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Chapter 514
Chapter 514: For the Country

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Bava is one of the larger states in Frankberg, the state capital's Ber's political and economic status was only second to the capital of Frankberg . Its basic infrastructure and educational resources are among the frontier in Europe . The Ber Industrial University and other top education institutions are among the top destinations for international students .

Among the individual circles among international student, the Hua international students were among the biggest and the most united among the other organizations . With the Hua Student Organization as the biggest among the universities, it even posed an influence onto the Hua circle in Frankberg .

When the Student Organization Leader Chen Yuqiao saw Jiang Chen was invited by Daimler Corporation to participate in the Ber Auto Exhibition on October 31st, she immediately had an idea . It was the perfect opportunity as the organization was planning an university level student event . If they could invite the "Oriental Bill Gates" to speak a few words, it would be a huge boost to the organization among international students and even to those outside of the sphere of influence .

At the same time, as the leader of the organization, it would be a prominent experience on her resume .

Other than that, she still had other plans . She studied Economics and International Trades at the University of Ber . Her grades were exception enough to work in Frankberg, but due to the economic downturn in Europe, she was not pleased with the salaries with the companies she contacted . As someone heading into fourth year, she needed a plan for her future .

Future Technology was expanding its international presence . The investors were not the only ones who were confident with Future Group's future, job seekers with foresight were also confident . If she could demonstrate her organization ability in front of Future Group's president, it would indeed be an option in her future job searching .

But what troubled her was how to contact Jiang Chen .

Until a twitter from her friend caught her attention .

It was a selfie . The background of the selfie was the side door of the university library . The man on the phone was exactly Jiang Chen, and that student happened to take on a role in the student union . Since the student union had a friendly relationship with the student organization, she followed her twitter .

What a coincidence!

When she saw the twitter, she immediately rushed to the library and asked the librarian if she had seen Jiang Chen . Unfortunately, the fifty years old librarian didn't follow anything else other than the library itself, so she had no impression of the name Jiang Chen . But when she showed the photo on Twitter, the librarian immediately realized .

It was the guy that got kicked up because of excessive noise in the library .

Although Chen Yuqiao was dumbfounded by the fact the librarian kicked Jiang Chen out, she still patiently inquired about the situation from the stubborn elder .

When she heard that a male student met with Jiang Chen, she immediately used her relationship in the student body to obtain video footage to determine that the male student's name was Xie Lei .

Xie Lei seemed to rarely participate in student organization events, so his name didn't appear in the student organization's list . But it was okay; she somehow obtained his contact information from the student union .

Although she knew it may be too intrusive, she gritted her teeth and called the number on the guardian information .

"Hello?" Jiang Chen picked up the phone .

"Hello, are you Mr . Jiang Chen?" Chen Yuqiao tried her best not to sound nervous .

"That's right . And you are?" A young voice that Jiang Chen had no impression of .

When she received the affirmative answer, she was ecstatic .

"My name is Chen Yuqiao, the leader of the Han Student Organization…"

Chen Yuqiao politely explained that she wished to invite Jiang Chen as a special guest to give a speech at the international student gala for a few words on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, or the industry's future .

Although she practiced multiple times in front of the mirror, Chen Yuqiao still felt anxious . On the other side of the phone was the owner of a one hundred billion dollar tech company and his investment stretched beyond the border of the internet, from nutrient supply to deep water mining, the footsteps of Future Group spanned through different industries .

But Jiang Chen's response exhilarated her .

"My flight is the day after tomorrow in the afternoon, is tomorrow night okay?"

"No problem! We'll adjust our time accordingly, thank you so much!" Chen Yuqiao couldn't stop thanking him over the phone .

Jiang Chen only smiled .

Since he had no specific plans for the entire day tomorrow, there was nothing wrong with participating in the international student gala . Especially a speech given by the Future Group's president at a top education institution would increase Future Group's influence among the students . Future Group's future employees will be hidden amongst them .

"No need, but don't have your hopes too high . I'm just here to say a few words . "

"It is our honor for you to be here!"

After hanging up the phone, Chen Yuqiao was relieved .

"He agreed?" Although the response on the leader's face already told him the answer, the vice president on the side still asked to confirm .

"Mhmm, it's done!" She restricted the excitement in her mind and blissfully nodded .

"Qu Youcheng, contact the sponsors and school media and push forward the date of the gala to tomorrow night . "

"Do we have time? The venue is not prepared yet . " Qu Youcheng was troubled .

"Then prepare it . "

Jiang Chen didn't mind the intrusive invitation and the fact that he took time out of his busy schedule to attend the gala was already very nice of him .

"Li Wei, you're responsible for contacting the school and changing the lecture hall reservation to the grass field in front of the West Church . "

"Would the school agree?"

"They will," Chen Yuqiao said with certainty .

Li Wei nodded and rushed out . She remembered the professor responsible for this location reservation had a class that night and his research happened to be in artificial intelligence . If they invited Jiang Chen to give a speech at the gala, changing the location would not be difficult at all .

Perhaps the professor would attend the "lecture" himself .

Just as the student organization was busy preparing for the gala, a protest erupted in front of the Ber Opera two streets down from the Industrial University of Ber . But in the country where protests were common, it was an ordinary scene .

People raised the photo of the women that died of r*pe because of the refugees over the past half a year and marched along the road in front of the opera . They chanted to deport the refugees and protested against the wrongful decisions made by the government .

The people willing to help had an accepting attitude half a year ago since it was easy for St . Mary to be born from a high benefit society . The people at the start pressed the government to push out policies to accept the poor people into the wall and protested the hanging of pig heads on the neighboring countries' border .

Just in half a year of time, they tasted their own medicine .

With the benefits diluted, the crime rate skyrocketing, and the drop in the employment rate, what would a bunch of poor people with nothing to do do together? Especially outside of the wall, it was the prosperous world .

"Make them go back to their own country! Frankberg is not the welfare home of the world!"

"Get out of Frankberg!"

"They must pay for the people that died . "

The protestors gathered steam, but they were rather peaceful . The police in bulletproof vest only stood on the side and watched the protestors from afar . Tomorrow, the Frankberg President would head to the opera with the Austria President . Maximum security was enacted around the opera .

The police didn't disperse the protestors to prevent accidents from occurring to interfere with the event tomorrow . As long as they didn't approach the opera, as long as the protestors maintained rationality…

Among the crowd, two young males stood together .

"Is it time?"

"It is time . "

A hooked nose male solemnly stared at the name of the deceased as he pulled up the scarf around his neck .

"For Frankberg . "

He left the words to his buddy, turned around, and disappeared into the crowd .

His friend gazed at his back .

"For Frankberg . "

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