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Chapter 521
Chapter 521: Create Confusion

Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

Ber Hospital .

Xie Lei brought his laptop to the corner of the restroom while his fingers turned into shadows as he furiously typed on the keyboard . With the lines of code flashing in front of his eyes, the teen's expression began to turn fervent .

To be able to use a supercomputer as the source of attack is something dreamed about by every hacker . A supercomputer to a hacker was just like a Godly weapon to a player . Although Jiang Chen only lent the super computer to him temporarily, it didn't take long for him to feel the power of "controlling the world"!

With a Godly weapon in hands, he traversed through the world of 0 and 1 like an unstoppable force . A password that must take hours to crack was just a few seconds with the help of the quantum computer .

That was just 0 . 1% of its computation power .

"Got it!" Xie Lei could no longer hide his excitement as he pulled down his hood to cover his face under the shadow to prevent other people from noticing his expression .

With ten minutes, he used the server of a contractor that provided maintenance service to the Ber Police Department as the jumping board and successfully infiltrated the police network . Because the infiltration time was extremely short, he didn't catch the attention of anyone .

The screen flashed; a city map labeled with red dots appeared on his computer screen .

The red dots that moved along the streets were the GPS coordinate of the police vehicles patrolling in the city . From the concentrated red dots, the Ber police had sent out all available forces and set up blockades at key entrances to the city .

Xie Lei clicked on the location of the University of Ber to expand the map of the patrolled area . Xie Lei's eyes stopped on the four red dots parked around the university gate as a proud curvature appeared on his face .

"I found you . "

He pressed the microphone of the Bluetooth earphone, opened the voice change file, cleared his throat, and pressed the phone button .

"Do you really need to do this?"

Evelyn sat with Jiang Chen in the back of the Benz with a wry smile as he stared at the red button on the phone screen .

The two Benz already left the garage and stopped on the small road five hundred meters away from the library . Four bodyguards sat in one car while Ayesha, Jiang Chen, and the Deputy Prime Minister sat in another together .

"Mr . Evelyn, you know, I'm taking the risk to upset Rothschild for you . If you don't bring enough genuineness to the table, how would I trust that you won't burn the bridge after?" Jiang Chen said expressionlessly .

Jiang Chen couldn't risk letting Rothschild know about this and Evelyn's words were the key . It was too obvious for the public figure to wear a collar, and there was no surgery condition to inject the slavery chip .

The only method to ensure he would keep his mouth shut was to drag him down with him .

"You only have half a minute to hesitate . "

But what Jiang Chen didn't expect was the moment he said these words, Evelyn pressed the button .

Flames erupted from the library five hundred meters out, followed by an explosive bang .

Debris flew and scattered .

The entire west wing slowly collapsed under the explosion and crashed the entire garage .

"Jesus Christ… This is magnificent . " Evelyn returned the phone to Jiang Chen while he muttered at the scene outside the window .

"You surprised me . You pressed the button without hesitation . " Jiang Chen took the phone and signaled for Ayesha to start the car .

"I don't have any other choices, "Evelyn shrugged, "Compared to the future of the country, a library building is nothing . Especially since there shouldn't be anyone in the library . "

On his face, Jiang Chen saw repent, but he didn't see any regret .

As a qualified politician, the Deputy Prime Minister possessed all the qualities a politician should have .

Jiang Chen laughed and closed the camera on the side .

"If other people know I pressed the button, my political career will be over . " Evelyn sighed .

"Don't worry, as long as you don't sell me out, no one will know who pressed the button . "

The sudden explosion sent a shockwave across the entire university . The library with thick smoke rising was reflected in thousands of terrified pupils .

Mayhem ensued .

No one knew why the quiet university would become the target of a terrorist attack, they only knew it happened, it happened inches away from them!

People screamed, attempted to escape the university where terrorists were disguised in . The police and security at the university gate did all they could to comfort people's emotions, prevent people from rushing into the streets, but it was futile against the emotional crowd .

It was a chaotic scene .

The crowd flooding outside blocked the fire trucks and ambulances attempting to enter the university . The police stationed at the gate roared into the radio on their shoulder to report the status at the University of Ber while requesting for additional backup from the headquarter .

But the police didn't know was that they were not communicating with the headquarter, but they were speaking with Xie Lei who hijacked the communication channel .

"Please remain calm, Mr . Bills, backup in on the way, please maintain the order of the scene . "

"Quick, we can't hold the crowd anymore! There are at least ten thousand people… This is insane, Han international students are protesting, you better be quick . "

Bills at the scene hung up the phone rudely as a smile emerged on Xie Lei's face at the corner of the restroom in the hospital .

[Keep waiting, back up will never arrive . ]

Not only that…

Following Jiang Chen's command, the teen's fingers typed on the keyboard and changed the patrol route of the police vehicles in the city without leaving a trace .

Right now, the Han international students at the university gate were protesting that the Ber police was locking them together with terrorists . The usually timid international students leading a protest was something unexpected by the Ber police .

As the student organizations with the largest member base, their protest received the support of other students . No one wanted to be locked with terrorists inside a cage together . With a flood of over ten thousand people, a police team of 20 people with shields was futile .

It didn't take long for the people in the university to break through the blockade and escaped onto the street .

The situation began to deteriorate, and the police lost control .

Jiang Chen and the group used the chaos at the gate to rush out of the university along with a few other vehicles .

"Are you crazy?" The student union president with a hooked nose found Chen Yuqiao as he stared at her with an aggressive tone, "Why didn't you stop your people . If an accident happened—"

"Why would I stop them?" Chen Yuqiao interrupted the student union president and looked at him seriously, "We are exercising our legal rights, and we have the right to protest . Also, please be cautious of your tone, you don't have the right to order me, we don't have a subordinate relationship . "

The hooked nose looked at her, dumbfounded . He didn't think Chen Yuqiao who was always easy to talk to would suddenly change to such a firm stance .

His mouth opened and closed as he only managed to squeeze out a few "Okays" without properly saying a complete sentence .

Tonight, the entire city won't be peaceful .

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