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Published at 8th of October 2018 07:08:54 AM

Chapter 523
Chapter 523: The Ignited Fuse

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Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

"Yesterday, a shooting incident occurred at the refugee's camp in west Bava which resulted in the death of ten Syrian refugees . The attackers directly threw explosives inside the refugee camp . The organization "Nomadic Teens" claimed responsibility for this attack…"

It has been three days since Jiang Chen returned to the mansion in Xin . He has grown into the habit of watching the news in the morning and obviously would not miss the follow-up reports on the attack at the Opera House . He wasn't bothered by the subsequent event but was rather troubled by the plan of the Rothschild family .

Installing a right wing party to lead the country? But to direct a terrorist attack was too much of a cost .

Just like the usual, Ayesha brought the toasts and the hot milk to the table, then in swift steps, she walked to the living room and gently hugged Jiang Chen from behind the sofa .

"Breakfast is ready . "

"Mhmm . "

Jiang Chen smiled and turned around to kiss the girl tenderly . With her face slowly blushing, Jiang Chen turned off the TV, took her hand, and then walk to the dining room .

With the conclusion of the Germany trip, there were still many things he needed to take care .

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After breakfast, Jiang Chen on a boat visited New Moon Island to find Ivan who was training new recruits at the shooting range .

Followed by the increase in production at the Sixth Street, the monthly production of kinetic skeletons had reached a total of 500 units, and the continuous stream of kinetic skeletons flowed into the modern world through Jiang Chen . Currently, the 1500 soldiers in Celestial Trade all possessed a unit which meant the penetration rate was even higher compared to the NAC soldiers .

The situation on the wasteland had been stabilized, and the need to expand military arms was not as critical as before, so demand had dropped . Jiang Chen took the opportunity to prioritize the equipment of the force in the modern world to protect the assets there .

Inside the shooting range, soldiers in kinetic skeletons with Reaper Assault Rifles were shooting at the fast-moving targets . On the other side of the training field, ten soldiers were entering into the arena to simulate city attack scenarios with the cooperation of the reconnaissance drones and attack drones .

"Yo," when Jiang Chen came, Ivan smiled, leaned the gun beside the table, and greeted .

"How's the training going?"

"Absolutely perfect . The virtual reality training system is wonderful . Usually, training a new recruit would take three months, we only need one month to finish now . "

Jiang Chen nodded . To increase the training efficiency of Celestial Trade, he assigned 1% of the computation power from the commercial quantum computer used to serve the "Phantom" helmet to run the virtual reality system in order to best simulate the details of a battlefield .

The 1% computation power was not to be underestimated . Even if the quantum computer had a lower power consumption compared to a traditional supercomputer, Celestial Trade still needed to pay over half a million in electricity a month for that 1% .

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And the chambers the soldiers used were all produced from the Sixth Street; the amount of nutrient solution needed per day was not a small number either .

Due to the limited population, Xin could only seek the path of elite soldiers .

"You're doing great . I will install new training modules in the control terminal . You can arrange 100 soldiers you trust to use the new training module to conduct training . The requirement is that their height must be above 170 centimeters with a weight between 60 to 75 kilograms . " Jiang Chen told Ivan .

Ivan stood up straight and saluted, "Yes, sir!"

"Are you not interested in the training content?" Seeing Ivan didn't have any questions, Jiang Chen asked .

"If the boss thinks I need to know, then the boss will tell me . " Ivan rubbed his forehead and grinned .

Order is everything!

As a soldier, it was enough to execute the order given by the superior . Ivan had been training the soldiers with the strict rules mindset; it was also because he abided by it for many years in the military .

Jiang Chen was impressed by Ivan's response as he patted him on the shoulder .

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"it is nothing secretive, you'll know very soon . If you're interested, you can also take the training . Power armor . Have you heard of this before?"

"Power armor?" Ivan paused for a moment before his eyebrows furrowed, searching in his head . "I seem to have heard of it somewhere . "

"Movie . " Jiang Chen reminded .

"Right! That, Hollywood movie . Could it be…" Ivan seemed to have realized something as he looked at Jiang Chen .

"That's right . The training module is about training to use the power armor . Do you remember the shooting incident that happened on Coro Island? A few seconds of video?" Jiang Chen smiled .

Ivan nodded and then looked at Jiang Chen in shock .

"It is capable of providing bullet, shell, grenade and nuclear strike protection . The right arm could be installed with revolving machine guns, anti-armor cannons or a repair module, the airdrop type could be parachuted from thousands of meters up in the air . "

Ivan was just about to ask "does single soldier armor really have combat value?" But when he listened to Jiang Chen's description and swallowed the sentence back .

"This thing… Can the functionality really be achieved?" Ivan felt his voice was shaking when he asked . If power armor could really achieve the functions Jiang Chen described, this new type of battle machine could transform the structure of modern warfare!

With how Ivan was still stunned, Jiang Chen only laughed .

It was nothing . With the assistance of the airdrop pod, it could be directly launched down from the synchronous orbit . The power armor was originally designed for nuclear "transformed" city environments, so its ability to withstand nuclear radiation was without a doubt . It could traverse through terrains impassable by vehicles, provide temporarily cover for light infantry in street engagements and provide firepower coverage .

"It is within the last period of the testing phase, but the training module is complete . Once the one hundred soldiers are familiarized with the control of the armor through the virtual reality training system, the first batch of power armors should arrive in New Moon Island too . What you have to be aware of is, although power armor itself does not need to be kept a secret, its functionality and weapon specifications must be kept confidential . So your task is extremely critical . You must choose soldiers that are trustworthy to participate in training," Jiang Chen said sternly .

"Leave it up to me . " Ivan solemnly nodded and promised .

"I trust your ability . " Jiang Chen smiled . "Other than the power armor, there is also a training module on fixed wing aircraft . This is a bit more complicated . Air force and land force are completely two separate systems, and even with the assistance of genetic vaccines, aircraft's requirement for the pilot is extremely strict . I have a physical examination checklist here, and you only need to arrange for people to go through the examination . If there are not enough people in the army, you can recruit from Xin citizens .

"Not enough people?" Ivan had a dumbfounded expression as he looked puzzled, "Do we need a lot of people?"

Jiang Chen shook his hand .

"We only need 20 people . "

"Only 20 people? There are 1568 soldiers in Celestial Trade, how can we not find just 20 people . " Ivan was not convinced .

Jiang Chen mysteriously smiled and patted the shoulder of the old soldier .

"Therefore, the criteria are extremely strict . As to how strict it is, you'll see . "

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