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Chapter 519
Chapter 519: A Necessary Help

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Inside the Empire Hotel, Carmen put the phone on the desk, picked up a wine glass, and walked back to the window . The night had cast its terror on the city . Carmen stared at his reflection in the window as well as the street lit up by police lights . He grinned .

The vivid, bright liquid swirled together and added a hint of menace to his smile .

An armored vehicle full of special forces disappeared at the end of the street and helicopters hovered above the Ber sky .

The door to the presidential suite opened .

Johnson, in a black suit, walked inside and quietly closed the door behind him .

"The actors have left the stage . "

"Great . "

Carmen's fingers rhythmically tapped the wineglass as he seemed to be deep in thought .

Johnson, who stood behind him, held his breath while waiting for an order .

"Johnson . "

Johnson raised his chest .


But to his surprise, his boss didn't give him an order but rather, spoke slowly and meaningfully .

"Ber is an interesting place . "

Carmen's words made Johnson feel puzzled as he searched for an explanation from his boss .

Perhaps Carmen saw Johnson's confusion through the reflection in the window - he smiled .

"Johnson, you were part of Fran's expat army, right?"

"Yes, boss," Johnson replied in a deep voice .

"What's the closest scene that you have seen that resembled hell?" Carmen quietly asked .

Johnson carefully recollected a memory before he answered .

"In 2008, during a peacekeeping mission in Haiti, we were traveling with the peacekeepers whose task was to maintain local order and our task was to rescue the French diplomats besieged in the embassy . When we left the city, we encountered an attack from the opposition's armed forces . . . They were an army and thought we were an international food aid organization . In a country where 15 presidents were overthrown in 72 years, there was no reason for rationality and our commander was decisive . There was no communication - they fired first and we fought back immediately . They blocked us, so we killed our way through .

"How many people died?" Carmen said nonchalantly .

Johnson shook his head .

"That operation wasn't recorded on file; I only remember a lot of people fell that day . "

Death didn't seem to bother him . But Carmen's face reflected in the wine glass had a greater menace written on it .

"Is that the worst hell you've seen? That's too minor . " Carmen grinned .

Johnson shrugged . "In modern warfare, not a lot of people die . "

"Is that so?"

Carmen spoke with an underlying meaning . He left the window and placed his wine on an expensive redwood table .

"This city is fortunate enough to witness history again . Johnson, remember what I said today . The decision made by the Rothschild family today is to prevent hell from breaking out . "

. . .

"As you wish . " Johnson nodded .

"Also, I need you to do something else for me . "

When Johnson heard his boss had a mission for him, he immediately put on a serious expression and stood up straight .

"On your command . "

"There's a fish that escaped the net - I need you to take care of it for me . "


"Our beloved Deputy Prime Minister, Mr . Evelyn . "

The gunshots were from the direction of the library with a total of three shots .

Jiang Chen felt something was terribly wrong since he thought Ayesha was still there . He ran to the underground garage while he took out his pistol from the storage dimension and stuffed it in his pocket .

The streetlights continuously elongated his shadow; there wasn't a single student to be seen along the way . Security in foreign countries wasn't as stable as in Hua with so few people outside at night to begin with, not to mention the curfew now in place .

When he ran into the garage and saw Ayesha and the four bodyguards standing beside the two black Benz cars, he felt assured .

"I heard gunshots from the garage?"

"No, it was from the library . " Ayesha shook her head . Seeing as Jiang Chen safely returned, she looked evidently relieved . "Please return to the car, it's not safe outside . "

As Ayesha spoke, she extended her hand to Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen understood the meaning behind her resolute gaze as he reached into his pocket and took out the pistol and silencer . Because she didn't have a gun license, the weapons were all with Jiang Chen .

Ayesha installed modules on the Type-11 Pistol before stuffing it into her suit pocket . Although they might not engage in battle, it was safer to be prepared with gunshots in the vicinity .

Just as Jiang Chen was planning to get into the car, a voice in the distance stopped him .

"Please wait, Mr . Jiang Chen . "

Jiang Chen's hand stopped at the car door . From the elevator in the garage, a middle-aged man in a suit was jogging towards him with heavy breaths . Ayesha put her hand beside herself in preparation and the four bodyguards all stood in front of Jiang Chen with a defensive stance .

From the lamp in the underground garage, Jiang Chen saw the person's face and signaled the bodyguards to not worry to allow the man to walk in front of him .

It was Evelyn, the Deputy Prime Minister of Frankberg . Jiang Chen just shook hands with him .

"Mr . Deputy Prime Minister, could I please ask—"

Because of his age and the fact he was wearing dress shoes, the one-hundred-meter distance was already overwhelming for him . With his hands on his knees, Evelyn took a moment to steady his arrhythmic breaths before standing up and looked seriously at Jiang Chen .

"I've certainly taken the liberty, but please help me, Mr . Jiang Chen . "

Just as he spoke, Jiang Chen noticed the blood stains on the left arm of his suit . And his bodyguards were all gone .

"Help you… Could you tell me what happened?"

Jiang Chen was hesitant when he said this . Since he was about to leave Frankberg, he didn't want to go out of his way to trouble himself . But the one requesting help was the Deputy Prime Minister of Frankberg; it was hard for him to reject him .

"We have no time to explain - their people are about to be here . " As Evelyn spoke, he anxiously looked in the direction of the elevator . "Please, take me out of here . "

Jiang Chen only hesitated for one second before four blinding rays of light appeared at the entrance of the underground garage . Seeing this, Evelyn decisively got down on the ground with his hands covering his head . Four gunshots consecutively rang out from the distance .

The sound of bullets blowing by his ear made Jiang Chen jump up . Although he was wearing a carbon Nano bulletproof vest, guns weren't something to be messed with . The four bodyguards immediately swarmed Jiang Chen to act as human shields while Ayesha opened the bulletproof car door while firing back with her pistol .

Because she was wearing shades, the car lights didn't interfere with Ayesha's vision . Two bullets penetrated the other side's car window and struck the driver's head . This van rushing in their direction immediately stalled and smashed into a concrete pillar .

Seeing Jiang Chen's side firing back, the driver of the other van immediately turned his steering wheel and drifted the van to stop horizontally . The militants in baseball caps and masks swarmed out of the car while firing back behind cover .

There was no time for Jiang Chen to hesitate further . With guns being fired, he had no choice but to help the Deputy Prime Minister of Frankberg .

"Open the signal jammer! Don't just stand here; I have a bulletproof vest on . Take cover and prepare to fire back!"


He dragged open the car door and threw Evelyn, curled up on the ground, into the backseat . He then reached under the car seat and took out a briefcase from the storage dimension with the cover of darkness and tossed it out of the car .

The Celestial Trade bodyguard behind the pillar took the briefcase . He smoothly took out the pistols and clips from inside and tossed the weapons to his comrades . The four bodyguards finished equipping themselves in less than three seconds and started to fire back .

Fortunately both sides used pistols, and in terms of the penetrative power of the bullets and the stability of the pistols, Jiang Chen's side was certainly at an advantage .

Just then, the elevator a hundred meters behind Jiang Chen began to open .

The pursuants from the library had made their way down!

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