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Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Ayesha’s Determination

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The battle was spreading to Baghdad, Iraq’s capital . The sound of explosions made for a sleepless night as it cast a gloom of war on the once prosperous city .


Of course, that was only for the natural citizens of Baghdad .


As for the foreigners like Jiang Chen and Robert, they drank and caroused, untouched by the events around them .


Amidst the bar’s flashing lights, heavy metal rap pierced through everyone’s ear drums . A Lebanon beauty writhed on stage with her snake-like waist and dark blond hair swinging . The men sitting by the dance floor howled and screamed as one as they threw Franklins in exchange for more exotic moves .


Behind the bar, a black bartender placed mixed cocktails in front of Robert and Jiang Chen . The establishment was rumored to belong to a British man as most of the customers were either foreign soldiers or laborers and reporters .


The people here didn’t have to bear the burdens of this war, even if the battlefront was at the doorstep . They knew their country’s army would come and cover their departure .


It truly made people envious, to have your home country always be your staunchest ally and protection no matter where you were .


“Safe trip . ” Robert raised his cup .


“Safe trip . ” Jiang Chen toasted him and threw it back .


The cocktail tasted rather odd . Other than the alcohol, there seemed to be something else mixed with it .


“I heard they banned alcohol . ” Jiang Chen swirled the crystal glass as he enjoyed the beauties dancing on the floor .


“That’s for religious people . The owner here has an influential background which grants him a special license to sell . Also, the majority of the people here are active American soldiers or Black Water International mercenaries . Even if the occasional drunk were to cause problems, they’d be kicked out immediately . This place doesn’t even need bouncers . ” Robert smiled with narrowed eyes as he took a sip . “For these guys that live on a knife’s edge, only this sort of stimulation can give them the peace of mind again to feel alive . ”


Speaking of the people who could die any second, Robert referred to not only the soldiers who were in danger of stepping on landmines, but also to himself as a firearms merchant .


Jiang Chen’s hand holding the glass briefly trembled as he thought deeply about the chaotic apocalypse and the people who suffered there .


He did not feel any pity .


It was only that he realized he was one of those who could lose his life at any moment .


[I’ll be more careful in the future . ]


He shook his head as he took another gulp .


“Handsome, do you want a shot?” Two Middle Eastern beauties in tank tops stopped in front of Jiang Chen and Robert and winked seductively .


“Which one do you want?” Robert whistled at the two beauties as he glanced slyly at Jiang Chen . “This is on me . ”


“Neither, I have a headache . I’ll go sleep since I have to catch a flight tomorrow . ” Jiang Chen didn’t feel tempted in the slightest as he sighed and tossed the cup onto the counter .


“Don’t act like a middle-aged man, buddy . Haha, then I’ll take both . ” Robert laughed, gathering both of the beauties into his arms and caressing them in his drunkenness .


Jiang Chen rubbed his slightly sore temple and stood up to leave .


He left the bar with its heavy metal screams and desire-filled cheers as he drowsily searched for the hotel door in his alcohol-driven stupor .



He shoved the door open and dived into the soft bed, snoring almost immediately with a pungent, alcohol smell wafting from him .


Ayesha, who was curled up on the side, smelled the liquor and slightly raised her eyebrows before she let out a sigh .

He was a non-believer after all .


Once they reached the hotel, Jiang Chen brought her here . Not only did she take a shower, but he also brought her a hot lunch to enjoy . He also requested the hotel attendant to purchase new clothes for her from a store nearby . Although it was not in their job descriptions, a hefty tip took care of the problem .


After settling her in, Jiang Chen left the hotel .


And then he didn’t come back until almost midnight .


Ayesha didn’t sleep until he came home, acting out her role as wife as she courteously waited for her man to come home . This was what her mother had taught her, but unfortunately, she would never be able to see her daughter get married .


Marriage was an uncertainty as Ayesha heard that many countries believed in monogamy . For her who was “picked up”, she didn’t envy the ritual—only, she was happy that Jiang Chen did not leave her behind .


Different from before, she was clean and dressed in new clothes .



The exotic beauty was just under the surface, ready to bloom at any moment . Yet even now, it was hidden under an emotionless expression . The rigid and thin body was noticeably malnourished, but the existing curves were accentuated by the slightly thin fabric of the clothes . After a bit of care, Ayesha would become a beauty like her mother .


There were many beauties from her country .


But in this forsaken piece of desert, beauty was a sin .


Ayesha’s eyes were different from Xia Shiyu’s pride-filled gaze . They were instead apathetic, perhaps towards life itself? Jiang Chen couldn’t know for sure with just an intuition .


The day she saw her parents brutally murdered, her tears, her fears, and her sorrows were drained from her body along with her hatred . She had seen far too many tragedies that she even questioned her feelings for her own life .


If faced with the decision between death and a greater pain, she was prepared to calmly choose to end her own life . It was a logic taught to her by war, virulent and widespread among the people .


Despite all that happened, however, this sympathetic Eastern man accepted her .


Ayesha ignored the awful smell of alcohol as she shifted Jiang Chen’s body . She then took a hot towel and placed it on his forehead .


[This place is like heaven . ]


Pristine bedsheets, beautiful decorations—she was never so happy before, and she treasured this contentment dearly .


Once she wiped Jiang Chen’s face, a hint of softness showed in her apathetic eyes . Her finger lightly touched Jiang Chen’s chest as she hesitated before she took a deep breath and made up her mind to unzip Jiang Chen’s clothes .


She placed the sweat-drenched clothes to the side and blushed at the muscular body . Embarrassed, she still reached out with her trembling hands as she gently toweled Jiang Chen’s body .


“Mhmm…” Jiang Chen snorted and turned around, scaring Ayesha .


Only when she saw that Jiang Chen was still asleep did her rapidly pumping heart calm down .


She knew she didn’t do anything wrong, but she was still afraid to have him wake up . Gathering her nerves once more, she gently bit her lips .


When his breath became regular again, Ayesha finally pulled up the courage once more to wipe the sweat from his back .


Although she made up her mind to continue, she was still not completely prepared which explained her unabated apprehension .


“Sun Jiao, Yao Yao,” Jiang Chen murmured in his sleep as he turned around and grabbed Ayesha’s hand .


Ayesha jumped and then froze in place .


[Sun Jiao… Yao Yao? Are these the names of the mistresses?]


Not knowing Chinese, her sixth sense as a woman proved to be a scary and sensitive weapon .


When she heard the names, Ayesha felt relieved, but at the same time, an ambiguous emotion crept in .


Jealousy? Not quite . . . Maybe it was just unease .


She gazed at Jiang Chen’s face with her head close to him . Just as she realized her embarrassing act, Jiang Chen shifted until he was on top of her .


[What to do? Will I get eaten right away?]


Her face suddenly blushed a dark red . The once-apathetic eyes became flustered and confused . She was unable to register that she was leaning into him as her brain melted into a mess .


[But… this is not too bad since it was inevitable . ]


Ayesha tried to convince herself as she bit her lip and obediently wrapped her arms around his neck .


[Rather than ending up a devil’s sex slave without any dignity or human rights, this ending is much better . ]


[At least this way, my purity will only be for one person, and I will serve only one man . ]


Ayesha persuaded herself into calming her racing heart . She urged away her embarrassment and brought her lips closer to Jiang Chen’s alcohol-filled breath .


This was making him commit a crime .


Or adding oil to the fire .



Half drowsy, Jiang Chen felt like he was in heaven . A beautiful servant placed fresh grapes by his mouth, prompting him to eat it without any hesitation . Not only were there delicious grapes, there were also sweet wine, fresh juice, and passionate joy .


Wait, why was there passionate joy?


Maybe it was because of the sweat .


Who cared, it was euphoric after all .