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Chapter 517
Chapter 517: The Tragedy

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The clock at the church struck seven o'clock .

In the opera house, two streets past the University of Ber, the sound of the melodious symphony echoed . The Kermen Orchestra from Vienna, Austria delivered a spectacular performance . Under the direction of the concertmaster, all musicians bowed to the audience .

Taking advantage of the intermission, Sim and the Austrian president sitting at the top of the opera house happily chatted with each other .

"Very good performance; Evelyn will regret his early departure . "

"I'll pass your compliments to the band and they'll be honored at praise coming from the President of Frankberg," the Austrian president said . "What's the next show?"

"It's 'Opera: Turandot,' the masterpiece of the famous Italian composer, Giacomo Puccini, played by the Ber National Orchestra . You can look forward to the next show . " Sim crossed his legs as he rambled on in a lighthearted fashion .

The curtains opened again and a bonfire lit the stage . With a horn-like tune, the actors dressed like nomads filed out from behind the scenes . Beautiful but cold Yuan Dynasty Princess Turandot solemnly ordered her people: if a man could guess her three riddles, she would marry him .

Countless admirers fell at the soldiers' knives . With a smoke curtain, a chaotic atmosphere was created vividly .

At this point, a young man wearing black armor with a covered face carrying a black towel and violin case unhurriedly stepped onto the stage . Originally immersed in the opera, Sim frowned slightly as he didn't remember such a violinist debuting in "Turandot . "

On the stage, two soldiers came forward and put swords to his neck, just like the previous martyrs . Looking at the young man, Turandot's frozen but elegant face looked surprised; she didn't remember a scene like this in the plot .

The masked young man smiled and opened the violin case . . .

And then he calmly took out the the MP7 submachine gun hidden in the case!

Before anyone could react, he shot down the soldier in front of him and shouted a chant to the Holy War .


At the same time, he pressed the trigger with a menacing smile .

Blood splattered in the air .

The deafening screams suppressed the sound of bullets . Without any shield to protect them, the audience in the front row quickly collapsed from the wave of bullets . The music of the opera came to a halt as the actors rushed backstage into the emergency exit tunnel in a panic .

Then they encountered another terrorist who opened the safety with a menacing smile…

The opera house was in complete mayhem . Men abandoned their female companions, and women dropped their heels . Just as everyone flooded toward the door, a warrior stood up to protect the women and children, but he soon died under the gunfire of the attacker .

Sim, sitting in a VIP seat, ducked under the table . The two bodyguards beside the President immediately took out their pistols and stationed themselves at the door to the room .

"Dammit, what's going on? There can't be an anti-terrorist drill in the middle of the opera?" The Austrian President hid behind the sofa and spoke with an ashen face .

"This isn't a joke . Don't worry, the security force of Frankberg is just outside . " While Sim's expression didn't look any better, he was calm .

As the President, even if he didn't have too much decision-making power, he still knew how much money the National Defense Department spent each year on anti-terrorism . The soldiers from the security forces were the elites of the elite . In this world, they could easily deal with a few terrorists!

Just as the two Presidents and the Deputy Prime Minister were waiting to be rescued, the outside was in complete chaos .

"The Ber Opera House was attacked by terrorists . There are a total of six gunmen . I repeat…"

The police and special forces stationed outside the opera house immediately stormed in and engaged in heavy gunfire with the terrorist . The smoke alarms rang, guns constantly fired, and the situation was in disarray .

Fortunately, the security force was there; they were the elites of Frankberg .

Unfortunately, the terrorists took the employees and actors as hostages . Even if the security force was composed of elites, they still had to be wary .

"Nelson, what are your people still waiting for?! They only have six people - attack now!" Rushing to the scene, Casper grabbed a walkie-talkie and took command but he couldn't with his wig that flew away in front of the media as he roared into the walkie-talkie .

"Sir, but they took the opera theater crew as hostages-" Crouching in the bunker, Nelson calmly reported to his commander .

"Fool! I'll give you 2 minutes to fight to get inside!"

. . .

"But sir, there are 57 hostages inside . "

"Yes, but they are terrorists and our President is inside! So is the Austrian President! Attack, now!"

"…Roger . "

Nelson took a deep breath then clenched his fists at his troops before swinging his fist down fiercely, signaling a command to attack .

With an order like this, there was no need for concern . Even with all 57 hostages dying, they had to rescue the two Presidents .

Attack commence!

In the grass field in front of the small church at the University of Ber, the gala still continued . But followed by the departures of other students, domestic students began to depart as well . When the irrelevant students and reporters all left, the grass field immediately looked a lot emptier .

At the same time, at the side door of the small church:

Jiang Chen let go of Evelyn's hand and looked at him with questions in his eyes .

"It's nice to meet you, Mr . Deputy Prime Minister . Do you have any questions?"

"I don't have any questions; I'm just stunned by the blueprints to the future in Mr . Jiang Chen's speech, so I really wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you . Tonight, I'm here as an alumnus to the University of Ber, so please just call me Evelyn . " Evelyn gave him a friendly smile .

The Frankberg Deputy Prime Minister was extremely talkative and Jiang Chen was happy to develop a relationship with key government officials as they began to chat . Regarding VR, AR technology, and Future Group's plans to expand into pure electric vehicles mentioned in Jiang Chen's speech, the Deputy Prime Minister graduated from a science background displayed rich interest .

Just as they began to discuss potential investments, the assistant behind him took a phone call before his expression drastically changed . He hung up the phone, walked to Evelyn with hasty steps, and whispered into his ear .

When Evelyn heard these words, his expression shifted immediately before looking apologetically at Jiang Chen .

"Regretfully,our conversation must end now - there is a small situation outside . "

"It's okay . It's important to take care of business . " Jiang Chen smiled .

Watching Evelyn and the group leaving, Jiang Chen began to frown . Although he didn't understand Franish, from the whisper to Evelyn, Jiang Chen sensed something was off .

He then recollected Carmen telling him to come home early as an ominous feeling lingered in his mind .

"Hello, are you Mr . Jiang Chen?"

Just then, he heard broken Han from behind him .

Jiang Chen turned around and looked at the slim and tall man .

The messy hair reflected an oily reflection under the light . The darkness under his eyes was either his deep eye sockets or dark eye bags . Other than the fervor flashing in his pupils, he didn't look energetic at all .

"I am . You are?"

"Amos Kimberly, Ph . D . , of the University of Ber . " The man smiled shyly, exposing a mouth full of white teeth . He held out his hand and grabbed Jiang Chen . "It's about what you mentioned in your speech earlier - basic and intermediate, Advanced artificial intelligence grading - can I ask about it more in detail? Why are logical responses, self-compliance, emotions and the artificial intelligence grading standards? Can you elaborate on this?"

" Have I mentioned it?" Jiang Chen was surprised .

Amos nodded with certainty . He was sure he didn't miss a single word .

[Looks like I was too passionate…]

With the ardent expression on Amos' face, Jiang Chen was slightly troubled .

"Most of today's artificial intelligence programs remain at the logical response level . Whether it's IBM or Future Group, the use of artificial intelligence is at this level . Program based on human logic rules to determine a logical response . This is basic artificial intelligence and the safest artificial intelligence .

"I cannot agree with you on one point . In the forefront of science and technology, there are already many research results that could complete the self-complied function and even simulate human emotions . " Amos raised some objections .

Jiang Chen thought for a moment before he said:

"Its normal for you to have disagreements since standards are determined by humans . But here I have to correct your point of view - what I said was that self-compliance is not the kind of self-compliance in the broad sense . How should I describe it? You can interpret it as thinking . Not thinking to provide services for humans or to complete tasks set by humans, but the thinking you and I are doing right now . Are you sure current technology can do that now?"

To Jiang Chen's question, Amos evidently paused and began to think .

After a moment of silence, he abruptly asked .

"Then did you manage to do it?"

Jiang Chen let out a sigh .

"Sorry, Mr . Amos, these are corporate secrets; I can't tell you more . "

Then, with Amos' disappointed expression, Jiang Chen paused, smiled and took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to him

"If you are interested, you can join us . We can't give you the technical knowledge free of charge, but if you're willing to share your knowledge for our ideals, we welcome you to join us .

After he finished, Jiang Chen disregarded Amos's stunned expression, turned and walked toward the small church .

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