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Chapter 522
Chapter 522: Suspicion

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Xie Lei changed the patrol route of the police vehicles in the city and created a safe passage for Jiang Chen and the group to the south rural area of Ber . Because the entire city was given a curfew, the major highways in the city were under heavy congestion .

Xie Lei then hacked into the traffic control system and paralyzed a few major intersections red lights to block the flow of traffics from Jiang Chen in order to prevent their escape route from being congested .

"The inspection station two kilometers to your southeast is gone . I have ordered them to change shifts . "

Since he was incorporated by Jiang Chen, it has been a while since he had the thrill of using his ability without restriction .

"Send a similar command to a few other inspection stations in the North and East area to prevent suspicion . "


"Also, don't have too much fun . "

"Got it!"

Jiang Chen hung up the phone and used the mirror to look at Ayesha .

"Ayesha, is the tracking system on the car closed?"

"I've taken it out," Ayesha answered sternly while holding onto the wheel .

"Excellent . "

Jiang Chen made a hush gesture and then called Carmen Rothschild .

"I need an explanation . "

Carmen looked gravely at Johnson who stood in front of him with his head buried, without daring even to breathe heavily .

Seeing Johnson didn't say a word, Carmen continued .

"I waited till now, and only received the news that a terrorist attack occurred at the library of the University of Ber . Where did Evelyn go? Is he dead or alive? This is not the result I want; I need the Deputy Prime Minister to die in Ber! And not appear in the next election as an opposition . "

"I'm very sorry!" Johnson lowered his head .

Perhaps Carmen realized he was too emotional, he took a deep breath and recollected his thought .

"I don't want to hear your apologies, I need an explanation . "

"Our people engaged in crossfire at the University of Ber with the bodyguards of the Deputy Prime Minister…"

"And then?"

"On the first floor at the library gate, our people killed the last three bodyguards around Evelyn . Evelyn ran inside, and then our people lost communication…" A drop of cold sweat dripped down from Johnson's forehead .

"Lost communication, and then the explosion . " Carmen sighed, and poured him another glass of wine, "What did those idiots think they did?"

The two Benz's GPS signal was lost in the underground parking of the library, looks like the two vehicles must be buried under the debris .

This is going to be difficult… He asked Jiang Chen to wait for him at the parking lot, but an explosion happened coincidentally at the library . Anyone would suspect it was a plotted murder which would without a doubt cause a strain in their relationship .

Instincts told him that Jiang Chen didn't die in the explosion .

When Carmen thought about this, he began to have a headache . It was a complete coincidence to drag Jiang Chen into this, and he couldn't think of an explanation to this event within a short period of time .

But what he didn't expect was that Jiang Chen directed the explosion himself .

Jiang Chen didn't possess the motive to cause an explosion . Evelyn hid in the west wing of the library; the gunmen who failed to find him chose to end the search as soon as possible . God knows if a donkey had kicked their head as they chose to blow the building up . If it was the Willie Society, they certainly possessed the ability to blow a building up .

But the explanation would fail to explain why the Willie Society gunmen would lose communication after the explosion .

Unless there was someone that was the perpetrator behind the explosion and their target was Jiang Chen? But because of the coincidence, he didn't know if Jiang Chen has died, but the Willie Society Gunmen happened to be buried alive .

At the same time, the phone on the table rang .

Carmen looked at the caller on the screen as his eyebrows visibly twitched . He hesitated for a moment before he picked up the phone .

Without any small talk, the moment the phone was connected, Jiang Chen's thunderous roar came from the other side .

"Mr . Rothschild, I want to know what exactly happened . If I didn't happen to be in the car, if my bodyguard didn't react fast enough, if I didn't happen to just be two meters away from the door, I would have been fu*king buried alive!"

"Please… Mhmm, remain calm, my friend . " Carmen with a wry smile attempted to calm Jiang Chen's emotion, but Jiang Chen who just "escaped from death" clearly didn't take in his words .

"Friend? This is how the Rothschild family treat their friend?"

"Where are you, I'll send people to pick—"

"Haha, no need to bother you anymore, my Frankberg trip is ending early . I will be leaving Frankberg tonight, with my own method! I will be on the plane tomorrow morning . "

"I'm truly sorry, my friend . Please trust me, I will give you an explanation . " Carmen closed his eyes and said courteously .

"I hope so . "

Jiang Chen hung up the phone .

Carmen took a deep breath and put the phone back on the table .

"Boss, we…"

"There is no use looking for an explanation now, just put him aside… Also, compared to the relationship with Future Group, there are more important things we must do . " Carmen quickly adjusted his mood and said in an emotionless tone .

. . .

After Jiang Chen dropped Carmen's call, he let out a breath . He didn't know if his acting successfully tricked the small cunning fox of the Rothschild family, but he did everything he could .

The rest would be up to luck .

"Frankberg has closed its borders, but since the attack happened less than two hours ago, the lengthy borders could not be completely closed within such a short period of time . We'll take an alternative path to the Frankberg-Austria border . If there are no surprises, we won't be blocked along the way . "

"If we meet an inspection blockade… we'll ram through . "

Fortunately, Jiang Chen didn't encounter any inspection zones along the way . They made their way through a muddy path in the rural area and passed through the Frankberg-Austria border . Although there were tense moments along the way, they managed to dodge by the knife's edge without problems .

The two Benzs were parked by the border as the group chose to pass the border on foot through the forest . Jiang Chen purposely slowed down by a few steps and threw the cars into the storage dimension to remove their traces .

Just as the day began to break, the group finally walked out from the rocky paths and arrived in a small town in Austria .

"I'll just send you to here . The rest of the way will be up to you . " When Jiang Chen traversed through the forest, he looked at Evelyn who was gasping for breath on the ground .

For a politician that spent most of his days in the office, the outdoor activity of climbing mountains was challenging .

"No problem… Can I burrow a few hundred Euros from you? For a taxi," Evelyn asked shamelessly .

Jiang Chen took a few bills out and threw them beside him .

Evelyn on the ground grinned and picked up the bills .

"Best of luck, I hope you won't make my investment skit the water . "

"Rest assured . "

Jiang Chen read the sternness in Evelyn's eyes and nodded, he then turned around to signal Ayesha and the bodyguards to leave .

He has done everything he could .

As for if Evelyn could stop Rothschild's plan, it has nothing to do with him anymore .

(1) Skit the water: An analogy that means the same thing as go to waste .