace . The entire bedroom looked elegant but comfortable .

They were indeed an old aristocracy; even their lodging was classy .

When Jiang Chen saw the room, he made up his mind that he will design a similar bedroom in his mansion . As a self-created wealthy person, he never really studied class and elegance .

The maid in the manor cleaned the room before the two arrived . After letting Jiang Chen know about the amenities in the building, he took the two to the dining room .

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Dinner was as lavish as he had imagined, but the taste and nutrition were impeccable . The wine was from Rothschild's Lafitte vineyard . Although he didn't know the year, just from the rich aroma of the wine, it was not hard to smell the hefty price .

Speaking of which, the most impressive things that belonged to the Rothschild family were probably the red wine and the bank . No one knew how rich they are; because they wrote in their family code that they would never display their wealth, even if it meant that they give up the opportunity to make money through a public offering .

To the world that questioned its decline, they ignored it . To the exaggerated dismissive in the novel "Currency War," they turned a deaf ear . Perhaps this was the old aristocratic calmness .

On the dinner table, Carmen and Jiang Chen had a great conversation and didn't talk about business at all . Ayesha was as quiet as usual, focusing on the mutton in her plate .

After dinner, it was getting late . Carmen courteously wished Jiang Chen to enjoy his experience and reminded him not to miss the party tomorrow night before he left . The manor seemed to be a place where Rothschild hosted their honored guests . As a family member, he didn't live there .

Jiang Chen took a shower in the marble washroom before returning to the bedroom .

Ayesha had returned one step ahead of him as she was playing with a pen-shaped device on the bed . Jiang Chen recognized the device, The anti-surveillance detection device, sold at most of the weapon shops at the Sixth Street .

Jiang Chen dried his hair with the towel around his neck and smiled at Ayesha .

"Did you find anything?"

Ayesha shook her head .

"No . "

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"Looks like the Rothschild is treating us with honesty . " Jiang Chen was pleased .

What he didn't know was, it was not that Carmen didn't try . When they first partnered up, the USB he gave Jiang Chen contained a mini positioner . But because it was thrown into the storage dimension, that thing didn't have any effects .

When Carmen discovered the positioner mysteriously disappeared, Carmen learned and didn't do any small tricks that wouldn't even "escape" his eyes .

Jiang Chen sat beside Ayesha, smelt the fragrance of jasmine, and knew she showered already .

With a hand around her frail waist, Jiang Chen whispered into her ear .

"Did you bring the schedule?"

Her ear felt ticklish from the warm air, and her face carried the redness from just getting out from the shower as Ayesha timidly nodded .

"Mhmm, it's in the briefcase . "

Just as she was about to get up and get the briefcase, the hand around her waist had no intention of letting go .

Ayesha turned her head and met his naughty sight .

"We can look at it tomorrow, why don't we rest early today?" Jiang Chen had a smirk on him as his right hand began to explore .

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It was a long night .

The next morning, because they slept early, Jiang Chen woke up bright and early .

He woke the sleepy Ayesha up, and after washing up, they came to the dining room for breakfast .

Then, Ayesha took the schedule from Jiang Chen .

Day one, arrive in Frankberg, no other plan .

Day two, free during the day, then attend a party hosted by Carmen Rothschild at the manor in Bava .

Day three, attend the Auto Exhibition .

Day four, free .

Dave five, return to Xin .

The five-day schedule was not compact . With a rare opportunity to visit, Jiang Chen would obviously not miss the opportunity to explore the unfamiliar but beautiful kingdom . He heard that there is a famous attraction in Bava – the New Swan Fort which was the original model for Disney's Castle . With this opportunity, Jiang Chen planned to take Ayesha there .

No one was certain if the wonders that belonged to humanity could still be seen in the future…

But before he left the manor, Jiang Chen planned to take Ayesha to tour the attraction in front of them .

The Rothschild Manor .

Holding onto her soft hand, walking on the marble brick road, sensing the slightly chilly morning breeze, Jiang Chen gazed at the green pint forest . Behind the forest was a vast lake .

Not far off from the Lake, Jiang Chen caught a small wooden cabin near the forest as well as a sail that stood in front of the cabin . The sail didn't look finely crafted, but from the matching proportion and the smooth arc, Jiang Chen could still see the meticulous effort .

A man in a parka was carefully sawing a piece of wood .

[Building a boat?]

Due to curiosity, Jiang Chen took a few extra looks .

The old man seemed to have noticed Jiang Chen's attention as he waved at the two with a friendly gesture before leaving them alone and focusing on his task at hand .

Jiang Chen put down his waving hand and muttered in a small voice .

"The servant of the Rothschild family?"

Jiang Chen shook his head and put this encounter in the back of his head . He held Ayesha's hand to continued walking along the marble slab road .

What Jiang Chen didn't know was, before he disappeared from the old man's sight, the old man's eyes gazed at his back .

The slightly raised eyebrows seemed to indicate that he was thinking .