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Chapter 527
Chapter 527: Optical Illusion

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There were many tasks to do during times of peace - not only did they need to research where to fight but they also needed to figure out how to develop conquered territories .

The Project Garden of Eden was 50% complete; although the soil reformation plan was delayed by the snow, the main construction was still in process . Lin Lin seemed to have forgotten her sorrow and dedicated herself completely to the Garden of Eden .

Sun Jiao had been addicted to MMORPGs and unfortunately, she couldn't play only by herself, so Sun Jiao occasionally played with her as well . Even Han Junhua got dragged into the game with the excuse "testing software" during her downtime . She could no longer be satisfied by the magical journey of Godly Land - she tried the newly-developed shooting game to satisfy her need for variety .

Yao Yao continued to refine her computer knowledge . During her engagement with the Supreme, she learned the extent of her weakness in the IT field . Although Jiang Chen thought finding weaknesses in IT against artificial intelligence was unreasonable, he took one look at Yao Yao's keen eyes and couldn't say anything to dampen her motivation .

"If you have time, help me research about intermediate artificial intelligence," Jiang Chen said .

"Intermedia artificial intelligence?" Yao Yao tilted her head with a finger pressed against her lips . "But aren't they the enemy of Big Brother?"

Jiang Chen rubbed her head .

"My enemy isn't artificial intelligence but rather artificial intelligence without restrictions . If you could invent a type of artificial intelligence that was safe and never betrayed humans, Yao Yao would've performed a great deed then . "

Although it was difficult, Yao Yao still nodded sternly .

"Mhmm! Yao Yao will work hard . "

Jiang Chen kissed her glowing forehead and rubbed her now-blushing little head before he left the room .

. . .

Just before Jiang Chen returned to the modern world, good news came from Fallout Shelter 027 again . The optical illusion module and Gauss Rifle confiscated by the Dusk had been successfully reverse-engineered . Twenty carbon Nano armors installed with the optical illusion module were transported to Fishbone Base . Ten were assigned to the Hunter Division by Jiang Chen, and he planned to take the rest to the modern world to equip his Ghost Agents .

The equipment name was Stealth Armor!

The carbon Nano armor's appearance looked like a black, full-body suit formed by mesh octagon shapes . The materials used were both sturdy and soft, and the critically-important optical illusion function could make the user become an actual ghost .

Other than that, Fallout Shelter 027 used 3D printing to create a prototype of the Gauss Rifle as well as one hundred rounds of electromagnetic pulse bullets designed for the rifle . The rifle had high penetrative power with relatively weak recoil, but a downside was that the cost of ammunition was much higher than normal rifle bullets .

The technical difficulties of the Gauss rifle were mostly related to the electromagnetic rail material and high energy capacitors . Fallout Shelter 027 had absorbed the technology in the area and now the Institute of Firearms had the capability to design similar electromagnetic weapons independently .

Such as the Gauss Sniper Rifle .

When Jiang Chen returned to the modern world, he managed to find Ayesha in the kitchen and handed her a carbon Nano armor that fit her body well .

Ayesha looked at the pitch-black full-body suit and weighed the soft material before a puzzled expression appeared on her face .

"Are you sure this… black thing can really be stealthy?"

"Not only that! It's also bulletproof . Don't just judge it based on the appearance . "

Ayesha nodded, unbuttoned her shirt, and began to strip .

"Wait, are you planning to change into it now?" Jiang Chen quickly stopped her and felt exasperated .

It was weird to change in the kitchen .

"Do I not need to try it?" With her fingers on her collar buttons, Ayesha turned around .

"Mhmm… Okay, let's try it on then . "

[Fu*k, I've seen her so many times - why am I feeling so shy?]

Jiang Chen mocked himself and raised his hand to cough to disguise his awkwardness while he began to appreciate the scene before him .

With the slightly shy look on Jiang Chen's face, Ayesha's mouth curved into a pleased smile . At the same time, her delicate fingers undid the buttons in front of her chest…

Ayesha's actions were quick - it took less than half a minute before she zipped up her collar and put on the entire pitch-black suit . The soft carbon Nano material fitted her body perfectly and drew out her blossoming curves .

She moved around with a confused expression gradually surfacing on her face .

She hesitated for a second, grabbed a sharp knife from the kitchen counter, and swung at her own left arm .

Not even a cut!

Her confusion changed into shock .

"Although carbon Nano has the ability to protect against bullets and blades, it's best not to use it as a kinetic skeleton . Since defense isn't its strong suit, multiple bullets could result in the carbon structure being destroyed which would weaken its bulletproof functionality . This thing is hard to repair if damaged," Jiang Chen warned her .

The more advanced the technology, the more sophisticated it was . If the armor took excessive damage, the optical illusion could malfunction .

Ayesha nodded, put the knife back onto the counter, spun around, and examined her clothes .

"… Does it look good?"

"Of course it looks good . Uh, is that what you care about?" Jiang Chen facepalmed .

"No… I just think it's a bit embarrassing to go outside wearing this," Ayesha said shyly .

"Try the button around the collar . " Jiang Chen smiled .

Ayesha raised her hand to reach for her collar . As she searched along the edge, she found a grain-sized button .

She hesitantly pressed the button before she shockingly discovered it made blue electric arcs jump and her body began to fade until she completely became transparent .

She raised both her hands as she looked at her "invisible" hands in astonishment .

"What… what's going on?"

Jiang Chen was impressed by the fact Ayesha actually "disappeared . " He nodded in amazement .

"Mhmm! Not bad . This is my first time seeing the stealth functionality; looks like this thing really lived up to its name . The battery insert is on the left arm - you should be able to feel a concave button . While the optical illusion is activated, your heat source information will also be disguised . But you have to be careful when you use it . If it's hit by a bullet directly, it could cause the optical illusion to temporarily malfunction .

Although it was a stealth suit, it wasn't completely transparent . When Ayesha swung her arms or moved with large motions, the curves of her body would appear faintly . But when standing still or walking slowly, she couldn't be detected at all with the naked eye .

"But in this state, how do you use a weapon?" Ayesha pressed the button around her collar again and ended stealth mode . She looked at her hands .

Jiang Chen then took out a rifle cover from the storage dimension, passed it to Ayesha and smiled .

"You don't have to worry about the weapon since if there's equipment that allows people to be stealthy, naturally there will be equipment designed specifically for weapons . The rifle cover can connect to the back of the carbon Nano armor . When the optical illusion is active, the weapon, clip and dagger connected to the rifle cover will also turn invisible . Of course, you must be wary when shooting and changing the clip . The parts that leave the rifle cover and the sparks at the muzzle can expose your location . "

Because of this, while in the optical illusion state, it was best to use weapons that didn't create sparks when firing like the Gauss Rifle .

Ayesha attached the rifle cover to her body and took the Ghost Sniper Rifle and Type-11 Pistol from Jiang Chen . She connected the weapons to the rifle cover and started the optical illusion again . The weapon and her body disappeared simultaneously .

"This is… This is too magical . " Ayesha ended the optical illusion state and returned the weapons to Jiang Chen as she exclaimed .

"What do you think? Are you pleased with the new clothes now?"

Ayesha nodded with her face blushing .

"Mhmm . "

With this equipment, the combat ability of the Ghost Agents would increase substantially, and she could better protect Jiang Chen .

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