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Chapter 510
Chapter 510: Auto Exhibition

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On his trip back to the main building of the manor, Jiang Chen thought about Jacquardo's last sentence . When he asked Jacquardo how a peasant could use the Golden Apple, the man just smiled without replying .

The elder's response made Jiang Chen feel secretly relieved . Jacquardo's smile without a reply meant he viewed Jiang Chen as an "outsider . " Hence, he thought Jiang Chen didn't know about the actual Golden Apple .

After finishing the entire roasted lamb leg, the elder extinguished the bonfire and buried the now-meatless carcass into the ground before departing . He picked up a backpack losing its color and headed to the wooden cabin beside the lake .

Perhaps his thoughts were somewhere else that time flew by as he realized he was now at the main building . When he arrived, Ccides was already waiting for him at the door .

"Did you see master?" When Jiang Chen stepped in front of him, the aged butler smiled courteously .

"How did you know?" Jiang Chen was curious .

"The pine needles on your shoulder and roasted lamb smell . " Ccides smiled . "Master Carmen and I have been reminding Master Jacquardo to eat less oily food, but he never listens to us . Let's not talk about this . Please take your suit off - it is not the Rothschild way to allow our guests to have mud on their pants . "

So, Jiang Chen took a shower . A maid brought him clean clothes and took his dirty ones to be washed .

After Jiang Chen returned to the room, Ayesha immediately came to check on him . Although she didn't speak, he guessed what she was going to say from her blue eyes that could speak .

"Don't worry . I just met an interesting person along the way and took a bit longer than expected . " Jiang Chen rubbed her luscious hair and told her what happened on his way back .

. . .

Ayesha adjusted Jiang Chen's collar and went up on her tiptoes to peck his lips . She looked him in the eyes and complained in a quiet voice, "Please don't eat food from strangers . If you're hungry, I can cook for you . "

"Don't worry; if I was anywhere else, I'd be more careful . " Jiang Chen laughed .

The Rothschilds wouldn't do anything low such as poisoning people . The more they were in a position of influence and power, the more they would be wary about their feathers . A large reason why the Rothschild family had their connections today was because of their way of treating guests .

Take a thousand steps back - even if someone wanted to poison him, normal poison would be useless on him .

"Mhmm," Ayesha replied quietly .

"Just today, renowned auto manufacturers from Europe and around the world gathered here . " Walking inside the venue of the Ber Auto Exhibition, Carmen energetically told Jiang Chen, "This is the Maybach EX our company recently launched . There are only five units available, and one of them belongs to you . "

Carmen smiled at Jiang Chen .

Maybach EX, with 5 models in production, was expected to sell for 4 . 2 million euros, equivalent to 28 . 66 million RMB . Based on their estimates, if he delivered the smart driving system before May, he would be gifted a unit .

The black exterior cast an obsidian-like shine; the sleek design made the car look ferocious just from the appearance . Especially with a model beside the car, her gorgeous black dress and elegant appearance accentuated the Maybach EX's noble and mysterious temperament to create the most vivid perfection .

"The model is not included . But with your wealth, it shouldn't be too difficult to bring her home with you . " Perhaps Carmen noticed Jiang Chen's gaze, so he used a half-joking voice .

Seeing Carmen and Jiang Chen walking together, the reporters immediately raised their cameras and captured a moment in their friendly conversation . Artifical intelligence always left people imaginative, and their imagination would usually be reflected in the stock price of the company .

"Speaking of which, what's the theme of the exhibition?" Jiang Chen asked nonchalantly while scanning the unique-looking supercars around the venue .

"New energy and the future," Carmen said .

"The future? That's a deep theme . " Jiang Chen noticed a car with a design similar to a car wheel . What drew his attention wasn't its design but that fact that it hovered half a meter above the ground .

"The same as your company?" Carmen joked .

"Maglev vehicle?" Jiang Chen gently touched the surface of the car as he entered deep thought .

"This is only a concept vehicle . Dalmer created something similar before, but we don't think the future is too bright for this design due to difficulties in actual implementation . This vehicle could only be used on roads integrated with maglev tracks . And this kind of maglev road is ten thousand Euros per meter .

[Ten thousand Euros…]

Jiang Chen made a crude estimate before a wry smile appeared on his face .

Considering the complicated highway system in Europe, it was indeed an astronomical number . But regarding the technical challenges faced by maglev vehicles, Jiang Chen personally didn't feel they were major since the Sixth Street Inner Circle was in the process of tackling those at the moment . With the way the speed of construction was moving, the costs wouldn't be too high .

"I have to visit the Dalmer Corporation venue in a bit; just find me there when the time is right . Before meeting with the annoying reporters, I suggest you take a walk around first . " Carmen smiled .

"Go ahead . "

After separating from Carmen, Jiang Chen continued to follow the signs at the venue . Along the way, his eyes were treated well . In order to attract the interest of potential investors, major auto companies dedicated much effort to the exhibition by showing beautiful showgirls as a secondary competition .

Aside from the major auto manufacturers, a lot of smaller companies came with their best efforts . If they could attract the interest of major capitals, they could avoid dealing with the plague-like venture capitalists and bankers .

The more isolated the venue, the fewer the people, and the plague on the exhibition changed into more unknown manufacturers . Although the auto industry had relatively restricted entry, it didn't prevent smaller companies without any decent products to participate in the exhibition .

Just then, at the corner of the venue, an ordinary-looking exhibition captured the attention of Jiang Chen . It wasn't because of how attractive the car looked, nor how powerful the vehicle claimed to be, but it was because…

Jiang Chen walked up and scanned the name .

A brand Jiang Chen never heard about . He was skeptical if Ruhrka even had a car manufacturing plant .

Just as Jiang Chen examined their exhibition, Ruhrka was also looking at him anxiously . Before the exhibition, he did his homework . It was a far stretch to say he knew all the invited guests, but at least he could easily recognize the one-hundred guests emphasized by the media .

Not to mention a famous individual like Jiang Chen .

To be frank, he almost lost all hope with the lack of visitors at his exhibition . In the beginning, he convinced himself that it was because visitors didn't want to walk there . But after an hour, he gave up this futile self-comfort and let his employees go home first .

Since overtime was expensive for him .

But he didn't think his company would attract Jiang Chen's attention!

Due to his own nervousness, the sales pitch he prepared beforehand completely disappeared from his head .

Just as he was about to introduce his own product, Jiang Chen spoke first .

"Your booth… doesn't even have a showgirl?"

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