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Published at 8th of October 2018 07:09:12 AM

Chapter 506
Chapter 506: Dinner

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Translator: _Min_ Editor: Caron_

When they left the manor, the butler prepared a black Benz for the two of them . The car exited the manor from the side door quietly without alerting reporters .

Because it was a private outing, Jiang Chen didn't bring the four Celestial Trades bodyguards . The reason was partially because of his confidence in his own abilities and partially because traveling with four muscular men would ruin the mood .

The entire day, Jiang Chen took Ayesha to tour the attractions in Bava . From the New Swan Fort to the Lake of Alpines, their footsteps traversed the entire area . It wasn't until the sun was setting that the two of them, with an entire memory card full of photos, called it a day .

Looking at the weary but excited red glow on the girl's face, Jiang Chen was delighted .

"Did you have fun today?"

"Mhmm!' Ayesha nodded, pleased .

Her normally expressionless face displayed a rare liveliness fitting for her age .

Jiang Chen smiled . He took the wheel and turned the car onto a rural road .

With just one glance, a golden wheat field entered their sight . The horizon in the distance connected the darkening sky with the jagged mountains . Dusk as a backdrop for the mountains looked magnificent and poetic .

It was already deep into the fall . On the wasteland, it probably started snowing .

Jiang Chen stared at the scene, amazed at the beauty .

Ayesha, by the side, raised her camera and captured a beautiful image .

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Seeing as there was still some time, Jiang Chen took a detour and continued along the rural road .

Suddenly, his field of vision expanded .

At the end of the wheat field was a town with scattered lights . Between where the forest connected was a small town segregated by an iron fence . The people in ragged clothes gathered together, looked at the sky, and took care of their malnourished families . In front of the refugee camp, a couple of workers and polices gathered around a few vans as they distributed food and water .

"They are…"

With the camera in her hands, Ayesha gazed at the segregated area in the distance .

"People without a home are known as refugees . They left their home because of the war and most of them are from Libya or Sy—"Jiang Chen stopped suddenly .

He realized it was her hometown .

It must be a terrible feeling to see people from her hometown who had to flee their home .

Snap .

But she merely raised her camera and captured the scene .

"Don't you feel… uh… bad?" Jiang Chen was careful with his words .

Ayesha nodded then shook her head .

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"Thank you . "


Jiang Chen looked at Ayesha, puzzled .

She lowered her head with a wistful smile . Her frail fingertips subconsciously rubbed the shutter of the camera .

"If I hadn't met you… I might not even have made it here . "

She recollected everything that happened in the past . While she occasionally encountered danger, most of the time, she felt the warmth of the family . Jiang Chen didn't treat her with brute force just because of her identity; he had always been gentle .

As for his other aspects, she completely forgot about the pain .

"Stop thinking about weird things . " Jiang Chen grinned and used his right hand to rub her hair with force .

"I wasn't . "

Ayesha shook her head and hugged the camera as a shallow smile appeared on her face .

The golden girl gilded by the dusk was holding onto a priceless treasure .

When they returned to the Rothschild manor, it was around six .

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The butler was waiting for them at the gate .

There was still an hour before the party started . Although Jiang Chen thought there was still an ample amount of time, the adamant butler thought otherwise .

Their attire was provided by the Rothschild family . Since Jiang Chen hadn't known about the party before he arrived, he didn't have any formal attire with him . As for Ayesha, she returned to her room to rest as she wasn't accustomed to this type of gathering .

After being worked on by a few meticulous maids for a while, Jiang Chen barely made it to the party venue before it started .

"Mhmm, not bad, it fits you well . "

Carmen smiled at Jiang Chen at the door .

"Thank you . " They walked together into the venue .

The circular venue was decorated exquisitely with class . The diamond chandeliers illuminated the ceiling of the venue . Influential and powerful people from all industries were gathered there; the duchesses and celebrities chatted amongst themselves while waiters with champagne traversed between the circles .

The people invited to the gathering were mostly leaders in finance, industry tycoons or powerful politicians . Because he was outside of the "circle," Jiang Chen didn't see anyone he knew .

He didn't know if it was an illusion or not but the instant he walked into the room, at least ten pairs of eyes consciously and subconsciously were focused on him .

"The Rothschild family isn't most proud of the assets we possess, but rather, it's the connections we have . A few guests here are the major shareholders of one hundred billion public companies, and quite a few people here were the president or vice president of a country; we consider all of these people our friends . The business partnerships established at a party is no lesser than any established at an international business summit . This kind of party will be hosted by us every few months . You are all gathered here at just the right time; I can introduce you all to a few interesting people . "

Carmen smiled with his white teeth showing . He opened his arms wide and greeted the man with red hair walking towards him .

"Long time no see, Carmen, my old friend . "

"Haha, my friend, long time no see indeed . Let me introduce you - this is Jiang Chen . " Carmen introduced him to his friend .

The red-haired man displayed a slightly shocked expression before he immediately smiled and extended his right hand .

"Glad to meet you, Mr . Jiang Chen . Your company's Phantom helmet left me with a profound expression . But unfortunately, your colosseum server only opened level 10 combat . I look forward to the day when the game is officially released . I'm Peter McLean - you can call me Peter . "

Jiang Chen shook Peter's hand as he replied, "Nice to meet you, Peter . I trust that when that day comes, I assure you won't be disappointed . "

"Peter McLean, the president of UK's Guardian, the second largest data backup equipment company in Europe . The old rival of IBM . " Carmen introduced him casually to Jiang Chen .

"Don't make fun of me . " Peter made an exaggerated expression . "Why don't we have some champagne to lighten up the mood?"

Due to the restriction of language and other influences, European tech companies were naturally at a disadvantage . Although the Guardian received contracts from British forces, IBM didn't view this old rival as competition anymore .

"Great idea . " Carmen laughed . "For this party, I brought the most expensive wine from Bava vineyards; please enjoy . "

A table was lined up with crystal cups; the waiter courteously poured Jiang Chen a cup of wine .

Just as Jiang Chen wondered if he should find a "useful" circle of people to mingle with, a man with a beer belly walked up to him with a bright smile .

Beside him was a young blonde girl .

"You must be Mr . Jiang Chen, am I correct?"

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