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Chapter 524
Chapter 524: Power Armor Training

Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

"On the evening of October 31, a large-scale terrorist attack occurred at the Opera House . 121 people including the President have been killed in this attack . 31 people including the Austrian President are seriously injured . Two hours after the attack, an explosion occurred at the University library two blocks away . The bodies of the victims were not found on the scene . There is currently no evidence suggesting the two attacks are related . . . "

"The police found the bodies of six gunmen at the crime scene, four of whom were Syrian and two men from Somalia and Libya . The police confirmed that six were registered in the refugee camps in the suburbs of Bav . At present, no individual or organization has claimed responsibility for the attack . For security reasons, the police temporarily closed the refugee camps in the Bav province . "

"Multiple embassies lowered their flag to half musk . "

"The National Anti-Terrorism Office, Casper, resigned . "

"In the early morning, the leader of emerging anti-refugee far-right party New Choice Party', Crete Petrie, delivered a speech in the Federal Parliament, sternly condemning the Chancellor for being too weak on the refugee issue, and it is those people that brought terrorism . The Crete's speech was criticized by many lawmakers as being extreme and irrational, but it won applause from the audience . "

"Analysts commented that this event might heighten the New Choice Party support rate to a new high . The CDU, led by Merkel, has lost two constituencies . After this incident, Bav and neighboring constituencies will be favoring the New Choice Party . . . "

As soon as the picture turned, the scene changed to outside parliament . The reporter handed the microphone to a Germanic man with a flag on his face . The reporter had not asked the question, and the man screamed out in anger .

"Close all the refugee camps! I have had enough! Help me ask the Chancellor . Do you have to wait for the garbage to ruin everything to do something about it? God, it shouldn't be our president that died in there, it should be you!"

Jiang Chen turned off the TV .

He leaned on the sofa and gently tapped his finger on the arm of the sofa .

One day passed since they crossed the Austrian border . At this moment, he was sitting in the lounge of Xin's embassy in Austria .

Because it is a small country, limited by factors such as influence and budget, the embassy here was not as luxurious as the embassies in the UA or Hua . Xin only bought a two-story office with a total of five hundred square meters near the city center and transformed it into the embassy .

By the way, taking a left turn out the door is the Argentina embassy .

After crossing the border and separating from Evelyn, Jiang Chen went to the nearest town and dialed the telephone number of the embassy .

After receiving his call, Bram, the ambassador in Austria, immediately arranged for two cars to go to the border town . They took him back to the embassy office in Vienna and arranged a room for him and Ayesha to rest in . The four Celestial Trade bodyguards following Jiang Chen also stayed at the nearby hotel .

As a public official from Xin, who didn't know the impact of Celestial Trade on the country's politics? It is precisely because of this that Bram was attentive and meticulous during the entire duration .

The sky was just beginning to light up, and Ayesha was still asleep . Because he wasn't sleeping anymore, he got out of bed and watched TV in the living room .

There was no suspense, and the morning news were all covering the attack . Just like the attack that happened in Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium . Everyone was condemning, everyone was angry, and everyone was praying for the victims .

The public opinion of the attacks was not fundamentally different . But from the seriousness of Evelyn, the attack would ignite a long-buried fuse .

"What will be detonated?"

Muttering, Jiang Chen's gaze swept the map of Europe attached to the wall .

Just then, there was a knock on the door .

Glancing at the closed bedroom door, Jiang Chen casually said .

"Please come in . "

The door opened, and Ambassador Bram appeared at the door . After opening the door, he did not enter the house; just stood there with a smile .

"Mr . Jiang Chen, someone outside wants to see you . "

"Who?" Jiang Chen asked unexpectedly .

"An old man named Ccides . He claims to be the butler of Rothschild . "

A very unexpected visitor . Jiang Chen had thought that Rothschild would send someone to meet him, unravel the "misunderstanding" and repair the cracks in their relationship, but did not expect that it was actually Ccides making this trip .

"I am extremely grateful that you didn't close the door on me, Mr . Jiang . "

"Haha, there is no way I will not let you in . " Jiang Chen smiled at the kind-hearted old butler .

"Before the topic begins, please allow me to apologize for the hospitality of the previous day . I hope that Mr . Jiang can understand . "

"Of course, but I need an explanation for the explosion that took place in the library . "

Ccides sighed .

"Master Carmen swears in the name of the Rothschild family that the explosion has nothing to do with us . I promise you, we will find out who actually launched the despicable assassination and poured the dirty water on the Rothschild name to cause a rift in our friendship . "

Since Ccides had already said this, Jiang Chen didn't persist on this issue further, so he accepted the Rothschild family's argument that the explosion of the library had nothing to do with them .

It has nothing to do with them . After all, the explosion was Jiang Chen's self-directed performance .

"No matter who they are, I will definitely let those rats pay the price," regardless Jiang Chen still had to finish acting as he said in a furious voice .

After sending away the butler, Jiang Chen looked up at the clock . It was getting late, so he was going to wake Ayesha up . Typically, Ayesha woke up him, but because they "slept too late" last night, it was his job now .

However, when he pushed open the door, Ayesha was already dressed and looking out the window .

Jiang Chen hugged the petite body and spoke softly in her ear .

"What are you looking at?"

"The street . . . has a familiar feeling . "

"Familiar feeling?"

"Well . . . maybe it's just an illusion . " Looking at the bustling Mettern Street, Ayesha whispered .

Born in the flames of war, she has an extraordinary acuteness to the war . But looking at the busy streets, she was skeptical of her own judgment, using the word illusion to summarize her instincts .

In the afternoon, Bram personally drove Jiang Chen and the others to the airport .

After waiting for two hours, everyone boarded the plane safely .

The voice of the flight attendant rang in his ear . He looked at the ground further and further below him, and slowly breathed out, relieved . No matter what the Rothschild family is planning, no matter how many people will bleed, it has nothing to do with him anymore .

Somehow, he suddenly remembered the conversation between the old Rothschild and him in the forest .

Keep it to yourself . . . ?

He closed his eyes and leaned back in the seat .

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