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Chapter 520
Chapter 520: Evacuate

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Jiang Chen cursed . He took out his pistol and prepared to fight . When it came to combat abilities, the bodyguards were no match compared to their boss .

Evelyn saw Jiang Chen's intentions and pulled him aside .

"They have a lot of people - we can't fight them face-to-face . We have to get out of here immediately!"

"No need, we can just defend ourselves here . In two hours, the Deputy will be here to pick me up . Fu*k, I almost forgot police are at the university gates . " Jiang Chen swore, took out the phone in his pocket, and prepared to call the police .

"Don't call the police! Wait, listen to me, they have people in the police system . " Evelyn immediately stopped Jiang Chen's actions .

Jiang Chen was shocked as his movements froze, but he looked at Evelyn with a frown .

"I won't go against a country's entire police force for someone I just met once . If you want me to save you, then at least show me that you're one of the good guys . Tell me what's going on!"

Evelyn understood the warning in Jiang Chen's eyes . He was conflicted for a moment before he sighed .

"First, allow me to apologize to you for involving you in this… But please understand that it was because I didn't have any other options . If you're willing to help me pass through this hardship, you'll gain the friendship of all the people of Frankberg . "

Bullets flew outside the car and left web-like cracks on the bulletproof window . Evelyn looked a bit scared, but such an expression wasn't seen on Jiang Chen's face . When he heard the honest words from the Deputy Prime Minister, he grinned .

"Your words seem to be promising too much . All the Frankberg people? You're only the Deputy Prime Minister . "

"A Deputy Prime Minister standing at historical crossroads . " Evelyn corrected him with a solemn tone .

The militants from the elevator began to converge at Jiang Chen's side . The battle circumstances were especially dire, but Jiang Chen's side was still at an advantage .

Ayesha's shooting skills were excellent with at least six militants falling victim to her . The Celestial Trade bodyguards who were behind cover also showed strong combat abilities as they were all elites in the military . Although their opponents were no simple characters, they weren't injured because of protection from their carbon Nano bulletproof vests; the most serious damage was damage to their suits .

Time ticked on with the opposition's firepower gradually dying down .

Jiang Chen put the pistol back in his pocket as he nonchalantly asked while leaning against the seat:

"Who wants you dead?"

"Rothschild . "

Jiang Chen visibly took a moment to process that before he scoffed: "You know, they're my business partners . "

"There's no such thing as an eternal ally, whether in business or politics . You really think your relationship is that good? Let me tell you - the people who came to assassinate me is the Willie Society . You're familiar with the name Willie Society, right?"

Jiang Chen's pupils narrowed .

Evelyn's words were clearly telling him that Willie Society and the Rothschilds were connected somehow . Although he made this connection before, there was no direct evidence to prove this point . And up till now, Carmen was always friendly towards him .

But what made Jiang Chen even more surprised was that Evelyn knew the conflict between him and Willie Society .

"How can you prove this?"

"FNI, Frankberg National Intelligence . Our people have been closely following the Rothschild family's economic activities in Frankberg as well as Willie Society's penetration into West Europe . Based on our source's information—"

"How can you prove this?" Jiang Chen interrupted him as he repeated the same phrase, word for word .

Evelyn took a deep breath and said, "… I can't prove this; there's no assassin foolish enough to leave evidence that could suggest their identity . The evidence of Rothschild's connection with Willie Society is also in FNI's document room . But I can swear on Jesus Christ that everything I said is true . The choice to gain the friendship of the Frankberg Parliament or gratitude from the Rothschilds family is in your hands . "

The gunshots outside the car stopped . Ayesha shot the two assassins attempting to escape and signaled the death of all 17 assassins .

Ayesha pulled open the driver side door and looked at Jiang Chen for further instructions .

Jiang Chen thought for two seconds before he looked at Evelyn .

"Tell me, how do you want me to help you?"

Evelyn clearly looked relieved .

"Take me to Austria . "

Although Jiang Chen didn't know what Rothschild wanted to do, his instincts told him they were planning something extremely dangerous .

He didn't know what kind of influence this attack would have on Frankberg and all of Europe . But if the ultimate beneficiary was the Willie Society, he felt the need to do something to stop the people who were a constant pestilence .

Especially since a friendly gesture to Evelyn now might reap future benefits .

As Jiang Chen made up his mind, he nodded at Evelyn . He agreed to help him and take him to Austria .

He ordered the four bodyguards to drag the bodies into the elevator then Jiang Chen ordered them to use the blood dissolver to dissolve the blood in the garage . When everyone looked away, he took the opportunity to transfer the 17 bodies into the storage dimension .

After using the blood dissolver to wash away the bloodstains, Jiang Chen pressed the elevator button to the top floor and walked out .

It produced an indescribable excitement to go against the most powerful family in Europe . But the situation hadn't deteriorated to the point where they stood in direct opposition to each other and Carmen shouldn't know about the incident that happened in the library . The moment the guns were fired, Jiang Chen ordered the bodyguards to open the signal jammer, so the gunmen who entered the basement shouldn't have communicated with the outside . The assassins who attempted to escape were executed by Ayesha, so their execution was flawless .

Figuring out how to make the rest of the steps go smoothly while removing the suspicion from him was what Jiang Chen needed to do next .

There was only an hour before the Deputy arrived at the library . If Jiang Chen wanted to help Evelyn without Rothschild knowing, he had to create an accident in the next hour…

First, he took out his phone and called Xie Lei who was visiting his sister .

"Hacking into the Ber Police Network - how confident are you?"

"It's going to be difficult . With what happened tonight, FNI's people will definitely help the local police to investigate . I only have a laptop and it's almost impossible to infiltrate their network right under their nose…"

"What if you had a super-computer?"

Xie Lei, who was holding the phone, took a second to process before his expression turned ecstatic .

"I can do it! With the computation power of a super-computer, even if it's the firewall of the National Defense Department, I can take it down for you!"

"Be careful - don't let them know it's you and don't let them know the computer's IP address . "

Jiang Chen provided the administrative password to Xie Lei, hung up the phone, and took out the phone Yao Yao designed for him .

Future Group's biggest secret wasn't the "Peacekeeper" Intercontinental Ballistic Missile deployed under the sea, but it was the commercial quantum computer that was about to come online acting as the server for Godly Land! Although its performance wasn't comparable to the two experimental quantum computers in Fallout Shelter 027, its daunting computation power wasn't something that could be challenged by modern day super-computers .

The quantum computer located in Coro Island only had a usage of 1 . 1%, but even the 1 . 1% was enough to support 2 million beta testers to connect to the game simultaneously . Jiang Chen used his phone to remotely control the quantum computer and assigned 0 . 1% of spare power to Xie Lei .

With his hacker abilities along with the insane computational power of the quantum computer, it shouldn't be too difficult to infiltrate the police network .

Even with the intervention of FNI agents!

Jiang Chen immediately took out four cigarette-box-sized high energy bombs and passed them to Ayesha .

"To the west wing of the library . "

Ayesha nodded . Without any hesitation, she turned around .

Then Jiang Chen planned for a moment and called Chen Yuqiao .

When his call went through, Chen Yuqiao and the executives of the student organization were calling student registration to confirm their safety . Ber was currently under a curfew and the University of Ber was closed, so a lot of students blocked from the university were at risk .

The issue with the refugees meant that not only Frankberg but all of Europe's security was compromised . Especially with the accident that just occurred, it was hard to ensure people with ill-intentions wouldn't take advantage of the situation .

After Chen Yuqiao hung up the phone to the Han Embassy, she didn't even put her cell phone down before another call came through .

When she saw the caller, her expression turned stiff .

She didn't think Jiang Chen would call her personally .

"Hello?" Chen Yuqiao picked up the phone while dropping what she was doing . She headed outside .

"Are you interested in joining Future Group?"

Jiang Chen's words made Chen Yuqiao take an extra second to process before a joyful expression appeared on her face . She almost bit her tongue when she spoke .

Future Group was known for its competitive benefits package and anyone could see the imminent dominance of Future Group . Regarding the olive vine extended by Jiang Chen, the temptation was intense for someone who was about to graduate .

"I'm very interested!"

"Good . After three business days, the European division will send you a contract . " A smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face . "But before that, I need you to do something for me…"

After he hung up the phone, Ayesha, who finished planting the bombs, returned underground .

Evelyn looked nervously at Jiang Chen for the entire duration as his actions made him feel more and more unsettled .

"What do you want to do?"

"Turn the water muddy . " Jiang Chen looked at Evelyn and sneered .

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