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Chapter 513
Chapter 513: Long time no see
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

"Long time no see . "

"Indeed, long time no see . Do you want a cup of coffee?"

"No need, I just want to take a look . "

University of Ber's library environment was elegant . Quite a number of students were studying around the tables, but the library was quiet . Jiang Chen was standing beside a bookshelf and opened an astronomy book with pictures .

Because Xie Lei was still in class, he waited for a bit .

And at that time, a book caught his attention .

Precisely, a picture caught his attention .

"How's the life in Frankberg?" To avoid disturbing other people, Jiang Chen tried to lower his tone .

"We're living a great life . Xie Lin's eyes have almost recovered; the hospital said they still need to observe for a few more days . I told her when she is discharged from the hospital, I will take her to New Swan Berg… Thank you . "

Compared to the teen with a pale face and skinny to the point where a gust of wind could blow him away, he was much taller and gained the liveness that belonged to his age .

Whether it was his growth or the genuine gratitude from his eyes, Jiang Chen was extremely pleased .

It meant that his investment was not wasted .

Helping the brother and sister was one of the few philanthropic things he did .

"You don't need to thank me," Jiang Chen's eyes didn't leave the book while he whispered .

"Are you interested in astronomy?"

"Aerospace is within my investment interest, but I don't have too particular of an interest in astronomy… Or rather, I'm just interested in a particular planet . " His thumb gently rubbed on the dark red planet .

It was different from the spherical body with one side green and one red side in his "dream" . This planet was "dead . "

"Which one?"

"Gliese 581, 20 . 5 lightyears away from the solar system . "

Whenever he saw the planet, Jiang Chen had the powerless feeling where he was doing futile work . Facing the battle-tested Harmony civilization that spent thousands of years in wars, even with the wrap engine paper, he still didn't have strong odds of winning .

If this world was destined for destruction, then Future Group and Celestial Trade would be pointless .

Of course, as long as a sliver of hope remained, he would not spell defeat .

Xie Lei searched for a while in his mind, but he didn't have any impression of the name .

"Is this photo captured from a telescope?" Jiang Chen asked seemingly without common sense .

"How is that possible… Although the Hubble Telescope could capture planets hundreds of lightyears away, it would be impossible to capture the direct image of the planet . Some of the stars' brightness is dim, and the brighter stars directly cover some . Most of the extrasolar planets are analyzed according to the spectrum and other information to obtain the planetary environment, and then the planetary images are produced . "

"Is that so? . . . I didn't think you are so knowledgeable in this field . "

[The war is half lost if there is no information about the invader, looks like it is time to find a more advanced telescope . ]

"My senior sister is part of the astronomy club," Xie Lei said .

Jiang Chen looked at him in surprise .

"I noticed from before, but you seem to be very popular . "

Xie Lei paused before he scratched his face, feeling shy .

"Is it?"

"How's your personal network in the university?"

"It's okay . "

"I need some help . "

"No problem," Xie Lei answered sternly .

"Don't be so nervous . It is nothing dangerous this time . " Jiang Chen closed the book, stuffed it back onto the shelf, and handed him a piece of paper .

"This is?" Xie Lei looked at the paper in confusion .

"Help me find some talent . "

"Mechanical, automation, electrical, nanotechnology, information technology… there are so many fields . Why don't you just hire on campus?"

"Because I'm not hiring them into a formal position . This is only a talent reserve or an investment in science . I require that the person must be moral and trustworthy, and must be interested in new technology with a strong ability to absorb knowledge… That's about it . You should know what type of people I'm looking for," Jiang Chen said to Xie Lei .

Although Xie Lei was not too clear, he still nodded . "Leave it up to me . "

"I know the requirements may be strict, but I also believe that you can overcome difficulties . Participate in events, get on the good side of your classmates, understand the type of person they are, also it would be best if you become part of the student council . Study how to treat interpersonal relationships . I sent you to university not only for you to learn about computers . "

Jiang Chen then patted Xie Lei on the shoulder, "I believe in you . "

Xie Lei looked at him blankly .

Xie Lei looked at him blankly .

"Are there any other questions?"

"Nothing… I just feel that you act like a father…" Xie Lei scratched his face .

Jiang Chen took a second to process this before he cursed out, "What are you even thinking, I didn't—"

"Please keep quiet in the library . "

The librarian that appeared out of nowhere stared at Jiang Chen emotionlessly and spoke word by word in Han .

After being kicked out by the somewhat unreasonable librarian, Jiang Chen's had a dumbfounded expression on his face . The good thing was there were no reporters hidden nearby, or he would be headline material again .

Fortunately, because there were bookshelves on both sides, no one noticed him when he left the library's second floor .

"Do you want to go to the coffee shop on the floor above? We can chat freely there . "

"No need, I should head out soon . You can go work on your own things now . Just remember the task I gave you . You have plenty of time to complete this . As to the necessary funding, just give me a number through text . "

"It's just making friends, does this mission need money?" Xie Lei looked at Jiang Chen .

"Money can win over people; it can also make people forget themselves . "

Jiang Chen left with words with deep meanings . Encouragingly he patted Xie Lei on the shoulder and said goodbye to the teen .

When Jiang Chen left the library from the side door, he noticed quite a few students were looking at him . Although Europeans couldn't distinguish Asians quite well, because of his recent publicity, a number of them recognized him .

A female student even courageous walked up to ask for a selfie to upload onto Twitter .

A female student even courageous walked up to ask for a selfie to upload onto Twitter .

Jiang Chen couldn't resist her energy and satisfied the wish of the fan and forced a smile at the camera . Just as she was sending the twitter in excitement, Jiang Chen didn't stop long and headed to the garage of the library .

"Go back to the manor . "

"Mhmm . " Ayesha nodded and started the car .

Ber was the capital of the state of Bava, but the Rothschild manor was located in the rural area to the east . When they returned, it was already dark . Ccides ordered the kitchen to prepare food for them .

Perhaps because they knew that Jiang Chen would depart the day after tomorrow, the food the kitchen prepared was extravagant .

With the majority of his day spent outside and a tableful of food, Jiang Chen was prepared to feast .

After dinner, Jiang Chen took a bath and then returned to the bedroom .

After attending the exhibition, the primary purpose of the Frankberg trip was achieved . Based on his plan, he will take Ayesha for a tour of Ber; the perfect conclusion to the trip .

Since he was tired and wanted to wake up on time, Jiang Chen went to bed early .

But just as he was about to doze off, his phone began to ring .

He picked up the phone and first glanced at the time .

It was already nine at night, who would call him?

Unknown Caller .

Hesitating, Jiang Chen pressed the pickup button .

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