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Chapter 511
Chapter 511: Financing Proposal

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Hearing Jiang Chen's words, Luer was speechless . He didn't think that it was because of this reason Jiang Chen noticed his booth .

"…Sorry . "

Luer's honesty made Jiang Chen feel peculiar . Although he expected the company to be in a difficult situation, he didn't expect them to be this bad .

"Electric vehicle? But I feel like there is nothing special comparing your vehicle with the other electric vehicles . "

When Jiang Chen mentioned his product, Luer was immediately energized .

"No, Mr . Jiang Chen, you didn't get to know about the uniqueness of our product . We used wireless charging technology to replace the need to have a charging port . Therefore, the car owner just needs to park the vehicle on the charging lot to complete the charging process . "

"So you're saying, if you're compared to a phone manufacturer, the relative advantage of your phone is just that charging doesn't require a cable?" Jiang Chen mocked .

Although he didn't have a deep understanding of the automotive industry, he still knew a bit about pure electric vehicles . No other reason other than the fact that the apocalypse only had electric vehicles . Fossil fuel vehicles will be eliminated with historical inevitability, just as the original coal burners .

The technical challenges of the modern day were the distance and charging time .

Let's first start with distance . Under the ideal setting at a steady speed of 30 kilometers per hour, it is hard for a pure electric vehicle to achieve 300 kilometers of distance . The short distance would no doubt bring extreme inconvenience to the owners and the limiting factor of the electric vehicle's wide adoption .

The other problem was charging time . Typically, a pure electric vehicle's charge time is between 7-8 hours . Although the widely used Lithium iron carbonate battery possesses a half hour charge function, the high power charging severely affects the car's battery life, especially due to the heat generated . But during a long trip, the owner would not wait for 7-8 hours before the battery is charged again .

For a lot of short-tempered people, half an hour of charge time was already too dreadful .

But Luer's technology tree was skewed . It didn't make any progress on the technical challenges but rather specialized in wireless charging technology . The lenient view would be foresight; the harsher version would be running without learning how to walk first .

But because of this, the concept car they introduced drew Jiang Chen's attention, because the charging station at the apocalypse happened to use wireless charging technology . The owner would only need to drive the car to the specific lot, and then log into a mobile electronic device or the vehicle computer to start the charging service .

Convenience was the advantage of wireless charging .

Luer's expression immediately turned awkward when he heard Jiang Chen's ridicule .

"Did you not consider the energy lost in the process? I don't really know cars that well, but just making a comparison to the phone industry, based on the current phone wireless charging technology, the ideal energy lost is at 30% . " Jiang Chen smiled and continued .

Luer was immediately unhappy seeing Jiang Chen berate his proud work and rebuked .

"That's not completely right, the lithium battery our company designed can shorten the charging time to 15 minutes! And it doesn't reduce the battery's life . "

15 minutes?

It was an incredible achievement; Jiang Chen was surprised .

"Oh? How did you do it?"

To Jiang Chen question, Luer was silent .

Seeing he didn't speak, Jiang Chen had an idea in his mind . Silence meant that either his solution didn't include advanced technology, or it was not technically difficult to achieve . If it were hard to mimic, then he wouldn't be silent .

"Mr . Luer, if you can't satisfy my curiosity, how do you expect me to be willing to pay for your product?" Jiang Chen said softly .

"You're willing to invest in us?' Luer was astonished .

"If your product can interest me . " Jiang Chen used a nonchalant tone .

"Okay, to be honest, although we have twelve patents on the vehicle, the most critical innovation was rejected by the patent office . The rejection reason was simple: you can't register using a series of lithium batteries as a patent… Uh, you should understand now . "

With the realization on Jiang Chen's face, Luer shrugged .

"That's right, I have to say, your solution is quite… innovative . " Jiang Chen facepalmed .

Yes, he understood Ruhrka's solution, it was to connect multiple lithium batteries together and then attach a charging module on each battery . Because it was wireless charging technology, the charging station could conveniently charge multiple lithium batteries together . While this way could certainly shorten charging time, the disadvantages were too obvious to ridicule .

"… But did you consider the problem of cost? The size of the batteries, and attaching the charging module to each battery . " Jiang Chen continued to ask .

When Jiang Chen mentioned this problem, proudness appeared on Luer's face, "I have to mention the KS-12 Series battery our company designed . It is the core of the technology of the vehicle! It is formed by eight independent lithium battery units capable of storing a total of 40 volts of power with a distance of more than 180 kilometers!"

The stat was mediocre compared to the other electric vehicles on the market, but the wireless charging and fast charging certainly could add a few points .

But Luer didn't mention the most critical problem, the cost .

"What about cost?" Jiang Chen repeated the most fundamental question .

Luer's expression turned awkward again as he dodged Jiang Chen's eyes .

"Of course, the cost is a problem, but our technical experts have brought about an improvement plan . If we could acquire an investment, we have the confidence to reduce the cost to a reasonable range . "

When Jiang Chen heard this, an intrigued expression appeared on Jiang Chen's face .

Typically speaking, the price of an electric vehicle is two times the cost of a diesel vehicle . From Ruhrka's expression, the cost of the vehicle must be remarkably high .

"Can I ask the price of the vehicle?"

Luer hesitated for a moment before he answered, with honesty, "If manufactured at scale, the cost is 700,000 USD . "

"How many people do you think will foot the bill for this car?" Jiang Chen smiled .

Luer forced a smile . " Mr . Jiang Chen, if you are just here to make fun of me after chatting for so long, you have achieved your goal . "

"Then you have to be disappointed because I'm not here to make fun of you . Instead, I'm interested in your company… or technology per say . " Jiang Chen paused, and handed over his business card, "Are you interested in an equity infusion of 100 million USD?"

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